Battle Report: Blood Angels vs IG 2k points

Sorry, I had issues with my new digi video cam and Video is not available for this one yet...

Mission: Bases
Deployment: Table Corners

I played a BFS Battle Brother Ed. He is a good sound player with hard killer lists. I have had a lot of great games against him and love playing him.

He won the die roll and gave me first turn.

So, I dropped my base and deployed my Tactical squad with their Rino and a dread defending it, and two Preds near by behind cover. The rest I reserved. He deployed a similar set up, almost identical, but he had two tanks that had some sick 72 inch range Str 7 heavy four guns on them... They would prove to be the MVP for him in my opinion!

Turn 1:
I go first, and shoot at a Firedog he had behind some cover, he failed cover save, and I blew it up! Nice Lascannon shot, they usually fail me. That wrapped up my shooting since I rolled 1's on my two Baal Peds OCE and they stalled... they were out of range of his Russ tanks.

On his turn, he moved his two Russ tanks up and another Devil dog... He light up my tacitcal squads with his big guns from far... but only killed 2. The rest of his shooting would do nothing. Quick turn!

Turn 2:
Not a lot came on for me, my 3rd pred, 2 rhinos and 2 attack bikes. I needed Dante on the table and wish I had deployed him! I have to remember that from now on... However, My guns were on fire! I stunned his Devildog, and exploded both Russ tanks! What a turn of luck. Assault cannon fire and my Lascannon again did the trick... this game seemed like it was going to take a drastic turn for the worse for poor ole ed. I thought I had it wrapped up right then.

On his turn, some of his troop Chimeras came on and another Devildog. Smartly, he deployed them close to his base to support. This would lead to a clogging of the battle field, which formed nice protective walls for his base, stopping me from getting to it.

Turn 3:
Still no Dante or Corbs. I however was pushing for his objective pretty early. We were playing a 2 hour time limit ala BOLSCON and I had to hurry! As it turns out, the game would have expired at the end of my turn here... resulting in a draw. We played on of course! I moved up my transports early attempting to claim his base for the early win... but failed to reach it. Lots of shots were exchanged, and he moved up chimeras and deployed vets with Meltaguns... not good. He popped my rhinos and slaughtered my troops inside.

Turn 4:
Now the game was entrenched in a major defensive for him, while trying to leave himself squads to get to my base. He was fighting to hold off wave after wave of my vehicles pushing for his base. Dante came in but was out of reach to have an effect, corbulo failed to come in again.

Turn 5:
He was not close to my base with his transports, and he had taken out my 2 defending predators. Only a Rhino, tac and Dread were holding my base. His base became a quagmire of destroyed vehicles and dead bodies. Dante jumped up and exploded a Devildog with his meltagun. I managed to get into assault against his troop squad holding his base, they broke, but escaped me and managed not to run off the table. He would bring on his commander on his turn and rally them... crap. Now my marines were left in the open... dead ducks.

At the end of 5, it turned out that he got too aggressive with his defense, and was not actually holding his objective! Had the game ended now, Victory Jawaballs! Sadly, my dice failed me. I rolled a 6... then 3 consecutive 2s... Bah.

Turn 6:
Things took a turn for the worse for me. I was planning on a turn 4 win, not a turn 6 slugfest... I had over extended myself to win the game early... now I was going to pay. Dante was cut down, in turn 5, and corbulo came in with the DC. They charged up on turn 6, and were almost wiped out themselves. He had a LOT of plasma/melta guns and I could not hold. He was also pressing for my base... geting closer, and had only a few guns to stop him.

Turn 6 ended, we were drawn, but Ed rolled for the game to continue... drat.

Turn 7:
It was over for me. Almost all of my forces attacking his base were knocked out, or having to go around the huge mess of tanks that they could not reach his objective. It came down to him trying to tank shock me off my base. He charged the tank, made his terrain test, I passed my leadership, and he ran into my Lascannon, so I death or Gloried. I tried to get my meltagun into his path too, but only rolled a 4 on the terrain test and could not get over far enough. The Las penetrated, but rolled a 3.. weapon destroyed... Dead Lasgunner. His tank stopped within 3" of my objective, contesting it, and winning the game for him!

Great game Ed! Lots of fun and tacticly enlightening. Mostly because I learned that 2 hours to play a 2k game is NOTHING. My usual reserving may help shorten the games, but may leave me out of position to take objectives...

