Product Review: The Ranger army transport by Outrider Hobbies

Hey folks,

Here I am with another product review. This time I am reviewing a new army transport, the Outrider Hobbies Ranger!  First of all, this is not a dish on other products. I do compare it to other bags, but it is for the purpose of illustrating what I feel are this bags strengths.

Now, I am uploading a whole series of videos about this bag where I talk for over half an hour showing you the ins and outs.  So I won't say too much here. Watch the vids!  But I will summarize.  First of all, the overwhelming pro feature that this has is storage space.  If you look closely at the picture, you will see two huge pockets on the front, and even bigger pockets on the sides.  There is room to store two hard cover 40k rule books, 4 codexes, two mini rule books, and all the dice, measuring tapes, rulers and pens you can fit.  Outstanding!

Now, that was enough to sell the bag for me.  When I go to GTs, I am carrying dozens of pages of army lists, rules PDFs, books etc. It is nice to have plenty of space to store them. Plus I always leave with even more stuff than I arrived with.  Cant beat it.

Now for the insides.

Inside this bag I have about 2k points worth of Blood Angels including a Storm Raven, four rhinos, a furioso, 30 odd infantry, 5 terminators, land raider, 5 40mm base objectives, banners, and various odds and ends.  This is a LOT of stuff for a small transport.  One feature that makes this work is the zipper flap. This is not a new feature to army transports, but it is the first bag I have owned where as you unzip the bag, the top opens up and out.  This opens the bag in such a way that you do not have to slide the trans down or over each other like an oven. No more snagged models!  You can see in the pics that my stackable trays come easily out and fit snugly.

Finally, as you can see in the bottom tray, it was cut perfectly to fit my storm raven, two dread slots and two pod slots which also hold 4 rhinos instead.  I used a Sabol plucky tray to hold my land raider and flyer stand. And every thing else fits great.

There are some cons, but for that you will have to watch my videos. I am currently uploading part one of the jawa review. The first part is about 13 minutes in length.  I will be embedding the video in this post for you as I upload them this week.  So watch the reviews and enjoy! Oh, and they are made in the USA!


Here is part one:


Messanger of Death said...

Thanks for the review... got alot of useful information. Could make some improvements on future reviews like having everything set up (i.e. not a clutter :P).

You mention how the ranger army transport can fit other company foam trays. Does that include your Battlefoam trays?

Also regarding the zipper flap of the ranger army transport. The P.A.C.K 720 is exactly the same. Also comes with strap and deep side pockets. However, not as many pockets as the ranger from the looks of it.


Jawaballs said...

haha, sorry bout the clutter. The room was actually very clean compared to usual. The sabol trays are the exact dimensions as the outrider trays. In the video, the pluck tray that held my land raider was a sabol tray and it fit seamlessly with the two Outrider ones next to it. When I tried my battlefoam large tray, it was about 1/2" longer, and about 1/2" less wide, so it was not a perfect fit for the transport.

The biggest difference that I could see so far is massive extra transport capacity for books and extras. Looking at the BF 720 this one seems to beat it on all three sides. To me that is a big deal. When I am trying to fit every last model I can into my bag, I cant afford to use model slots to carry measuring tapes and dice.

The next part of the video will be me showing what I think are the cons, and a few more pros. :)

Messanger of Death said...

Thanks for the quick reply :)

Any chance for a future post that has a collection of pictures that compares your bags and trays?

Tordeck said...

Very nice, review. Can't wait to see what the cons are. Cuz as of now I'm sold.

Rath of Un said...

In the Outrider bag looks a little "Frumpy" like is is not very ridged and sturdy? Is it like a Sabol case in that way?

Jawaballs said...

It is sorta frumpy yes. If you watch the video you see where I start putting stuff into it. Having extra space to store stuff means that that space will sag if not filled. Like a fat dude who loses 50 pounds in a month. Lots of extra skin! Hehe maybe a bad analogy. But you get the point. It is better to have frumpy extra space than have none at all. The more the cushion the better the... Er... never mind.

ServvsUmbrarum said...

I recently purchased a Army Transport - Motor Pool and I like it. However, I see some very good things about this one I like. Maybe I'll move over, with my group I'm sure someone will want it.

But yes, great review. Keeps reminding me why I stalk your blog lol.

Kevinmcd28 said...

I see the templecon badge lol...hmmmm Im in desperate need of a new transport for my Dark Eldar (too many weak thin spikey pieces) and the older Army Transport I have is crap....ill look into this one

PalinMoonstride said...

Quote "haha, sorry bout the clutter."

You have a kid now, your entitled to clutter! One or two more and you will be able to have family games of 40k without setting up terrain!

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