More Blood Angels Hand Painting! Warhammer 40k

Here is a WIP pic of my latest Rhino for my own Blood Angels army! I got the image from DoWII, it showed up on one of the loading screens, and I thought it would look great on a rhino. The original image had just an empty circle, but I put a skull in there. Here is some video too, there will be 3 parts. At the end of the second video is a series of pics showing the steps to paint the skull. Wait for the end!


Part 1:

Part 2:


SynnerG said...

Gotta say, very impressed. Just makes me sad tho, as I'm collecting BA now and have a couple rhinos ready to build and I want to freehand some banners and whatnot on mine, but I'm just starting out. I'm working on a Necron force to get my painting skills started, and no, they're not bland metallic everywhere, haha, but nothing compared to stuff like this. I'll just have to keep re-watching your vids and get some extra parts to practice on first.

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

It looks great!

Squirrel_Fish said...

That is a damn impressive piece of art. You should most definitely feel proud.

Squirrel Fish

AutarchAndrew said...

jawaballs you should let me know your gamertag

Jingle_Bombs said...

Love the skull in the middle. My brother and I have been making buildings for planetstrike recently, and I made an Adeptus mechanicus building with a large skull-cogwheel motif on the front of the building, and I'm pleased to say I painted my skull almost exactly the same way, and I hadn't even seen this vid! Good to see I'm going in the right direction lol.

RonSaikowski said...

I'm a big fan of freehand work, very nice.

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