Reader submitted Batrep: Blood Angels March On!

Here is another reader submitted batrep! Keep em coming. :)

Here is another Batrep played yesterday.

Battle For the Moon of Wigg
Assault Mission
Attacker + 10%
BA vs. IG
6 Turns Max

This was an assault mission with the attacker having 10% more attacking forces. The Defender was allowed 1 fortified position and a hastily prepared position the attacker had to capture both to win.

Defender 2000 pts
Attacker 2250pts(BA)

My forces:

3 x 5 man Assault Squads PW Rhino Xarmor PMSB
1 x 8 man Death Company CS Rhino Xarmor PMSb
1 x Ven Death Dread Xarmor hvy flamer drop pod
2 x Death Company Dreads Xarmor hvy flamer drop pod
3 x Baal Preds Xarmor hvy bolter PMSB

Now I do not know a lot about IG here’s what I could see.

3 x Commanders/Squads
3 x Leman Russ’s Battle Cannon’s Lascannon hvy bolters
3 lascannon squads
1 x 30 man squad
He had a bunch of infantry in the bunker armed with auto cannons, Lascannons, melta guns.

He set up across the board 2 leman russ on his left with 2 lascannon squads in front of one of the objectives(Hasty prepared). He put the 30 man squad in the objective and the other in the bunker.

Defender set up first and went first, he also set up the terrain he set up some kind of barrier on the left which would mask his forces from me, but also mask me from him. I reserved all my units.

Turn 1

Nothing happen he did not move anything and just sat there.

Turn 2

Again nothing to do for him, so I rolled for reserves and got six units to come on. So I brought on the Dreads, Dante, Corbulo/Death Company and an Assault squad.

My only mistake was bringing the Dreads down in front of his 2 Lascannon squads and commander. I didn’t realize that they had 2 wounds each. So after the dreads had finished firing and didn’t do much I have to say causing only a couple of casualties and taking out 1 leman russ and stunning the other. Dante and the Rhinos moved up under cover.

Turn 3

He opened up everything he could at the Dreads and because he had go orders in that made everything twin linked. One by one the dreads succumbed to his fire power all knocked out in one turn. Even the Ven Dread he rolled a 6 on a pen hit so I made him reroll and he rolled a bloody 5(yes chaps I am from across the pond, but living here). So things did not look good.

On my turn everything else came on. So I advanced along the left, I had placed the drop pods in such a way that he had no line of sight. Dante followed the Death Company and the Assault squad Rhino’s up and was in range by next turn to assault.

Turn 4.

He had very few targets so he started to move his stuff from his right flank over to the action. He tried to shoot at a Pred and Death company rhino but did nothing. On my turn rolling for OE 1 pred decided to stall while only 2 rhinos and one pred got the OE. So I continued to move up. The Death Company Rhino failed a dangerous terrain test so I got them out and also unloaded the Assault Squad. Dante moved up to assault one of the lascannon squads, and I moved the 2 mobile preds up into range of his russ.
Dante assaulted and killed the squad and then consolidated back into cover.

Turn 5

He continued to move up his units from the left. For his firing he concentrated on the Death Company and Assault squad causing 2 casulties on the Assault squad and none on the Death Company. On my turn I tank shocked the 30 man squad, who passed their morale so moved out of the way. I moved everything else up(rolling the OE the same Pred stalled out again the others didn’t). I move Dante and the Death company up ready to take the objective in assault, and the assault company to assault his tank. The Pred’s fired and knocked out the Battle Cannon on his tank Dante and the Death company unloaded on the 30 man squad killing 6. Then they assaulted the squad the Death Company hitting one of his command squads at the same time. Once the dust settled he had 8 men left in the big squad and none in the command squad. Needless to say they ran of the board leaving the objective in my hands. I consolidated towards the bunker. The Assault squad took out the Russ with a melta bomb.

Turn 6

He fired at the stalled pred doing nothing, at the Death Company killing 2 he wasn’t having much luck with his to hit rolls, well they are guard.
I moved the Preds up into range of the Bunker trying to knock it out but only succeeding in stunning the occupants. I tank shocked his other las squad and they ran of the board. Dante moved with the assault squad and contested the second objective.

So in the end another victory for the good guys as I had one objective and contesting another. What I could of done different, I should of landed the dreads in front of the bunker using the drop pods to block LOS and fire all the flamers into the bunker, still I’ve only been playing for a year and still learning.


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