His MVP? Those damn guns... they were the ones that shoot down skimmers who try to move fast and get cover saves. They had range to the entire table, and I could not reach them at all. While my speeders managed to sustain 4 turns of shooting against them... in the end, they knocked my speeders down, and opened the lane for Eds transport to contest my objective. Stupid guns.

Tonight! James. Muahaha.


eriochrome said...

2 hours for 2K points will see very few games even to turn 5 unless the missions have very special rules (like forced reserves, limited scout moves, etc.) I think 2 hours is probably tight for a complete 1.5K match.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I play 1 1/2 hr games most of the time. Creating dice pools that are your exact number of shots for each unit helps a lot. I play horde orks and still finish within a 2 hour limit with 2k in points. At adepticon, I finished all of my games, with 30 minutes to fart around and look at different games going on.

SynnerG said...

It seems like you over extended yourself early in the game. I've been following you for a while now and watched/read every battle report in the event I run my own BA army. One thing I've always thought could be a liability is reserving everything and not getting the combo you need to face the certain enemy or objective lay out.

Sounded like you needed the anti-armor en force to get those guns and transports off the table, or just play hide-n-seek and defend your base and to tank shock his point in the last turn or so.

jawaballs said...

Good tip Goatboy, Conditions change the pool frequently, but I will try to work it in. And Synner, thats exactlly what happened. Not so much that I was lacking the tank killing punch, I really didnt need it, I just piled in all of my transports two rounds too soon and created a cluster fluck. I should have probably bidden my time a little, and put more focus into defense, drawing him out... When his transports came on turn 3, he saw I was making a heavy push for his base and that made him bring all of his transports home and clog it up. Or left some more stuff close to the other edge to tempt him out that way to pop it... leaving open lanes to his base for my rhinos...

Jingle_Bombs said...

I made a similar mistake against a Tau force a couple of days ago. My plan was to use my dread to march in and knock out the main threats but in hindsight I did the whole thing too early... Just about every railgun on the board swung round to target my rhinos. Nasty.

Other than that, very bad luck with the lascannon! It was really that close in the end it would appear. And as for game length, in upwards of a thousand points I'm lucky to finish in three hours lol. But then I'm still quite nooby and have to check my codex all the time...

Bushido Red Panda said...

Don't worry, wolf is a very fast player so that wont be an issue. Goat's right though, I'm another Austinite that rarely has a game go over an hour and a half. It's nice to see how friends are doing, or to head out for lunch early and beat the line.

pissclams said...

Hydras have been my MVP's pretty much every game. There abilaty to cover pretty much the entire board help a great deal in keeping those pesky speeders out of my hair.

This game a reduced there effectiveness by going from 3 to 2 in a squadron. Not sure if the speeders would have lasted as long.

Devildogs have been performing meh for me. They tend to overload my manuverability of my chims and tanks and there scatter makes them alot less effective. Same points for vendettas make me start to think about running 3 of them instead of the DD's. Plus they can carry scoring units. 50 point Inq ST squads look attractive for doing that.

This was the first time i havent run a Psycher Battle Squad in a chim. I dont think that was a huge loss.

Taking a page from Chris's list i spent 150 pts. on x armour. It did give me the ability to keep some of my Vehicals moving. In the case of the tank shock at tun 7 it wasnt needed, however the now the chance of a failed shock was reduced.

I almost epic failed on tun 5 by being too aggressive and moving my objective holding troops forward to deal with his Death Squad. If the dice went in Chris,s favor he would have taken the win diservedly. Ive done this before and i need to learn from this mistake.

The game came down to turn 7 im sure much to Chris's dismay... I can see where going for the turn 5 win can have yo commiting troops too early. Personally i most likely would have done the same on his objective had my Command Squad that i needed to run up that side not taken turn 4 to come in. My other 2 troops in chims were forced to wait for them to get in and lend melta support.

The game came down to very lucky guess on the 3 inches getting to his objective by 1/8. Hopeing not to get in range of his melta i had to take a chance that i wouldnt regret.

Im not fully sure if i would have pulled off a draw at the 2 hr mark. Im not sure if i would have been able to finish my turn getting my guys back to my objective to claim. I know the reason why the game took so long was my fault something ill continue to work on. However 2k points in 2 hrs is pretty tough with high model count armies.

Chri..great game and i look forward to the next one.


thekillerangel28 said...

yeah i play guard and thats a lot of hounds. he pushed his bt's too far up. they should stay back and lay waste.

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