Reader submitted Batrep: More dead orks!

Here is a reader submitted batrep! Keep em coming guys.

Blood Angels vs. Orks 5th Battle in the Ineptius Sector.

Blood Angels List



2 x 5 Man Assault Squad PW MB

Rhino Xarmor

1 x 10 Man Tactical Squad Melta gun, Lascannon PW

1 x Ven Death Company Dread Hvy Flamer Xarmor Drop Pod

1 x Death Company Dread Hvy Flamer Drop

2 x Baa Preds Hvy Bolter X Armour

9 x Death Company Chainsword Rhino Xarmor

Ork Army(as far as I can tell, don’t know much about orks except the only good ork is a dead ork.)


Nob squad

3 lots of ard boyz

2 hvy weapons squads

1 dakka gun

1 Boyz squad

2 x 6 Defkopta squads

As I said I don’t know what else he had or what weapons he was equipped with Ghazgul I know had a Power claw.

I won the dice roll and let him go first and I reserved all my units as per usual.

It was a meeting engagement with 2 objectives 1 in each deployment zone.

Turn 1,

He had deployed across the board, with a heavy weapons squad guarding his objective backed up by a boyz squad. He deployed the dakka gun on a hill on his right, he kept 1 Defkopta squad in reserve to out flank. He moved both ard boyz up backed up by the other Defkpota squad. He also ran his troops.

Turn 2.

He continued to move up towards my objective and with running claimed it.

Nothing to fire at yet.

My turn reserves roll all of the dreads came down 1 drop pod scattered right by his Nobz squad as luck would have it. The Ven came down on target right by the objective in his zone and the other by his boyz squad. Does anybody like to smell of burn oks. Hvy Flamers and Meltas took out 2 Nobz, 3 hvy weapons and 10 boyz a good start. The Nobz made their morale, but the hvy weapons chaps took a runner all the way of the board.

The boyz didn’t have to take a morale test due to the mob rule.

Turn 3

His outflanking DefKoptas came on but on the wrong side of the board(Ha Ha). He fired a lot of stuff at the dreads one of them losing a combat arm and the Ven dread had him reroll a wrecked hit and it came up shaken(shrugged off thanks to extra armor, it really works you know). He then assaulted the Ven Dread with his Nobz(out of cover) and his boyz assaulted the other dread. The Ven dread killed of his Nobz and the other dread killed of another 4 boyz. He did nothing in return rolling hits with his power fisted nob but only got shaken results again.

My turn reserves on came Dante, Corbulo/Death company, both Assault Squads and the Baals. I set the Rhinos in a little box type formation to hide Dante all deployed right by the objective. So now I was contesting both objectives. Ghazgul was close by with 30 ard boyz and I didn’t want Dante to get into it just yet. The Ven Dread and the other dread moved up to assault the boyz squad in combat with the 3rd. My Baal opened up on the closest Defkopta sqaud causing 3 dead and they promptly failed morale and ran. My Dreads assaulted and killed of the boyz squad.

Turn 4

He declared a Whaag and Ghazgul(who apparently in the turn he charges and the opponents assault phase has a invul save of 2+) moved up to assault Dante(thanks to the formation of the Rhinos he could only get Ghazgul and 3 guys in on the assault. His Dakka gun had been firing but not hitting anything. He had turbo boosted his outflanking defkopta squad and fired at one of the dread and immobilized him. Other than that his firing was ineffectual and he moved one of his squads back towards his objective. He still held mine but not for long. In his assault phase Dante caused 3 wounds on Ghazgul but he saved 2 of them with good Invul save, Dante took one wound. He then surrounded Dante with his boyz(oh dear doesn’t look to good for Dante.

On my turn the tactical squad came on and moved towards the objective in his zone and the dreads moved towards the Defkoptas and launched smoke.

Out come the Death company and one of the assault squads and assaulted Gahzgul and the boyz. The Baals fired on one of his squads not causing much thanks to terrible rolls. On the Assault though the Death Company and Assault squad proceed to wiped out his boyz squad Dante didn’t do anything(again bloody lousy dice rolls). He inflicted 4 wounds on Dante and I only managed to save 2 so Dante was down and out.

Turn 5.

He still concentrated fire on the dreads immobilizing another and destroying the flamer of the Ven. He fired a couple of things at the rhinos only destroying a storm bolter. In the continued assault I did 1 wound to Ghazgule he killed 4 death company.

My turn after rolling for overcharged engines one of the rhinos tank shocked his unit of the objective and they ran for the hills. Baals had better luck firing at one of his squads causing 12 casualties but they stuck around(one of the Baals became immobilized on difficult terrain crap!).

On the Assault phase I finally killed of Gahzgul but he took another 4 Death Company with him, and we consolidated towards the objective. The Tac squad moved up and took the objective in his zone(didn’t even get out of the Rhino.)

Turn 6

Last Turn

He fired at the Ven Dread and did nothing, he also killed of the last of the Death Company with his Dakka gun. His Defkoptas moved up to contest the objective.

My turn I move up the assault squads to the objective one of the Rhinos tank shocked his defkoptas and they ran. The Ven Dread assaulted what was left of one of his squads and did nothing and his power fist chap killed him of even with the reroll 6 then 5 what can you do.

The end result most his army was running for the hills I had both objectives so another victory for the good guys.

More to come.

I have to inform you man that you are in violation of Jawacopyright 202018 for using "More to come". :)

More to come...



chasman52 said...

Sorry mate could'nt resist it, won't happen again.

EuroChild said...

I am presuming the boyz squad in which you killed 10 was a squad of 30 ... in which case it would be fearless until brought down to 10 models.

Doesn't extra armour turned stunned results into shacken and that's it?

Secondly, I'm pretty sure you can only take one unit of 'Ard Boys. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Also, Ghazgul can declare a power of the Waagh at any time which gives him a 2+ invul for the duration of the turn (that's how he's been used against me) and he has +2 attacks on the charge.

I never knew deffkoptas could outflank. Do they have infiltrate or scout?

Anyways, looks like a good battle. Orks are a lot of fun to play against as well as with, although the best Ork army to use is speed freaks, especially when someone wrecks one of your trukks and it careens into the unit that wrecked it :D.

chasman52 said...

Don't know about the ard boyz rule, now that you mention it they could have been hvy armor boyz with a 4 up armor save. Defkoptas do have the scout rule and can infiltrate. yep the squad was 30 strong.

It was a very good game I enjoyed playing.

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