Battle for Armageddon: Which armies fought?

I am playing around wiht some army theme ideas, and I was wondering which IG armies fought in the battle for Armageddon... This is your chance to shine 40k nerds! From what I have gathered so far, elements of Armageddon Steel Legion, Cadian 8th, Death Corps of Krieg were all involved. Were there any more notable forces? Which Space Marine chapters were there? I know Blood Angels, Sallies and Black Templars were there...

I am more concerned about battles 2 and 3 for this one, since all guardsmen who fought in the 1st war were sterilized and sent to slave labor. So please share your insight, or point out the offical 40k fluff gods of your favorite forum to this blog so he can come share his knowledge!



Cannonfodder said...

Imperial Fists and the Relictors chapter were there as well.

Aleksi Lehtio said...

The armageddon codex had the names and sizes of all imperial forces in the 3rd war for arnageddon.important regiments that havent been said yet are the savlar chem dogs, mordians and elysians. It's more like what regiments didnt fight. The marine forces were vast asell. White scars, mortifactors, raptors and storm lords to name a few. Also there were some SoBs and skitarii.

pissclams said...


Arm. Asdh waste Militia
Arm. Command Guard
Arm. Hive Militia
Arm. Ork Hunters

Arphista Penal Legion
Asgardian Rangers
Catachan Jungle Fighters
Cadian forces
Elysian Drop Troops
Jopall Indentured Sqdns
Krourk Ogryn Auxilia
Minervan Tank Legions
Monglor Orgyn Auxilia
Mordian Iron Guard
Noctan Strike forces
Ocanon Phalanx Troops
Pyran Dragoons
Savlar Chem-dogs
Savlar Chem-riders
Semtexian Bombardiers
Storm Troopers
Zouvan Skirmishers

pissclams said...


Angels of fire
Angels of redemption
Angels of vigilance
angels porphyr
black dragons
black templars
blood angels
celestial lions
flesh tearers
iron champions
marines manevolent
omega marines
silver skulls
sons of gulleman
space wolves
storm giants
storm lords
white scars

The Hammer said...

13th company space wolves were there, I think.

Docrailgun said...

And who was in overall command of the 2nd Battle's defenses... that's right, Dante!

jawaballs said...

Jeez Ed! Where did you get that list?

Salsa Prime said...

Lexicanum is awesome for 40k fluff, I use it all the time when I have questions like these.

Gothmog said...

Elysian Drop Troops
Savlar Chem Dogs
Mordian Iron Guard
Armageddon Ork Hunters

Celestial Lions

And anything in those links. Lexicanum has a full list of the forces involved.

Jwolf said...

Savlar Chem Dogs are an awesome modeling opportunity that you might consider, JB.

Bigred is the keeper of all that knowledge, including some non-official stuff that is worth knowing, so I'll make him write you some notes.

pissclams said...

all of those i got from the armageddon codex

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