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Ok guys, Lots of new stuff to talk about here! First of all, Fritz and I have been preparing for an upcoming tournament on the 27th and rumor is he’s going to be finally putting the harlequin list to the test. I’ve seen some of what he has planned to unleash in his PDF with more to come I’m sure in out next live broadcast on the 21st. Fritz has released a new PDF outlining his Harly strategy. Check it out! Here is a link:


Also, I will be relaunching my Scenic Resin Base line soon. www.jawaballsproductions.com has been doing well, and I felt it was time to upgrade. My first new set of bases to be released will be Nid Hulk. Take a look at the pic. Sorry the pic is not painted yet. This set of bases are a space hulk ship decking style base that has been over run by nid biomass! The three bases in the picture are the Monstrous Creature size base, which now come in sets of three. I also have available 40mm Terminator size and 25mm Infantry size. Here is a complete list of all base sets I will have available very soon.

Nid Hulk
Ruined Wall
Broken Rock
Necron Tomb World
Floating Lava Rock
Industrial Ruin
and Nid Biomass.

These will come in sets of 10 infantry, 5 termintor and 3 monstrous.

Also available soon are "Termigon" size bases, as well as Bike bases.

If you are looking to purchase my new nid bases, email jawaballs at hotmail and I can sell them before I reload the site!

Also, this week I will finally be uploading new How to Paint video sets. Be looking for Eldar Fire Dragon, Tau Firewarrior, Deluxe Tyranid and Necron!

After those four sets I will be pumping out some Blood Angels stuff. Look for How to Paint Blood Angels 2.0 in which I will take you from start to finish painting a Blood Angel tactical marine in my new, advanced style.

More announcements:

Don't forget Jawaballs and Fritz will be broadcasting live on Sunday, November 21st all day.

Be looking for us on a new site spearheaded by Justin over at Rogue Market. It is going to launch very soon and I guarantee you will be pleased.

Don't forget to follow me on youtube. I post up loads of 40k video and batreps.

Thats about it for now!

More to come...



eris said...

"live on Sunday, November 21st"

damn that's a long wait.. the next sunday nov 21st is in 2021! :O

jawaballs said...

haha, I meant Feb. :)

Fritz said...

For the next Jawacast...is it time to unleash the Grey Knights? Brother Captian James has to pay for his last failure!

Dana said...

I would <3 you long time if you made biker bases 8D

jawaballs said...

which kind would you like I will make them first!

Dana said...

You rule!

I would like bases for my Ork bike horde. Ruined city/industrial feel.

Kevinmcd28 said...

how do you make these btw?

are any of them good bloody khorne style chaos bases?

jawaballs said...

I sculpt them using bits of stuff, then cast molds and use resin to make copies. Chaos? Hmm... The closest I have is the lava rocks that also look like bubbling pussy goo. :)

Ryanjsmall said...
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Ryanjsmall said...

Hey jawaballs. I was just looking through februarys white dwarf and in the news part it mentions two new blood angels units. The furioso librarian - a psyker entombed in a dreadnought. Do you think a dread librarian will make it Into your list? And the second one was the mysterious avenging angel known only as the sanguinor! Have you heard any extra info about this unit?

Cheers mate

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