Some fan/reader love!

Gotta love some fan love. Ash, who frequently comments on my blog, sent me this email and link:

I have loved your videos and Website/Blog. It has helped me jump into this game and enjoy it. Painting, I think would have been a very frustrating part of this hobby if I did not have your expert tutelage.

I have been able to focus on the nuances of the rules and start to perfect my strategies instead of focusing on why my painted models look like poop.

Anyway thanks for the help you have provided to the 40k Community.

Oh, I have been playing and collecting for about 4 months.

Here is a link to pics of my latest model.


Check him out! Thanks Ash.



Pacific said...

If he has really only been collecting and painting for 4 months then I'm Daryl Hannah's bra :D

Draccer said...

it's possible to reach that level in some months. I started painting my blood ravens in april using jawaballs' techniques and I'm almost up to ash's level.

Ash said...

Thanks for the post Jawa. You and Black Matt have helped me a ton.


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