Banner WIP update.

Here are some WIP pics of my two current banner projects. The Space Wolves banner has taken a big lead. The first pic is it's current state. I started laying in the shades of grey on the wolf, painted in the first shade of Yellow Ochre for the hazard stripes and layed in some dark brown for the scrolling.  Looking down at the pics you can see each step taking place.

The last pic shows my sketching of Helbrechts banner. For this one instead of painting directly on the duck fabric, I got a rectangular piece of pre gessoed artist canvas and cut it to the shape I needed.  After a couple layers of black acrylic I drew in the image with pencil.  This is the most time consuming part as it takes quite a while to get it all set up. Once I start laying down paint though, it should be fast. I'm glad I got the opportunity to create these banners.  Up next?

I have two in mind. First I am doing one for my friend Jim, The Stout Smurf. Do take a moment to check out his new blog and follow him!  He is doing the Ultramarines 2nd company so I am going to do that banner for him. I think in the process of deciding that, I came across my banner for this years Gamesday.  The Ultramarines Chapter banner as depicted on this page!  The banner is truly beautiful and a pure challenge of my skills.  I will need to figure out how to make it fade from light to dark before even starting with the images. But I think it will be worth it!

More to come.



inquisitor_dunn said...

those look great. I love how you're making one for Jim. I signed up to follow him too. Reading his stuff makes me remember how it was when I first started.

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