More Mailbag! A happy viewer from Portugal.


my name is Gonçalo I'm from Portugal and I've been seeing some of your videos here on youtube and i had to send you a message congratulating you for what you've been doing with miniature painting of GW products. I've seen in one of your clips here that the best thing you like about this is when u make people feel like painting and it has been my case, I've started out when i was around 2000 when i went to London for the first time and saw in Harrods shop gw's miniatures painted and bought myself a pack and mega paint set (if i knew more when i started i wouldn't but well..!) and started painting I'm currently making 22 years old in September and I'm a pilot instructor so i don't have much time nowadays to paint and also i stopped painting for some years now and came back 1 year ago or so to paint the old model of the space marine techmarine (don't know if u remember the old one but it had less mechanical arms then the current one). I started like a normal person who wants to play it and get the army on the table but quickly i realized i preferred to paint display miniatures instead of armies (which is the rarest thing to see an army with top quality painting) and although in my painting times i didn't reached top knowledge on painting techniques (GS modeling/highlights/blending...) i think i've made a "good" job i've never shown other people my miniatures specially because in portugal as there isn't an official gw store and there's only like 1 dedicated store people don't really care as much as a dedicated store player/buyer but well..i suppose you got 30k things to do as do i but if you ever feel interested in seeing some of my miniatures send me a message here but if you're really interested send me a mail to EDITED BY THE INQUISITION which i check much more often then youtube.

Best regards,

Gonçalo "Loopper" Almeida

PS: im a person who doesn't send message complimenting or commenting anything so by sending this I'm telling that you've been doing a great job and from what i've seen you've turned it into a business with your movies i hope people adhere to that and if you have the time/patience send me a reply to my mail(i really prefer mail lol).

Thanks a lot Goncalo. Yes, while I have made a business out of my videos and bases, I still hold true to getting the greatest satisfaction out of hearing about how I help people. It is great to know that I can sort of 'have my cake' and 'eat it too'. I would love to see some of your models, and will post pics here if you want! Jawaballs


Flekkzo said...

Not that any of you guys need any more buttering up, but the positive energy you guys bring into your blogs and videos really make your readers go out and play the game, paint the miniatures, contest in turn 5, etc.

I also urge everyone painting to start their own little blog and put up pictures there. It's always real neat to see someone make a cool comment on a post and then head over to their blog and discover even more fun stuff.

Speaking of good stuff, playing my first game tomorrow (in a little tournament no less) and it's going to be all annihilation. Drats! All that reading of you guyses blogs and now I only know how to win objective type missions! Not sure if I can be "saved" before 10:00 CET tomorrow, but I'm for one would like to hear a little about your annihilation strategies and tactics :)

jawaballs said...

Fritz posted tactics on Kill Point missions. Be patient is all I can say. Get a lead in Kill Points, then get out of range!

Chernobyl said...
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Chernobyl said...

Good luck to ya Flekkzo and like your sweedish viking for fathers of old. Rape Kill and Pillage in your tournament.

I have to agree with Flekkzo in a world wide community of nay sayers ,trolls and complainers I find blogs such as yours and Fritz refreshing as you don't bash on anything or anyone but offer a perspective on how something could work or what would make something better without bogging down into the "This R stupid" that is become far to common for my liking and for that I salute you.

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