Quicky Space Wolves Banner Update

Not much to say here. Just wanted to give you a quicky update on the Space Wolves Banner. It will be done tomorrow!  I need to do the runes across the band at the top, the scrolling words and the images on the bottom. A skull in the diamond, the symbol and X in the middle and some runes as well. What is great about doing these banners is that each time I do one I get better. I think the Space Wolves scroll is my best yet. This one actually required a lot of math and measuring too. Getting all those hazard lines to be perfectly parrallel over those angled bottom cuts was not easy. Getting the diamond behind the wolf to come out was near impossible!

I ask you Space Wolves fans. Do the runes say any thing? THe ones across the top? There appears to be little stop bullets. And why is he wearing a green scarf?  I need to go in and give it some highlights. It seems a little metro for a viking dog.  Like his owner got cute and wrapped some rag around his name. Like his name should be Dakota or some other over used husky name. :)  Just kiddin folks!  I will wrap this one up tomorrow, and hopefully start laying in the color for the Helbrecht one as well.  More to come!



Atreides said...

beautiful, really beautiful! i still have the 2nd ed paper banner of this in my bits box :)

Flekkzo said...

Looks really good! And if you want to read runes take a peak at Wikipedia:) I am assuming everything will be in modern English or just random letters. Old Norse would be cooler though:)

Jim said...

Looking good!
If I wanted you to make one of these for me? How would I go about contacting you?
I seem to be a "InterWebz Fail" on seeing an email for you.

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