First Jawaballs Commission is finished!

So I finished my first commission. A 1750ish Blood Angels army. I'm pretty happy with the results! A lot of guys have been asking me about prices. Well, I don't have a set price. A good starting point is 25 dollars for basic troops, 40 dollars for Sergeants, 60+ for extremely detailed models, characters, top quality etc. Large models and tanks are 100ish plus. Those are ESTIMATES and minimums. If you are not prepared to shell out those kind of prices there are a lot of guys who paint great armies for less. Blue Table Painting has a price scale for any budget and there are a couple of guys out there in between. When I look at a commission request, I go mostly by the time I think I will invest on each model. A beautiful top quality model will take me 2-4 hours to paint, and I charge at least 25 bucks an hour for my time... Get it?

But what do you get from me? Well, I guaranteed this guy a beautiful army. Every model got shading, 2-3 levels of highlights, details, eyes etc. The complete treatment! I hand varnished them, and put them on Jawabases for free. With the exception of my hand painted stuff, which this guy did not want and I will do for extra cost, I think this army is better then my own, and mine has won awards! I am confident that I could play this army at any local tournament and be a contender for best painted.

You also get very personal attention from me. I will answer indepth any questions you have about your army, tactics etc. I will also post up progress of your army on my Commission Blog and you will be able to follow my progress! So, if you are looking to commission a Jawa-army of your own, hit me up and lets start talking price. Jawaballs

Here is video of the finished army.


Chernobyl said...

The models look fantastic. Your client will surely know that his money was well spent.

Jordi said...

Very very nice models!
It has to be hard not to keep them, right? ;)

A little question, what varnish did they got?
Glossy varnish? Does it have to be diluted?


UltraLemming said...

Nice job on the dante...

From that picture angle it looks like he's wearing some pretty hardcore sandals.

jawaballs said...

Jordi, that is Valejo Satin Varnish, straight from the spout. No need to dilute it, just brush it on. It gives a nice sheen that is not too glossy. THe more you use, the shinnier it is. You can give a nice muted finish if you want, or make it shine.

Anonymous said...

The models are really nicely finished i especially like the sargeants and dante they look like they had some extra love. Are there any more videos of you painting dante to come?

jawaballs said...

Yah, I have a few more. I did not do the very last video though, I had to pay attention to all the details and it is hard to do on camera... and I forgot to make a video showing what I did! :( Most of those things were just things I shot in many other videos any though. I will get them up this week!

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