Reader submitted work!

I get lots of reader Blood Angels pic submissions for posting on the blog, and I have not been good enough about getting them up. I promise to make more of an effort to get them up!  Here are a few recent ones, including one who was inspired by my Mephiston Conversion I posted up last week. Check out that POST HERE. I don't usually include names because a lot of the artists are minors.  Feel free to brag about your work in the comment section!  



YsambartCourtin said...

That Vampire Count Dante at the bottom is seriously cool. That conversion pops!

rhys_tolliday said...

i want to try one of those conversions now! and also, where can i submit an image of my model? i'd love some feedback to see what im doing wrong, good etc. thanks :)

Mike said...

Cool! I'm making my own version of Vampire Mephiston. Basically the same as yours except it has Sanguinary guard wings.

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