Army list help. A reader asks me for advice on his 1500 point list.

Here is an email I got from a reader:

Greetings Jawaballs!!
Their is an upcoming tournament in my local area and I'm planning on attending. I will be playing with my Blood Angels and was hoping you could give me some advice on a list I'm building. Most of the list is the limit of my collection, I do however have some other units I can add. The tournament is 1500pts, as of writing this I do not have Corbulo but will be purchasing/ painting soon. I hope you post my email on your blog because I'm a big fan and I always think army list's are a great topic of discussion. I have a few other things in my collection: VAS( 3 power weapons), mm- attack bike, captain power-fist and storm bolter, x2melta guns.
Here is the list an even 1500:
Brother Corbulo(100)

Tac Squad(230)
power fist
missile launcher
rhino: hk, x-armor, 'dozer blade(75)
Tac Squad(230)
power fist
missile launcher
rhino,x armor (55)

Heavy Support

twin linked auto-cannon, H-flamer, Venerable
Terminator Squad(230)
Bolt guns
Death Company(85)
x5 jump packs + 2 marines

I figure what better way to help! Here is my breakdown on some quick standard tips. First of all, drop Corbs and pick up a captain. I Love Corbs, but you need Leadership 10 on your marines. I think it is more important then a FC bubble. Since your DC have jump packs, he would not be able to keep up with them any way. You dont have the model, but drop the Las pred. It is a massive waste of points. Replace it with a Baal pred, fully upgraded. Failing that, replace it with a squad of attack bikes. Use the extra points to upgrade your captain.

Drop the Dozer Blades off your rhinos. They only work if you move 6" or less. You will likely not be going that slow ever. HK are fine. Autocannon dread is fine. Put him in a roost with your tactical squads for anti assault. Drop the flamers. Nothing will come close enough to them to use them. If you feel the need to upgrade, give em a melta. You will more likely get a vehicle close to you then a squad. Whirlwwinds are fun. Scouts? If they were troops I would say yes. But they are elite. Maybe with the points you save dropping some of the upgrades you dont need you can put your assault vets on the table. That will give you an extra DC model and make you pay for one less.

My top advice? At 1500 points, Blood Angels currently scream efficiency. For really cheap you can lay down a lot of fire power with 3 Baal Preds, and drop some huge pain from the skies with three Ven Fur DC dreads in pods. Two tacticals and your capt will round it out. Use the DC as a distraction. Other armies will have a hard time packing in the fire power to compete with that and wont be dropping your pods into seas of melta guns. Of course, that will all change in a couple months. Use it while you can! Jawaballs


Chris said...

You have way to many upgrades on you units. Blood Angels are over priced to begin with, do not waste your points on extra armor, HKs, dozer blades, or storm bolters. And then use those points to buy more models.

Having 3 Baal preds all kitted out is not as strong as having 3 plain Baal preds AND a land speeder. Apply that logic throughout the list.

jawaballs said...

I strongly disagree with you Chris on the Extra armor and not having the 3 jacked BPs. I put EA on all of my tanks, and am thankful every game. I dont care what mathhammer says, you can not use them for 5 tournaments in a row and not have it be an issue, but there is always that one where you need them, and lose. GIving the heavy bolters and storm bolter as well as EA to your Baal makes it a monster. 33 shots vs a speeder? No brainer. Storm bolters are not a waste. Throughout the course of a game, a single storm bolter can equate to a whole squad of dead weak armor enemies. And it always seems to be the weak shots like Storm Bolters that take down the unsuspecting termies or drops an extra wound on a commander.

A large bulk of my success on the tables can be attributed to playing my Baal Preds with heavy bolters, storm bolter and extra armor.

Chris said...

I guess we'll just have to disagree then. At 1850/2000 my BA list is a b*tch to play even though the Codex is not all that powerful. I manage put down . . .

3xTacts (Melta/Las)
3xBaals (AssCan HB)
3xVen Furiosos
3xSpeeders (MM/HF)
And a 5 man DC squad with packs.

With that model count and the firepower it allows me, I never need to contest anything with my Preds really. I sit them down mid-field to box off objectives,leave Rhinos hiding behind, and have the Dreads move forward to do the dirty work. End of the game I have my rhinos alive and able to hold, combat squads holding rear objectives, and a lot of dead stuff on my opponents side. Lol

You say you do not go by mathhhammer and then quote numbers. I used to run storm bolters when I first read your blog, but they never did much of anything for me. So I started dropping upgrades for models and have been winning ever since (Fitting the DC with packs went a long way). Although I have not played much recently, I have not lost with my new lists. From my experience, the extra models are what win games.

All debating aside though, maybe we can play sometime. Blood Angel Chris from Brother's Grim.

jawaballs said...

It would be cool to get a game in. Hopefully we can get paired up! I assume that was your 2k list. What are you running for your 1850?

And I didnt say I "dont go by mathhammer" I said I dont care what it says in regard to extra armor. Every time the EA discussion comes up, some one brings up the statistics of how often EA can work. You can beat some over the head with statistics about the usefullness of extra armor. But at our last BFS tournament, a guy lost a chance to possibly win the whole thing because he did not have it. I have won tournaments simply because I had it and was able to move and contest at the last minute. That alone trumpets the call for EA.

Comparing the number of shots that some storm bolters can fire vs a speeder is not mathhammer either. It is just comparing numbers. Potatos/potaatos. :)

You do make a point. I recognize the fact that I need more models in my army. The only way to do it is to shave off upgrades. I'm thinking i will drop my attack bikes, and I suppose I might consider losing my storm bolters. That would give me 130 points to spend. 3 DC models and 5 jump packs is 120... If I wanted to get crazy, I could drop one of my dreads with pod, and spend those points on more DC and Lemarte... Hmmm...

Chris said...

Well at 1850, I switch out Dante for Lemartes, drop some of the weapon upgrades on the Tactical squads, and drop a DC model. Looks like this.

Lemartes (Death Company x 3 Packs)
3 x Tactical Squad (Melta/MM)
3 x Land Speeder (MM/HF)
3 x Baal Predator (HB Sponsons)
3 x Venerable Furioso

1850 on the dot. I understand your point with extra armor, it just kills me to spend all those points cause then I cannot get all my toys on the table.

And yes hopefully we can get paired up sometime.

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