Jawaballs loot clear out! Wave Two

Yesterday I posted up my first wave of stuff for sale and you guys were awesome. Every Dark Eldar model I had sold, as well as lots of other stuff.  This post is a bit smaller.  Here we go! Get ready for pic overflow. I realized yesterday that I should have given some guide lines though.  First off, I am not really interested in breaking up large groups of models to sell individual ones.  Please don't ask me "how much for just the cadian melta gunners".  I have taken pictures of them in the rough groups I want to sell them in. My email is jawaballs at hotmail.

Factory Sealed original Cadian Infantry box set.  20 models inside!  Big Brother is selling 10 for 25 bucks. That would value this box set at 50.00.  I will sell it for 35.00. 30% off.

Factory sealed Tyranid warrior box set. 25.00

28 Cadian infantry on sprue.  I will start with a base price of 60 for these models and knock 30% off it, so 42.00 buys the pile.

Krieg!  Not the best shape. 23 models. Melta gun, grenade launcher, sgt, leutenant, flamer, vox, banner. Some of the models have cadian arms. some have cadian guns and krieg arms. Some bits are broken. One is broken off the base and needs repair. Half are primed. Some are painted. I originally wanted to use these as inquisitorial inducted guard. You can see that Forgeworld was having an off day and most of the FW weapons are curly and bent. This is how they came.  Thats why I replaced most of them with cadian bits. Take a good look at the pics. These are AS IS.

Price: This is 2 squads and a command squad minus 2 models. Shotty shape. Probably in need of complete stripping and a lot of love.  Retail price would have them at 150 dollars or so new. I will lop that in half to 75.00, then take another 15 off because I love you. So 60.00 will buy the lot.  I'm sure some one out there will have the patience and desire to take advantage of that! 

Old metal storm troopers. 9 with mask, 8 without. 1 melta gunner. 2 sgts. half primed. As is in the pic! Price check? What's the going rate on these boys? 50 bucks?

Assembled and painted/primed cadian infantry. Not breaking up the lot. I will throw in an extra arm/gun sprue to finish the models in the back. These are painted well, cadian 8th. I will include my How to Paint video for Cadian that I used to paint these very models! 

Price: The cadian at ease models are going for 20+ on ebay. The snipers and special weapons are 15 for 2 on GW. Plus 23 other models including some very well painted ones.  I would have to say that 85.00 will buy the pile.  When I get home I will root through my bits box and throw in any odd models that have slipped away for free. Im sure there are a few.

3 plasma 2 melta

Sgt with Power fist

2 snipers

2 cadian at ease

Large GW plastic carry case. 100 bucks on GW. I will sell it for 50. It is huge though and will cost a lot to send.  It holds all of these models with a couple of empty trays. Buy the entire wave today and I will throw in as many bonus figs into the empty slots as I can find. What will they be? You will have to wait and see! :)

322 takes all of this IG with the case plus shipping and will include a copy of my How to Paint cadian videos, bonus figures, and a 20% discount off Jawa bases.  I will hold the sales for a short period to see if any one takes the bundle.  Otherwise I will let go of individual lots.  I know a lot of you already showed interest in this stuff based on a mere mention of IG. I hope this suits your fancy!



Ribtibs said...

Interested in death corps and the 20 man box, but I dont know your email! email me at ryanribot@gmail.com :)

Rath of Un said...

Might be interested in the Cadian sprues.

Shoot me an E-mail:


Kevinmcd28 said...

I remember when those 20 man boxes costed $20....more of a reason not to update my IG....weren't you selling your vampire counts? Im specifically looking for vampires

Jawaballs said...

If you look at the price on the box, I paid 35 for it. :) The best was when they made the box smaller. The big announcement was that they lowered the price of the box set, forgetting to mention that they cut the model count in half. :)

Doomicon said...

Wow brother, you may have more 40k stuff lying around than I do!

Jawaballs said...

Well you are going to have a whole lot more in a few days! And I am a notorious pack rat and recovering Ebay troll. I used to sit on Bartertown all day and buy stuff I absolutely did not need because it was a good deal.

Kevinmcd28 said...

Yeah those 20$ boxes were in 3rd edition and about 8 years ago too lol. God dAmn economy

chaplainaerion said...

I'd like to discuss the Storm Troopers if the lot doesn't sell. I don't have any and I may need them for my GKs and SoBs. Will you contact interested parties directly (aerion@sbcglobal.net) or should we just check back in a couple of days?

Jawaballs said...

email me, jawaballs at hotmail

Da Warboss said...

Most of this stuff you can find at much cheaper that what you offer, on eby

Jawaballs said...

Lets give it up to Da Warboss for winning this weeks community super star award! Be gone Ebay troll. Your comment has no purpose here.

I am only leaving it up because all of this stuff, with the exception of the painted Cadian indeed did sell. And I will be finishing this entire Cadian platoon and selling it at a later date.

Thanks to every one for your support.

Obviously Da Warboss missed the point. I am not trying to offer clear out prices and undercut the world. Though I did offer some pretty good prices. This sell off is me trying to raise money to help me leap a huge hurdle in life, buying a home. Most of the guys who are buying this stuff are showing some support for this blog and me, as well as scoring a decent deal.

If you are so obsessed with saving a few dollars, than Ebay is definitely the place for you. Enjoy.

I find it amazing that some of you are so thoughtless in your comments.

And did one of you actually try to sell your stuff on my blog? Normally it is proper etiquette to email the site owner before you try to use it to sell something.

Jawaballs said...

There you go. Keep spreading your sunshine! I'm not forcing any one to buy any thing. But obviously plenty of others thought that 30-50% off or more was a great deal since it all sold.

I have a feeling no matter what I do or say you are one of those great guys who will have nothing but nasty things to say. Why do you even bother reading my blog at all if you have nothing but contempt for what I do.

And why can't I call in a little love? I'm not asking for charity here. I'm giving a chance for guys to buy stuff from a dude who appreciates it rather than some ebay warehouse wholesaler. And despite what you think or say the prices I asked for this stuff are more than fair.

One more thing. Watch your mouth and your tone. You are not allowed to swear on my blog and I expect a level of civility above and beyond your standard forum. This is not BOLS. If you can't follow my rules for commenting, don't comment.

Jawaballs said...

And I would love to catch a glimpse of the world you live in if you feel that a dude who gives a 30 to 50% + discount is "leaching" off his readers.

"Hey guys, these brand new Cadian Infantry would cost you 50 bucks in a store, but because I am such a leach, I will sell them to you for 35."

Wait there is more! Jawa the scum bag is asking less than 3 dollars per model for out of print, hard to find and really cool storm troopers!

And gasp, he is asking 50 dollars for a case that GW sells for 100 in the exact same condition.

The nerve.

Jawaballs said...

Oh wait, I just checked. They are not out of print. GW still sells them. The same models would cost you roughly 85 bucks off the GW site. Damn me for not giving a full 50% discount on them.

MiCho said...

LOL...the nerve I tell ya.

FYI, Jawa is very generous in offering his personal stuff at a discounted rate. I'm sure he could have easily just said screw it and kept all of the models to sell at a later time or even charge more than he already has. But he is trying to do something that is not easy, BUYING a home for his family! Every penny counts, so SUPPORT a fellow blogger and gamer for all his worth!

~Emperor of Mankind

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