Hogs of war banner progress!

I was out of commission for a while with a nasty cold I picked up at The Colonial coupled with the trees dumping some gross yellow stuff into the atmosphere and closing up my throat. :)  Plus I was on vacation. Any way, I am back in action. First step was a trip to the art supply store to get more red paint because I ran out when I started laying down the colors.  Yes, I know the line down the middle is not perfect. It will be covered by images and won't matter. :)  I decided to lay the acrylic paint directly onto the banner for this one. I painted the rectangles with lots of black and red. Now I will add the hog skull, scythes, angel wings and scrolls!  This should be a fairly quick process.  I will draw in the skull first and paint the silhouette of it brown then layer it up to bone.  Should be pretty sweet!  Jawaballs

I actually got a bit more work done before this post went live so here you go!

Here I put in the hog skull first. I ended up making it smaller than I did in my sketch so that I could fit in the rest of the images.

Here I put in the scrolls and the scythes.  When creating one of these requires that I think about the elements of art and principles of design as I go.  For example, the two scrolls are repeating shapes while the scythes add symmetry. I won't know how the overall design looks until I start adding in base color. The colors will play against each other and make things jump around. The final couple of elements are going to be a terminator crux below the lower scroll, and some angel wings.  Maybe on the wings.  The checker pattern creates a very rigid angular look even though the scythes and scrolls are very organic. So I may need more organic shape to balance out the hard lines.  That is where the wings come in. I use them as a balancing element. This is a little trick you will see many artists do. That is why I am waiting til last on them.  I don't know at this stage if they will compliment or contrast the primary elements.  We will have to see!  Ok, time to get to work.  I have more posts to put up!



Servvs Umbrarum said...

I like reading these articles especially when you start getting into the balancing elements and such. Gives me something to look at. Oh, Jawa do you have anything set up for smaller banners? I'd really like a Blood Raven Banner but I'm not looking for something that big.

Also, have you ever commissioned for a banner bearer? I'd really like to have the banner (the plastic piece that attaches to the backpack) professionally painted.

Jawaballs said...

I can do smaller banners. But I need to find a new sewer. As for a model banner, sure. Email me at hotmail and we can talk.

Itchy said...

Is it wrong that I get a warm, fuzzy feeling in my nether regions whenever I see a new banner going up?

Does every gaming group need a banner like this? Maybe not. Is it something that would be nice to have? I'm going to say yes. A great showcase for a talented artist and totally bitchin' in appearance? Most definitely!!

Keep up the good work!

Jawaballs said...

thanks man, Im glad I made your weewee tingle... i think

Wildeyedjester said...

Looking Great! I'm still hopeful for wings if it doesn't make it too busy!

Are you using a roller to put down the big portions of the color?

Jawaballs said...

Nope, no roller, though that is a god idea. I just use a 1" wide tapered sable brush. It does not take too long.

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