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So, call me behind the times if you like, but I have had good success with mech spam - Lascannon Razorbacks, Assault squads with Priests, 2 Baals, 2 other Predators, a Vindicator, and whatever else (usually Librarian Dreads) depending on points.

Still, I am wanting to expand my options a bit more, so I have been trying a number of other lists (dropping the Autocannon and Lascannon Preds for Missile Launcher Devastator squads, Assault squad spam, so on).

But, I'm torn on the best way to do a DoA lists, so I thought a discussion might be interesting.

1850 points:
an Episolary Librarian with a jump pack
an Honor Guard unit with a storm shield and lighning claw, a power sword and storm shield, a storm shield and power sword and melta bombs, and one with a storm shield and the Chapter Banner (and the standard Sanguinary Initiate).

6 squads of 10 Assault Marines with 1 melta and a power fist each.

That is 1850 even.

I was strongly considering this, though:
a normal (1 power-per-turn) Jump Librarian
the Honor Guard above
A Storm Raven
4 Assault squads as above
a Furioso with a heavy flamer and extra armor
2 Jump Priests

If I don't include a Storm Raven, I can use:
a jump Librarian
the HG above
2 jump Priests
4 Assault squads
2 Librarian Dreadnaughts

What have been your experiences with assault lists and what do you think will make a good DoA list against the current "OMG the game is broken" (note: that is meant sarcastically) lists out there?

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matthew said...

DoA lists in my experience need a minimum core of 4 assault squads and two priests to form your core. 2x metlas and fist on at least 2-3 of the squads. For an HQ a JP Libby is great. For larger games the Sanguinor is an AWESOME HQ due to his CC prowess and his +1 attack to all units within 6" bonus. He also makes one sarg equiv to a captain. Two or so squads of 5-man vanguards with PWs are great here too. Your assault squads melta vehicles and tie up units so your vanguard can divine intervention and mop them up. I tend to stray from Libby dreads or Ravens in a DoA list since you dont really want to deepstrike a large vehicle like that and the dreads can't without a pod (and theyll show up WAY before your assault squads).

urban said...

You pretty much need vanguard vets in order to make a DoA work. Personally I'm against the choppy honor guard and thing they're points are better spent on a melta honor guard, should you feel you need an honor guard.

Brenton said...

You want DOA to be a bit more elite than just a ton of assault squads.

I run three different types:

1) Castle breaking: You want one Librarian, two if you can swing it, to shoot Blood Lances into clumped enemy formations and multiple melta guns. 20-25 assault marines, backed by VV's to immediately engage bubblewrap or take out threats like Fangs.

2) Herohammer: You run a 30ish model count, but every unit is fierce. Dante with a SG unit and Priest, with Sanguinor (forming one of your Sgts into a mini-captain, especially beautiful if it gets your VV Sgt), 20 assault marines (2 melta or 1 melta/1flamer, sgt with PF), and a usually kitted out VV squad that is meant to tear apart whomever they drop into, then soak fire for the rest of the army with storm shields. One chaplain is sometimes included as well, so you have basically an elite character running around in all but tank popping squads. Multiple assaults backed by the Sanguinor's +A aura and/or Chapter banners and you can storm through even the toughest of combats. Sanguinor himself can take out many of the hardest hero characters on the board like Thunderwolf lords in 1 on 1 combat with his mark applied, and Dante's.

3) The third is usually a mix of this, with a Libby with HG, a named char (usually Sang), 20-30 assault marines, best VV you can afford to outfit, 2 chaplains, 2 priests. It's about the same as Herohammer, but adds in psychic defense, and strengthens the overall killiness of the army by taking away the insanity of Dante, 5 SG, and a Priest and spreading the points around the army.

Khornatedemon said...

DoA lists need either VV or dev's to work. Label them how you want but I doubt you can make an effective list without either.

I also think that tooling out honor guard to be choppy isnt the best way to run them. After melta's or flamers the only thing i'd give them is ss's but thos should be on your VV's.

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