The Jawaballs Report: BOLSCON 20009 Part 1

Adam, Jwolf, Bigred, Jawaballs, Fritz and Goatboy in the front.

I have a LOT to go over. I am currently copying over 10 gigs of video and pictures taken from Bolscon 2009. Where should I begin? I think I will start with the end since Fritz is already covering the beginning. To put it quick and easy, Bolscon was the best 40k event I have attended any where since I got into the game 2.5 years ago. I've been to GW Gamesdays and GTs, Conflicts, many tournaments, apocalypse events... but this one has been tops. Jwolf and company ran the most efficient and effective tournament I have seen. On saturday, we got in four 2k point games faster then any other 1750 three game tournament I have been to. That says every thing. It was well run and fun! I have a lot to say about all of it and will be making videos for the next two weeks on youtube covering it all. Here is a taste of whats to come:

Exclusive interviews with Jwolf, Bigred, Goatboy and the crew from Bols.
Batrep of my Jwolf challenge game.
Batreps of the 40k tourament. (limited...sorry... it went fast!)
Behind the scenes video of the event.
Friday night apocalypse. JB takes down a Reaver Titan with 2 furioso dreads and 5 Death Co,
Saturday night pod racing.
And most importantly, a special interview with jwolf announcing another upcoming event...

I will start with the big news first, so be looking for the interviews with Bols and Jwolf as soon as I get them uploaded to Youtube!



lordmagyar said...

really glad you and fritz had such a great time, cant wait for the vid's and blog update's.

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Did you win or lose your challenge game against Jwolf?

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