Valentines Day Massacre footage

Hey folks,

I never got around to doing a writeup for the Valentines Day Massacre. Mostly because I had so little footage, it was already done in a couple other laces, and I got my ass kicked. Well, not horribly, but still.

Here is some youtube video for your viewing pleasure!

Hope the link works!

Overall I did ok. I went 3-2 on the weekend finishing 8th or so I think. The results were posted some where. I got 3rd best painted, coming behind two other very much deserving armies. But I am closing the gap on them!  Next time I should be at the point where I am right with them.

The event was well run and I saw no problems with the personalities. There were a LOT of hard core players. IG Vendetta/Chimera spam won of course. They are still the strongest codex and the Mike Brandt version of the list is most particularly potent. To put it simply, that list in the hands of an average player is a GT contender. Give it to a seasoned vet and it is a GT favorite. Give him a little luck and it is almost a sure thing victory. I expect to run into quite a few of them at the Nova Invitational.  Unless of course Grey Knights dethrone them!

Here are some army pictures from the event.

Wish I had more!  I really need to be more on top of things with the camera.  I need to bring a photographer to the Colonial. Any one want to come take pictures and shoot video of my games? :)

More to come.



Dayve220 said...

I'm loving those trophies, such a great idea! Would definetly take pride and place on a table at home.

Ted Nagel said...

Glad to hear you had a good time, Mike always has great events, and I wish I could have made this one. Oh well, there is always next year.

Great coverage, I'll see ya in a couple weeks in Princeton!

Jawaballs said...

Looking forward to it Ted! Gonna be a good weekend.

Mike Brandt; mvbrandt@gmail said...

There's a Mike Brandt version of IG? :(

Jawaballs said...

Yah man! That list you brought to BFS was about as good as it gets. We can play 100 games with that list vs my current Blood Angels list and I simply don't think I could win a single one. (especially nova style) Granted, you are well practiced and know what you are doing. I might get some wins vs a less experienced player, but that is what I am talking about. Take an average player with a decent understanding of the game, give him your list, and I would be hard pressed to beat him. But it's not me as a player, I just don't think that the Blood Angels can muster any thing that can counter your list. Maybe lots and lots of infantry? 3x devastator 10 man squads shooting missiles?

Maybe a better topic here is what does give you a hard time? And please understand Mike, I have nothing but respect for you as a player and a dude. You bring your A game and beat face and there is nothing wrong with that. And I am not hating on IG like other guys love to do. In fact it is quite the opposite. I have a healthy dose of respect for the army and would love to figure out how to beat it.

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