Child Psychology Update.

Some time ago, I got an email from a reader asking for advice on how to break his little brother into playing 40k. I gave a response about getting rid of the rules. Kids either get bored with too many confusing rules, or are embarrassed about not being able to calculate as fast as you do, or understand the rules instantly... so they will likely give up rather then trudge through the learning curve. I advised him to simplify the game down to Rolling to hit, and rolling to die. But also, to animate the game and make it fun for him! To sort of role play out the battle, give it some narrative, and suck the kid in. Finally, let the kid win most of the games, but dont let him know that.

So, the reader put my advice to the test, and came back with this:

Re: Child Psychology
THANK YOU SO MUCH JB! He's undergone a complete warhammer transformation! He practically begs me to play it with him now(i don't mind, i want to play it just as much :D). You helped turn the game around for him and i think i can officially call him a 40k junky xD Thanks again JB!

It does my heart good to see some one successfully putting to use what I spew out! :) Thanks Raizure.



AutarchAndrew said...

jawaballs me vs you monday me callin you out ill show you how a kid can own 2k if not monday sunday

Lord said...

When I taught my sister how to play, I did a similar thing. She personally loved dragons, so I took a few of her little plastic painted ones, gave them special rules (fireball, freeze ect) and played loot counters, where the player who controls the dragon, gets the special power. The only problem was that the Black reach set is not really fair, and my dreadnought ate through her orks....

The thing that I found is that little kids don't like loosing, so give them rerolls, and reroll any crucial things. If you focus on the less gory side of the fluff, it gives them perspective into the game, making not just 'big brother time' with complicated rules, but an actual game that they enjoy.

As long as it is about them, they love it, and generally kids can handle the learning curve, if you make it easy!

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