Hard Boys Blood Angels

With round one of Hard Boys now history, and many of my friends having placed in the tournaments they entered, I find myself regretting my decision to pass on the elite tournament. First of all, I have been super busy finishing my first commission, but also, with a baby on the way, I cannot commit to traveling in case I advance... But Still, the question remains... what if? hat Blood Angels builds have you encountered that did well? I know Hard Boys is about bringing the cheese... but BA have plenty of that! I am thinking that I would have switched one of my Baal Preds to a Land Raider Crusader, filled it with LC Assault Terminators, and filled out the rest of the points from my current list with Land Speeders. What ya guys think? Corbulo giving 7 assault terminators Furious charge with Dantes Preferred enemy would slaughter just about any squad.

Or would I have been better served by taking a drop pod full of assault vets with meltas? I would love to know what you guys faced.


HuronBH said...

I was unable to attend myself, but my proposed list was actually a variant of my observations of your BA list. Here is what I would have taken.

Cobulo (in the Crusader)
10 DC (in the Crusader)
10 Tactical (PW,pgun,lasC)
5 Tactical (Pfist/mgun) in Razorback
10 Assault (Pfist) in Rhino
10 Assault (Pfist) in Rhino
10 Assault (PW) with Jump Packs
2 Squads of 2 Attack Bikes with MM
2 Baals w/ HBSp, eArmor, StB
Crusader w/ eArmor, StB

I have heard about a few BA player in my area (Northern VA) that did poorly. The big winners have been Orks and IG down here with some second and third place Chaos Marine Armies and one Dark Eldar player.

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

I entered the local prelim here in SC. I ran the following:
-Honor Guard, Champ, Priest, Chapter Standard, Plasma Pistol, Powersword, Powerfist
-DC (1 extra)Rhino Ex. Armor
-Vet Assault Squad 3xPowerswords, 3xMeltabombs
-Vet Assault Squad Power fist, 2xPowerswords, 2xMeltabombs
-Furioso Dread, DC, H.Flamer, Ex.Armor
-Assault Sq. Powerfist,Rhino Ex.Armor
-Assault Sq. Powersword,Rhino Ex.Armor
-Assault Sq. Powersword,Rhino Ex.Armor
-Tactical Sq. 10 Men, Lascannon, Meltagun, Rhino Ex.Armor
-3x Baal Predator, Pintle Stormbolter, H.Bolter Sponsons

I massacred the first round 22-1. In the second round I had a minor loss.
The kicker was the 3rd round. I lost the roll, and my opponent chose to go second. Well, in the 6th turn, I drove my tactical squad rhino around two of his rhino's which were trying to block. I would never have made it if it were not for over-charged engines. I parked on his objective, and I had secured my objective.

But he had the last turn. He blew up the rhino, shot the squad (killing 4). I rolled the leadership test, the result: boxcars, double six. My tactical squad ran 10 inches away, giving my opponent back control of his objective.

So we had an objective draw. He had more kill points. I suffered a minor loss. He took 3rd place. If my tac squad had held the objective, then I would have had a major victory and taken 3rd place.

All in all a fun day!!

Lance said...

I managed to take first place 1st place in kingston here is what I faced:

Round one: Eldar
3x5 Pathfinders
2x10 Avengers W/ bladestorm in Wave Serpents W/ Twin-linked Bright Lance
10x Striking Scorpions W/ Claw, Shadowstrike, Stalker
10x Dragons W/ Exarch & Heavy Flamer in Wave Serpent W/ Twin-Linked Bright Lance
2x1 Vypers W/ Missile Launchers
2x Fire Prisms
5x Dark Reapers

Round 2: Marine
2x10 man tac squads W/ meltagun, multi melta and power fists in rhinos
1x 5 man sniper scout squad in Rhino
10x Termies W/ 1 Assault cannon & 1 Missile launcher
7x assault Termies W/ 3 calws 4 hammers
Land Raider Crusader W/ Multi Melta and Extra Armour
Venerable Dreadnought W/ heavy Flamer & Assault cannon in Drop Pod
2x Whirlwinds
10x Devastator Squad W/ 3 Missile Launchers & 1 Lascannon

Round 3: Marines
2x Dreadnought W/ Multi Melta & Heavy Flamer in drop pod
1x10 tac squad W/ Meltagun, Multmelta, Power Fist in drop pod
Termi assault squad W/ 5 thunder hammers in land raider Redeemer
2x10 tac squad w/ missile launcher / flamer, power fist in rhino
1x Vindicator
1x Predator W/ autcannon & Heavy bolters sponsons
biker squad W/ 2 Meltaguns power weapon and attack bike with Multimelta attatched
2 Land speeders W/ multimeltas ( squadron )
10 man assault squad W/ power fist and 2 flamers

I played my Eldar instead of my Blood angels ( I just rolled a random dice I have 6 armies so it works out perfect ). Eldar came up.

I did make a Ard boyz list though a while back. I was going to play this if I got Blood Angels on the Dice...

HQ 1 - Dante

HQ 2 - Corbulo

Elite 1 - Dreadnought
Venerable, Missile Launcher, Twin-Linked Lascannon

Elite 2 - Terminator Squad
( 4x Duel Lightning Claws & 1 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield)

Elite 3 - Terminator Squad
( 4x Duel Lightning Claws & 1 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield)

Elite 4 - Death Company ( Does not take up a Slot )
Base = 6 Free 3 Extra

Troop 1 - Assault Squad
- Transport Rhino = Free
Extra Armour

Troop 2 - Assault Squad
- Transport Rhino = Free
Extra Armour

Troop 3 - Assault Squad
- Transport Rhino = Free
Extra Armour

Troop 4 - Assault Squad
+5 Sgt W/ Power Fist

Heavy Support 1 - Land Raider Crusader
Extra Armour

Heavy Support 2 - Land Raider Crusader
Extra Armour

Heavy Support 3 - Land Raider
Extra Armour

Total = 2500
Kill Points = 16
Scoring Units = 4
Models = 53

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