The Great Jawaballs sell off!

Here we go!  The great Jawaballs sell off is here. I want to buy a home for my family. So it is time to turn the loot I have been hoarding the last few years into cold hard cash.  I need to come up with about 10 grand. Lets get started!  I wanted to offer these great deals to my loyal readers first.

This is the first wave of many to come selling stuff I have been sitting on. All of this stuff comes from projects I once intended to do, received in trade, or won at tournaments.  I am beginning with unopened box sets. Next will be painted models starting with Eldar stuff.  

Dark Eldar Gone.

Chaos Daemons! I won these some place.  Daemonettes of Slanesh going for 18.00 and Flesh Hounds going for 28.00 Demonettes pending

Scout Bikers.  8.00 each. Pending

WHFB High Elf Mage I used to convert Eldar Farseer Bikers. 15.00

Gothic Tyranid Leviathin... 20.00

Screw it, I will add the Eldar stuff now. This was actually my army before I got into Blood Angels. Funny huh? :)  

3 old Heavy Weapon teams. The guns are in rough shape, and only one weapon is with them. They are magnetized though. They need stripping.

Pathfinders. Two of the limited "squatting" model. Some of them painted fairly well! I can finish this squad up to the standard of the three well painted models for you.

Guardian squad and two warlocks. I think that is a star cannon weapon. The squad is mostly painted and needs some love.

One very well painted wraithguard. I have another one painted to this standard, and 3 more unpainted.

6 painted Dire Avengers and 5 unpainted still on sprue.  

Iyanden Wave serpent.

Avatar. All of the parts are around some place.

Wraithlord one. This one has been re posed so that he is crouching down and punching a Tyranid Genestealer.  I have the model some place and his hand. The torso is magnetized. The original idea was for a display board showing the destruction of Craftworld Iyanden by Hive Fleet Kraken. 

This one I modeled after an alien from the movie Aliens. I wanted him leaping off a balcony over a dead nid and went for a ferocious animal like pose and gave him hands for feet to simulate claws.

Your standard walking robot.

10 more Iyanden Guardians. I reversed the base colors on these to differentiate the squad. Never got around to painting them.

Custom plucked trays and Sabol Transport!

I also have my converted Farseer on jetbike who looks fairly good.  Rather than piece these out I will let the whole transport full go now for 350.00.  With a little effort some one can finish this work and have a really nice Iyanden army.  That includes all of the unpainted wraithguard I have not pictured, a whole bunch of Runic bases from Back to Base-ix that I bought back when I started the army, and whatever other bits I can find at home.  

  My Full Sized chapter banner that appeared in White Dwarf, on the GW site and won Best Painted Banner at Gamesday is also for auction starting at 500.00.  I have already been offered at least that much for it and have decided I will probably put it on Ebay, unless of course some one wants to make an offer here I just can't refuse!  

Ok then!  Buy my stuff. Jawababy wants a back yard.  Coming up in wave two?  Lots of painted IG infantry, Death Corps of Krieg, space hulk nids, and more painted models from my award winning Blood Angels armies!



Doomicon said...

Jawa what's the best way to contact, and provide payment. Do you have a paypal account? I'd be interested in snatching up all the DE. Getting bored with SW, ready to start something different :-)

Good luck on the house hunting, it can be daunting, but rewarding. It is also a good time to purchase a home :-)

Jawaballs said...

Doomicon, I prefer money orders, but paypal works. Email me jawaballs at hotmail. When I get home I will gather up every thing I have Dark Eldar, including my codex and make you a deal. One thing of note, I swapped out all of the non helmeted heads from the wyches for helmets. I don't like all the silly corn rows and top knots. I also have a battlefoam transport that I won that I started custom fitting to the army. You can fit all of the raiders plus the infantry if you assemble them the way I started! I will work that into the deal too if you want.

Ninjaman said...

I'd be interested in those raiders :) but if doomicon takes them, i may just have to wait for wave 2 :p


G3nhain said...

If I were u I would sell the stegadon thing for 20$

Jawaballs said...

The stegadon is the old version, discontinued. But hey you can buy it for 10 and resell it! :)

Jawaballs said...

Doomicon you better get to me quick, I got a whole line of dudes hungry for those Dark Eldar and ready to pay! Oh and I have 3 open wyches and 3 open warriors still on sprue, one set of jet bikes on sprue.

James said...

Email sent regarding the scout bikers.

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