Jawaballs 1850 list, need help!

Hey guys. So I am going to an 1850 point tournament this weekend and need to add 100 points to my list. So far I have:


2 tacticals quads x10 men

2 attack bikes

2 Baal preds

3 Dc Furioso Ven dreads in pods

2 dc models

The list works. Now I need to add 100 points. My choices are down to

A. Corbulo

B. 2 Attack Bikes

What do you guys think I should use? Brother C. in a rhino charging up into the center of the table where the pods are coming down can make a big difference. I have limited assault power, so him giving what I do have furious charge, including my dreads, can make a huge diference.

Or I can add two more attack bikes for extra tank, and bug killing power.

Unless you guys can think of a 100 point addition that has eluded me thus far! I could add 3 more DC models and make it a decent squad... or two more and give them all jump packs... or one more and put them in a rhino...

What do you all think? JB


HuronBH said...

My gut tells me 2 Attack Bikes. Corbs needs a rhino and if you run into a KP mission you probably won't want to split your Tactical Squads so there won't be room for him in one.

Colby said...

Now that IS a tricky question. I like all of the options you've laid forth. I think that if I wanted to do the "best" (competitively speaking) thing, I would take two more assault bikes. They're just great for their cost and you can't ever have enough fast high-strength weapons zooming about.

BUT, do you have 4 bikes ready to go? If not, I wouldn't spend the time to make more.

Corbulo is also an attractive option because A) he gives your army a CQC boost that is "desperately" needs and B) he's an iconic BA character. Your only HQ option thus far is your captain, which is a ballsy choice to begin with given the availability of other, better HQ choices. But HEY, if it works, it works, right?

Another option would be to drop the Captain and bring Corbs AND more DC in a Rhino, but since you already put in the work to make the Captain and you know that he has his place in your army, it's probably "best" to leave him in there.

So, in the words of Inigo Montoya: "Lemme sum up."

WAAC: Drop Captain for Corbs and bring more DC in a Rhino. CQC Nom Nom Nom.

Competitive: Add two attack bikes. Nothing says luvvin' like a pair of Multimeltas up your tailpipe.

Fluffy/Style: Just add Corbs. He's on the B Team, but he's the LEADER of the B Team.

AutarchAndrew said...

why dont you take 2 drop dreads and 3 baal preads

Kyle said...

I would take corbulo and use the extra pts to buy another Baal pred

jawaballs said...

There are no extra points. It is just 100 I get to spend. I need a captain to give my army Leadership 10. The choices are dante, tycho and a co. captn. For the points, Tycho and my captain are just about the same, but tycho has no PW.

Corbs in a rhino? I'm not concerned with combat squading one of my tacs. Even 5 marines are tough to kill in cover, and if my opponenent really wants the squad dead, he will kill them... 5 or 10. 5 guys in a rhino with the captn and corbs are fairly safe, and well... I think he will have more to worry about then 5 guys in the back fireing one gun. :)

In the end, Colby summed it up. Speedy melta goodness, or corbs FC love bubble. I think both add a dynamic option. And two more bikes will make single squad kill points tougher, and moer killy.

I do have the bikes and corbs ready to go. But I think after bouncing it around, I am leaning towards Corbs. I think the option of maybe getting him in range to control my dreads is too tempting to give up. A smart player will use the Death Company disadantage against me.

Plus he will add a little survivability to the only troops in my army that ever get into close combat... the combat squad with the captn.

Or I could throw in one more Baal Pred with no upgrades! :)

AutarchAndrew said...

how about a small tatical squad in a rhino

jawaballs said...

Andrew, a small tac in a rhino would be a great choice, but out of my point range. A tactical alone is 115 points, throw in a rhino with xramor and we are looking at 175ish. If scouts were scoring, I would consider them. But they are elite... same as a Dread. I thought about going back to 3 baals and 2 dreads, but I love the dreads too much. They are too much fun! The challenge is to win tournaments and still play an army that I have fun with.

gonadsgo said...

Why not just take Dante and forget the Captain? Adds to your combat ability, you still get the melta shot if needed and Rites... plus you get Preferred Enemy and Dante has the psychological effect that 2 attack bikes won't.

spacemanspence said...

I think gonads go said it well and if you wanna throw in a nice unit for distraction and killy goodness try a landspeeder with multi melta and assault cannon

Teeef said...

I am for Corbs and the Captain in the Rhino. You get the DCDread control possibilities and when you zoom in to take that objective at the end you might have to charge from the Rhino to drive his last troops off.


If you get the Rhino on that last objective and he desperately shoots the Rhino and leaves that poor squad in The Crater (formerly known as Rhino) that ability of Corbs to save a marine from the hellstorm of enemy fire at the end of the game may leave you with that one marine scoring unit for the win.

jawaballs said...

Dante... soo tempted... guh..

Flekkzo said...

The power choice is two more attack bikes. Gives you one more mobile bubble of death that splits your opponents focus. Both complicating it for the enemy and giving you more options to support the rest of your army.

I myself like the idea of adding two DC, putting jump packs on them and keeping them behind your rhinos, ready to pounch out and cause destruction. Perfect for killing off a unit that has been struct by a dread or maybe supporting your bikes. I just really like jump infantery, regardless if people find them bad:)

Oh, and that option gives you the option to splash out 20 points on something :) Though I guess that Razorbacks isn't an option (I like Razorbacks, with ass cannons!).

Puma said...

I'm all for Corbulo in the Rhino. Making the rest of your army killier is always a good idea.

vexxedBA said...

i personally would take the 3 more DC, gives you the extra assault power plus with rending, you could pop a tank or two.

Rob Baer (MBG) said...

I like Corbulo (aka Tom Cruise) gives you better chance of beating up the little guys that hit your lines, or big guys if they spore in.

chasman51 said...

I'd go with Dante as well, I used him the other day in a 1000 pt battle and he turned the tide.

I will also be using him in an 1850 tournament coming up on Feb 13.

Michael said...

I would go with the two attack bikes. In this world of tanks and transports, more melta shots is a good thing. They are fast and resilient. They can easily tarpit a problem squad for a whole game, aka Broadsides, devastators, a necron army.

Corbulo is good, but not good enough considering the rest of your list. He doesn't synergize too well with a more shooty army.

just my two Imp credits . . .

Flekkzo said...

What you have to ask yourself is, do you want to play safe, in your face, straight math-hammer? Or do you want to feignt and use tactics and win by being a better player?

I still say go with jump pack DC:)

Cassius said...

Am I missing something? I thought you could only have 1 DC dread for every 5 DC that you bought. You will need 15 DC at a min to have 3 DC dread's - or am I reading it wrong?

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