Outrider Hobbies Review part two and Army Transport Promotion

As promised, Bryan from Outrider Hobbies is offering a discount promo on his product!

Here are the details:
This promo starts NOW and ends next Sunday, April 10 at Midnight.

Here is the info straight from Bryan.

jawaballs - 25% off any foam purchase over $20. (Not counting bag and foam combos)

jawabag - 10% off of any bag purchase. With or without foam. 

All of these codes are good through next Sunday at midnight, and I will try to get more tray designs up on the site as well.
So to take advantage of these promo codes, go to the WEBSITE and make your purchase. It should be as simple as entering the correct codes.  

Here are both parts of the transport review.


Servvs Umbrarum said...

I noticed that your MEQs have a lot of room to bounce around in the foam. Does this effect the model at all?

Also, do the rhinos ever scratch them being stacked?

Sorry about the newb questions but I've never used my case as of yet because I've only played at my house.

Sgt. Brisbane said...

The real question: do we get a pair of those sexy socks with our orders?!

Nice reviews, man, you've got me seriously contemplating these bags.

And thanks for the blog roll addition, bro!

Bryan said...

Available trays have been updated on the site. In addition, if any are listed as out of stock, it is still OK to order as I am always making more!

Jawaballs said...

Any time Brisbane. Servvs, yes my models bounce around a bit. I find this preferrable to them being wedged into a slot that is too small, scraping off paint every time I take them out. Ideally every slot will be custom cut. My armies change too often for that to be a feasible option though.

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