Vampire Counts Relaunch!

Last year I started a Vampire Counts army, and it was eventually shelved for other projects. I have decided to reload them and finally get that army finished! The idea here is time and effort, and lack thereof. I have little time to put in the effort it takes to make this VC army look good! So you will see in my VC blog my efforts to minimalize both of those factors but still put a Jawaballs Army on the table. A nice change from the hours and hours of exhausting work I put into some of my Blood Angels models such as my Golden Daemon Honor Guard. Of course, some of the models will get the most love I can lavish upon them, my Blood Knights for example, but I intend on pumping out these hundreds of Zombies and Skeletons in record time. So take some time to check out my Vampire Counts Blog In the next few weeks you will see me trying new techniques for pumping out my Zombie and Skeleton hordes. Enjoy! Jawaballs


SunCat said...

I think It's an untreatable illness :)
I know a lot of players who collect both Blood Angels and Vampire Counts.
And I too :)

jawaballs said...

For me it was having hordes of skeletons that appealed to me, but the new Blood Knights that sold me. I had to have them!

SunCat said...

Go on!
Blood angels are "vampires" and the vampire counts is a fate! :)

Do you devise your roster?

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