Finished full sized Helbrecht banner on it's way out!

Ok, I am finally on my way back to the living. I came down with a cold last Friday night and it ran over me this week. That coupled with furiously building my new display board last week and I have gotten little work done on my Jawaballs Productions projects.  To make it worse I am off next week with a much needed April break so I won't be in my workspace to do the Hogs of War banner!

Here is the finished Helbrecht banner:

That is going into the mail today as well as a whole pile of resin Jawabases.

The Hogs of War banner will be done when I return from break after next week. Sorry guys.  I wanted to get it done this week but no can do.  Here again is my sketch for the banner:

The banner itself is made and ready, so once I get it on the table and start the paint a brushing it won't take long.  

I struck a deal with Tony Spino over the weekend to make a banner for Mechanicon and I am still waiting on Mike Brandt to get back to me on what he would like on his Nova banner.  I know there were several of you who also had inquired about one. If I have not gotten back to you please do so again. I use three email accounts to try to keep any one from getting over loaded, but that doesn't mean I don't miss important messages! 

So what is coming up soon?  

Next week I will be listing a whole LOT of stuff up for sale including:

Brand new Dark Eldar. ( I have no interest in playing them so am selling off all the stuff I gathered.)
Iyanden Eldar painted stuff including 3 beautiful wraithlords
IG Cadian painted stuff
IG Death Korps assembled
A poop load of Vampire Counts including 5 gorgeous painted  Blood Knights
More Jawaballs Blood Angels from my award winning armies
Lots and lots of other stuff as I clean out my shelves.

Over the weekend I am cleaning out my work room, taking stock, photographing and listing every thing.  

Commission work:
Continuing the Black Templars commission. (From last year, the client is finally able to pay again.)
A small Blood Angels commission
A possible Deathwing commission
Brad "The Spoiler's" Vrock  

Other projects:
The Heroes of Armageddon!  I am painting a Terminator squad and land raider.  More on that soon.

Contact me if you are interested in a hand painted banner for yourself!



Kevinmcd28 said...

awwww come on did you even give Dark Eldar a chance man? bummer...and i was looking forward to seeing you play them

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