The Heroes of Armageddon Blood Angels Build Team Part One

It's time I got this going!  I wanted to introduce to you the Heroes of Armageddon Blood Angels Build Team.

First of all, it was a true honor to have been invited to take part in the Storm Wardens project last year.  Do to the fact that I had a newborn, I was only able to do a squad and transport, but I think they came out great and the army as a whole was a beautiful compilation of art, talent and love.  We raised I think 14 grand for Doctors Without Borders and Jacob walked away with the prize of a life time.

This year I was included in the planning for the new project from the start, but as the plans unfolded I was given an even bigger honor. I was asked to head the team to paint the Blood Angels part in the 3rd Armageddon War. Holy CRAP!  Four team leaders were selected to build the list, organize it's look and select the squad of artists to do the painting. I can't think of a more shining and generous nod towards what I do here than that.  I want to thank the boys at Santa Cruz Warhammer for having such faith in me and giving me this great honor.  I won't let you down.

That brings me to the Blood Angels army.  Each of the team leaders were asked to create a list for one of the four major factions of the 3rd Armageddon War.  Two ork armies were selected, Graz with his boys and the Speed Freaks.  An IG army was selected lead by Yarrick, and of course my beloved angels of death.  Yes there were many other marine chapters there including the Sallies and Black Templars, but the boys had to instill limits some place!  The Heroes of Armageddon concept was born. Who were the major players in the war? Graz, Yarrick, Dante of course.

So we decided on the armies, and a general due date. This would be Gamesday 2011 in Chicago. We are unveiling the project to the public as a display table at Gamesday. Some of the models will be entered into the Golden Daemon, adding that much more prestiege to an already big deal.

On with the list!  Given 3k points to work with I wanted to create a list that focused on two things. One, I wanted to spotlight the Heroes of Armageddon.  The Blood Angels are such as colorful codex with so many well known characters I wanted to get as many in as possible. Dante and Tycho were mandatory. Dante led the entire war and Tycho, the captain of the third company, famously fell to the black thirst before charging to his fate.  But the Blood Angels have other special upgrade characters. I managed to get Corbulo in there as well as Lemarte, Guardian of the Lost.  Having these four big names made me happy.

The Second thing I wanted to do was take a piece of each thing that made the Blood Angels unique.  Storm Ravens, Baal Preds, Furioso Dreads and Death Company.  Here is what I came up with.

Blood Angels 3rd Company at the Battle for Armageddon:

Tycho and Death Company Tycho
Sanguinary Guard
Sanguinary Priest with Jump Pack
10 Death Company
2 Death Company Furioso Dreads
1 Furioso Dread
1 five man assault squad
5 Terminators, 1st squad veterans to accompany Captain Tycho and Corbulo
1 Dedicated Land Raider Crusader to transport Tycho and his command squad
1 Baal Predator
3 Storm Ravens. One for Dante and the Sanguinary Guard and a DC Dread. One for the DC and the other DC Dread and one for an assault squad with Sang Priest with the Furioso.
5 Scouts with Teleport Homer.

Compared to the other armies in this project, the model count of this force is extremely low.  I could have gone horde and loaded up with a couple hundred assault marines or something silly, but I think this list catches the fierce spirit of the Blood Angels and gives a complete representation of what the codex has to offer.  Plus, despite the very small number of models, I would hate to have to face this in assault, I don't care how many Orks I have on the table. 3 dreads, 5 termies, 10 DC and 5 SanGuard are simply capable of armageddon on their own.

There is the list. Next time I will post up the painters I selected to complete this project.

Now what? Well you need to be in it to win it!  You can donate to enter by clicking the link at the top right of my blog.  For every dollar you contribute, your name will be entered once into the drawing.  If you donate 100 dollars, you name will be entered 100 times.  But not only will your name be entered for the four grand prizes, (Each of the four armies will be given away) but you will qualify for weekly drawings that will be held between now and the actual drawing.  This week gift vouchers are being given away to Secret Weapon!  Check out the post HERE. Entering early will qualify you for more prizes.  If you win now you are still eligible for the grand prizes.  So get in it!

But I want to take the time to remind you all that this project is bigger than an army, a give away or a single winner. This is about world compassion and doing the right thing.  People all over the world are in need of help and Doctors Without Borders is always there at the front doing what they can.  You are giving to a cause. Doing your part to help. That alone should be enough. But doing so gives you a chance to walk away with something truly special. An army, and the satisfaction of knowing that you make a difference.



idget said...

I may be able to donate some marines of you want... maybe...

Jawaballs said...

We are happy to accept any items for donations. All items donated are either being used in the project, or given away as weekly drawings. So your marines will certainly find a good home! But I believe for prize donations we are looking for sealed boxes only. I could be wrong on that though. Let me know if you have something to donate and I will put you in contact with the powers that be!

SC Mike said...

Thanks Jawa, and yes we can accept anything as a weekly prize, AS LONG AS IT IS A GREAT GIFT TO GIVE. Imagine your best friends b-day, would you give it to him? If anyone has cool stuff for weekly prizes, contact Jawa or Mike and Jhn at HoA.

Servvs Umbrarum said...

This all looks amazing I will be definitely donating some money for this worthy cause! How do others add the link for the donation to their blog. Don't have any followers yet but even if I get someone to donate 1$ I'd be happy.

Oh, what model is that Chaplain (last pic)?

"The Initiate"

Jawaballs said...

Email me, jawaballs at hotmail and I will give you the code to add the link. Thanks for the support! And the model is the actual Lemarte model from the Blood Angels line. All the models in this post are painted by me exept that Lemarte and the Tycho. I sniped them off the webs. :)

Shambler said...

I am so excited for this once paycheck comes going to make a donation. I have been telling everyone I know that would be interested or just people who I think are willing to donate.

Jonny Zor said...

This is so cool! Will donate what I can, you guys rock! Question, how does this force work on the FOC? or does it have to? Not too familiar w/ BA, are the stormravens Hvy Support or ded. trans? Please advise.

Jawaballs said...

Good guys! Shambler I wrote it up as a perfectly legal 3k point army. The complete model list will probably end up being about 3200 with upgrade options. But in apocalypse most dudes don't quibble about an odd power weapon or extra armor. Plus there are additional models like Death Company Tycho. The ravens are heavies. The raider is a dedtrans. There are 3 elites, the priests, termies and furioso.

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