Bolscon, here I go again!

I decided tonight, I will be making the trek to Austin, TX again this year for BOLSCON! So there is your chance west coasters... I will meet you half way. If you want a shot at Jawaballs, come on out and lets meet up! Last year was a fantastic event and it will only be better this time. Fritz and I are heading out, and are hoping to get into some big Apocalypse action on one of the nights. I would like to see all of you Blood Angels players out there stepping up the game under the Jawaballs banner! Lets throw together against Fritz and his Eldar witches.

Lets show the world the might of the Blood Angels by owning Austin for a weekend.

Some things we hope will go on:

Look for the Jwolf Challenge II. Last year, he humiliated Fritz and narrowly escaped the vengeance of the Blood Angels on the strength of Zen like scatter rolls mysteriously wrapping around walls to hit targets they had no right hitting. We are coming for blood this time and I expect to leave with Goatboy as my prize.

Open Gaming. I will be at the tables as soon as they are open and taking on all comers. Last year I got to meet lots of blog readers and make some friends. This year I hope for even more! Come and kick my ass, or come and get owned. Either case, it will be fun.

Blood Angels vs Eldar Apocalypse! Lets crush some craftworlds.

A Family Picture. A lot of personalities have sprouted up in the last couple years, from Ron from From the Warp, and Stelek from well... who doesnt know his name... to Bigred from BOLS and Brent who makes a blog out of stalking me and rehashing every one elses content. It would be nice to get a fun family picture. I would love for every one to bury their differences and make the trip to Austin so we can get together for a big group hug! After all, it is all about fun. Right? :)

More to come!



Puma said...

Why would you want Goatboy as a prize? :)

Fritz said...

The call has already gone out and I have begun assembaling the warhost for Apocalypse…

The fury and the grace of the Eldar will set back the Blood Angles a thousand years if your chapter even dares to show up on the tables!

Seriously, this is going to be epic dude…

Michael said...

Oh, Jawa, it's on!

I'll be heading down there with my Blood Angels to wreak some havoc.

I'll be excited to see you there and get a game in against you if possible. My army grew up on your site until I learned enough to build my own lists/tactics. It'd be fun to test my skills vs my quasi-mentor, lol

See you in Austin buddy!

40k Junkie said...

I will be there with my DIY blood wolves chapter. Do we or have an idea on army points?

jawaballs said...

And so the armada builds... We will purge the unclean, the xenox, the heretic. We might have to see if Jwolf will make this an offical event! Im glad you guys will be able to come on down and game on. Looking forward to it! Point? Plan on 2k each. But it is premature to put any final total. Blood Angels Nation awakens!

Brent said...

A group hug?

I'm standing right next to you...


Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Everyone wants the piece of the Goatboy. It brings good luck and trades for many Teef on some Ork Homeworlds.

I will be there, might be playing might be helping run the games. Will see how much booze gets in me and how much nonsense I rattle on about at the bar hah. This time won't be my bachelor party heh.

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