Back from Vacation!

Ok, so I just got back from Maine. I went to have a little baby shower at my Fiances moms house, then went to Acadia State Park! ASP is a 1 day drive from 25% of the countries population, so if you are in that lucky 25%, you need to find time to get there. It is truely beautiful and worth your vacation time.

Now I have to start digging through 6 days worth of email and posts... You wouldnt believe how hard it is to get on the internet in Maine with a good connection. When that is done, I have to plow through my first commission, I promised to have it in the mail Thursday!

I did manage to listen to some of the recording of the Jwolf interview on 40k radio. I wanted to try to call in, but by 9pm I was embroiled in a thrilling Scrabble game with my fiance, her 14 year old cousin, and the mother in law... Shiver...

Jwolf set a new standard of smack! He smack talked through not smack talking! That brings the game to a whole new level. It definitely needs further investigation in another post. :) Maybe we can get 40kradio guys to cover our game Jwolf? People on youtube and on the blog are screaming for live feed!

Any way, all that driving left me with time to think of some stuff for discussion. So I will be posting up some new blog stuff the next few days. More to come!



Flekkzo said...

I expect a full battle report on that Scrabble game. What alphabet did you choose? How did you deploy your Ts? Did you cross the Is? Dot the Ts? The internets demands it!

Welcome back btw:)

Black Matt said...

im going up there for a vacation myself! Any cool places to stay?

jawaballs said...

We got a great deal in Bar Harbor in Acadia State Park. We went to Bar Harbor on a whim and our Hotel reservations were 2 hours away... so we were asking face to face and all the places were booked. So we went online and found a place on priceline for 100 bucks less and booked it at a cyber cafe! Then walked right in and got our room! But Maine is huge man. Where are you guys going? IF you get the chance, go to Acadia. Google it.

Black Matt said...

we are going to Bangor which is about an hour away. Its a big possibility. ANy part of the park that you suggest

SynnerG said...

I'm all about video battle reports on YouTube or a way to get a live feed, like on I don't want to miss a minute of the action!

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