BloodQuest: JP or DoA?

Okay Gents, MadMaverick here with another article concerning our little emo space vampires (I can only imagine all the black nail polish and Emo Music coming from Jawaballs' new army). Anyway, on to the article....

To JP or to DoA, that is the question?¿?¿
From the release of the BA codex, the internet has been a buzzing with army lists for BA. With that came the Razorspam, Mech BA, Sanguinary Guard Spam, ASM Spam, Dread Heavy Lists, and of course a mix of a few others. While all lists have their strengths and their weaknesses, it seems that there is a learning curve to each list, but lets focus on two of the more recent ones, full JP and DoA. Now most will say that a JP Army and a DoA army is the same, in most respects it is. Although it is in my humble opinion that they are different very slightly, which leads to a much different tactic.

DoA: Descent of AsskickingAngels
Example 1500 Pts. DoA Army List:
  • 2x Libby w/ JP
  • HG w/ JPs, 4x Melta
  • 2x Sanguinary Priest w/ JP
  • 2x ASM w/ 2x Melta, PF
  • ASM w/ 2x Flamer, PW
  • VV w/ JPs, PF, 2x PW, 1x MB
DoA is a great skill, an amazing one! It gives BA the ability to DS a lot more reliably. Now there are many situations where DoA is great, a good example being against a Castled Mech IG army. Generally this allows you to drop right next to tanks for some nice fireworks. The keyword there being GENERALLY. The ability to drop right next to your enemy and pour firepower onto them is great, if it works. Here is where the problem lies, if it works. With that said, even if it does work, it can leave you open to blast templates, ordanance, and even getting assaulted. Most players can overcome some of these with clever placement and such, but nothing can beat the chances of the dice. It is highly unlikely, near impossible, to DoA perfectly! When I say perfectly, I say drop each squad spot on with no mishaps and no reserve delays.

How to fix DoA?
Vanguard Veterans have been one way that many people have tried to help our BA from falling flat on their faces. VV can DS (more accurately thanks to DoA) and then assault any unit that may give your ASM boys any trouble, whether it be a distant Heavy Support or a nasty CC unit. The issue with this tactic is that generally it is a one-time-trick. VV will come in, hold/kill what needs to get out of the way, and then generally shot to death in return. Now I understand that this is a very situational unit, but can it really justify the heavy point cost?

JPs: Wings for our beloved Angels of Death
Example 1500 Pts. DoA Army List:
  • Libby w/ JP
  • HG w/ JPs, 4x Flamer
  • 2x Sanguinary Priest w/ JP
  • 2x ASM w/ 2x Melta, PF
  • ASM w/ 2x Flamer, PW
  • 2x Devs w/ 4x MLs
  • Scouts w/ 5x Sniper Rifles, Camo Cloaks
Jump Pack armies, they consist of all jump packs right? To me they don't, they are majority JP, but not ALL JP. With that in mind, JP armies will generally rely on more FNP, Mobility, and some support to get across the field and into the enemy lines. The main advantage that JP has over DoA is guarantee! The guarantee that all your troops, especially crucial ones (i.e. Sanguinary Priests, Librarians), will start on field in the exact position you like. The major drawback is that they will start on the field, make sense right?¿? The other drawback is you give up the ability to fully DoA your army, but is that such a bad thing?

JP Army Composition
JP Armies generally consist of the typical BA units, ASM, HG, Libbies, Sanguinary Priests. The main difference in army composition is the addition of "support" units to the army. From Devastators, Rifleman Dreads, Libby Dreads, and even Predators (Vanilla or Baal Flavored). JP armies focus on getting as much ASM as possible in order to survive the Op-For firepower. The support units are generally kitted for anti-tank (Devs w/ 4x MLs), and from a distance they will lay down fire on the Op-For softening up positions and opening metal boxes for assault. Now I understand many will say that a JP army with Dev/Dread support will be vulnerable, specifically the backfield positions of the support element. This can be countered with proper deployment, adding addition support units (i.e. Cheap CC Scouts). Also this is disregarding the fact that at 1500 Pts, Op-For has chosen to ignore the 30-40 FNP/FC ASM charging towards them.

I have run both DoA and JP armies since the BA update. I started with a Hybrid, then to straight DoA (utilizing VV), and now I am using JP with Dread/Dev support. I can tell you from my experience, DoA is lots of fun, when it works. There is just too much uncertainty in a battle plan utilizing DoA for me. Since I have changed over to JP, I have found that my tactics are staying the same, allowing for a greater comprehension of them as a whole. DoA tactics are always changing based off of terrain, objectives, and Op-For, too much to utilize even semi-similar tactics. I find that if a player wants to try DoA, start with a JP Army with support first. This will get you use to the basics of ASM tactics and such, once you master that, move onto DoA. I made the mistake of doing DoA first, and it gave me many headaches and heartbreaks. JP Armies are more forgiving and better lovers on the battlefield, trust me!

For Sanguinius! For the Emperor!


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