New banner for Hogs of War!

The Space Wolves and Helbrecht banner are still drying, but I am starting the next project! The Hogs of War  have commissioned a banner for their Arkansas based gaming group. Here is a rough sketch of my design for their banner.

They asked for a boars head skull as the main image, with crossing scythes behind, and angel wings. Also, The Hogs of war and Porkis Daminatus. I will fix the spelling of those words of course. On the bottom are the state of Arkansas with a star in the top left corner, I added a sword behind it for touch. I also added the crux terminatus and some purity seals.  The background will be a 1/4 checker design using red and black.  The overall color of the banner will be black.  

If you would like to commission a full sized banner for your gaming group, get together with the guys, come up with a list of images that represent your group the most, and contact me!  Here is my email. 



tim said...

Shouldn't it be "porkus" instead of porkis, as dominatus is Nom. s. and Porkis is Dat/Abl pl.? What are you trying to say exactly?

Jawaballs said...

As I said I have to fix the spelling. It will be spelled however it is on their original artwork. When I drew the sketch I did not have the exact spelling in front of me so just threw in whatever letters came to mind first. I think it is funny when all the Latin Lawyers come out and correct spelling and pronunciation on silly words. Not you in particular, just dudes in general. I once had a guy flame me because I put the word "Primoris" on a tank and referred to it as meaning "first" to me. I thought it was pretty obvious it meant nothing at all, just looked like a mix of the words Prime and Mortis.

And yes, I just coined the term "Latin Lawyers." If any one uses it they must from henceforth credit Jawaballs.

I don't think they are trying to say any thing. Just making a silly play on Latin sounding words. Sort of like Jawaballsis Cantspellicus.

I think the way they do have it spelled is Porkus Dominatus. (Intentionally repeating the US at the end of Porkus)

tim said...

Sorry for lashing out at you, I wasn't trying to be a "Latin Lawyer" (jawaballs 2011) but I am currently taking a latin course and as part of it I am looking for mistakes that people make (nothing against you in particular, I love your work)

Just for reference, I looked it up and the exact meaning is "the pig (is(understood verb)) dominating"

Wildeyedjester said...

@Jawa - All of the Hogs can't wait to see this banner when its completed, but I'm also really looking forward to seeing the progression of its painting. I'm amazed by your banner work each and every time!

@Tim - The 'correct' spelling is Porkus for our banner and slogan purpose, but really it would be porcus if we wanted it legitimately correct from a latin stand point :) We just though PORK resonated more clearly in most peoples minds. Just a fun slogan and tie in, but you have the meaning absolutely correct, Tim.

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