Want to get your artwork in my videos?

Zachary, a 20 year old subscriber to my youtube channel sent in this logo idea because he liked my stuff and wanted to share. I have to say I was flattered and pleased! Here is his email when I asked him for more info:

Hey jawaballs, I'm glad you liked my artwork and you have full permission to use my artwork for anything you want. My name is Zachary Adams, and I live in Colorado and will be turning 20 in August. I do drawings and paint Warhammer 40K as a hobby, and my favorite army is the Orks.

The attachments are pics of some of the lizard men I painted as well as some pics of the paper orks I made. Your videos inspired me to make the orks

If there's anything else you want to know just e-mail me

P.S. My girlfriend says you're a pretty cool teacher because your account name is jawaballs

I also included some other pics he sent.

So I used it in my next video! Then I realized what a fantastic way to get some more viewer involvement going on. So I decided to open up this offer to you.

If you would like to have some original artwork appear in my videos, please send it in. Ideally, it will be in the form of a logo, like my Jawaballs Productions one, or this one by Zachary. Depending on the interest, I will use one or more in my videos and from time to time make entire videos just showing off the entries.

Also, I am planning on making fan model videos too. So you can send in pictures of your models with some background info about yourself, and I will make a video out of them.

Send your submissions to jawaballs at yahoo dot com. I spelled it out to attempt to thwart any web crawling email spammers. Notice the yahoo part! This is a new email address I am using only to receive submissions so as not to lose them in the massive amount of mail I receive every day.

Understand that any submissions become the property of Jawaballs Productions for the purposes of any legal rights. I don't know how to legally word it, but you are releasing your artwork for me to use as I please and fully understand that you will receive no monetary compensation. I don't want people coming after the .58 (Yes, thats CENTS) I made last month on ad revenue. :) Mostly you are giving me permission to plaster your work all over youtube and my blog. Thanks!

I forgot to mention, make sure your pictures are High Resolution, and a large size... It makes it easier for me to enhance them with Photoshop if needed, and use them in making videos and posting.



Flekkzo said...

If you for some reason would want pictures of my fists in a video of yours let me know :) Should warm you thouh, they are undefeated thus far (yes, got my first games played now!).

I enjoyed the Ork cutouts. Do the Space Marines use them for target practice? Very nifty.

jawaballs said...

Send em in to the email I posted! When I get around to it, I will use whatever I get.

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