Painting Techniques: Power Weapons and Wet Blending

Wet Blending Speeder:

Power Weapon:

Here are a couple of painting tips I thought I would share with you all. The first is what I call "Wet Blending". I call it this because the paint is very wet on my model as I work with it. This is a very different approach from what I usually so. Normally I use so little paint at a time that it almost dries instantly and by that process it almost blends itself. This way, I am dipping from one pot into another, and quickly applying paint and mixing it right on the model. Check it out! Here is the youtube video.

Wet Blending:

The other pictures are of my newest power weapon attempt. This one I got from The Wraithlord over at Heresy Online. Here is the link He presents a step by step tutorial with very clear pictures. I tried something like this not long ago using green, and I think this red looks better. Nice Job Wraithlord! I'm gonna have to check out his stuff more often. So there you go. Some quick painting love from Jawaballs!


Ace said...

That's a nice base on the speeder. One of yours?

I like the painting technique, I'll have to try it on my next batch of vehicles.

jawaballs said...

Nope, that is not mine, buy my Ruined Wall base is comparable. Thanks for the compliment!

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