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O Brother-Captain Jawaballs,

I dictate this missive this wakefulness-cycle to discuss the foul lies being spread about the Blood Angels. Hereafter I wish to make some predictions and then a list I will run based on those predictions.

The Lander O' Doom - I suspect this will cost something close to a Valkyrie and can be tooled up like a Vendetta. I think the rumors of 16 Marines/8 Terminators/8 Assault troops/1 Dreadnought will stand up. Something around 100-150 points depending on options.

Venerable Furioso Dreads - I think these will cost about the same as an 2-TL autocannon Venerable Dread from the SM Codex, so around 200 points.

Assault troops - per SM codex, That means that a squad of 8 with 2 plasma pistols is 184 points.

Tacticals will probably be close to the SM Codex or even cheaper (per the Wolves Codex). It'd be nice if they had the bolter, bolt pistol, and ccw. I would really like cheap plasma cannons, but I bet that will be for Dark Angels. We might even see assault cannons as heavy weapon options. We will surely see Fast Rhinos, but not Razorbacks. That's too bad, because I'd pay 75 points for a Fast Assault Cannon carrying Razorback stuffed with 5 I5 S5 (from Furious Charge) marines with 3 A each on the charge while the other 5 members of their squads sit back and shoot things.

Baal Predators probably stay the same price (around 150 points).

So... what to field? I think I would be willing to plop down 600 points to turn 2 really killy dreads lose in my opponent's backfield on turn 2 while the rest of my army rolls up in their Fast vehicles, all while causing carnage among infantry along the way.

600 points for 2 landers and 2 Furiosos
300 points for Baal Predators
600 points for 3 Tactical squads in fast Rhinos
100 points for stuff like attack bikes
200 points for characters

There won't be a lot of lascannons or meltas here (though there can be meltas in the squads), but that's what attack bikes and the Furioso CCWs are for.

I'm sure there will be plenty of all-Assault squad lists and tooled-up Terminators in DOOOOM landers, but I think I'll stick with this. But, of course the strands of fate can unravel at any moment. Even the Emperor's Tarot does not aways show the true future.

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Thanks for the message Doc, as you can see, I am getting to this a little late. I was looking for an order I has placed on the 10th and found your message. :) If I don't catch em immediately, they get missed.

You have probably seen info already on the Landers and stuff, so this is mostly old news. My experience so far? I have play tested some games with them based on the info available. In order to use the landers properly, you need homing beacons. Figure out a way to get them reliably in place, then start figuring out where to put your points. Oh, and 200 points for characters is not enough. As it stands now, with Dante turning all VAS into scoring units, you want him on the table.

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Alex said...

Interested to know, what do you think of the rumor about being able to assualt out of the lander with jump pack marines?

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