Batrep: Conflict GT game one. BA vs Dark Eldar

The tournament had a ranking system that placed armies against each other based on composition scores. I had a deservedly low composition score. My opponent did not. He was playing a Dark Eldar list with 2 Ravagers with 3 disintigrators each, and 7 or 8 raiders filled with troops and elites. He also had some infiltrating squad that he could place in three different places, then when he decided, unveil which location they were actually in. Pretty cool.

The mission was... I honestly don't remember. It did not really matter. I think it was objectives. I placed a lascannon Combat Squad on my edge on the left side in cover. The rest of my force I placed on the right, keeping a Predator in reserve. Every thing else was behind walls, and waiting for him to come on. Yes, it was objectives!

He gave me first turn and deployed every thing on his edge, spread evenly.

Turn One:

I fired the two guns that had range, my Las cannons, and one missed and one delivered a weapon destroyed. The rest of my guys sat and waited!

On his turn, he went balls to the wall. He advanced a few raiders towards my troops that were hiding on an objective, hoping to get them in range for an alpha assault. In the meantime, he shot the crap out of my las team on the left, killing 4 of them. He had a ravager on each side of the table, and he moved 3 raiders with troops up into the middle with a large terrain piece blocking LoS from my edge, thinking it was a fairly safe spot... He had them all side to side in a row... He had a team of warriors holding an objective on his table edge in the center and sent the rest of his force at my objectives on the right.

Unfortunately for him, his assault was short. His elite force would be left in the open.

Turn Two:

Two of my pods came down, and my predator came on the table.

One of the pods dropped into the middle of the table on the 3 raiders that were moving towards my base. The other, dropped next to the three that were hiding towards the left behind terrain... I opened up with Las Cannon fire, destroying two raiders. Melta gun fire from my bikes took down a couple more, and the heavy flamers from my dreads did the rest. I layed cleansing flame over them two and three at a time since he had them nice and clustered for me! By the end of the turn, almost all of his raiders were immobilized or destroyed and all of his warriors were screaming on fire in their wrecked ships, running for their lives, or dead. Do not challenge the might and vengeance of the Blood Angels.

I mowed down the elite squad that fell short on the assault with bolter fire. This game took an instant turn for the worse.

On his turn, he tried to salvage something. The game was leaning towards me, but he still had a chance. He still had a lot of fire power and tried to reduce my troops and save his. He shot lots of disintigrator shots at my troops and killed a few more. He wiped out a combat squad.

I had a bike in assault with his sneaky infiltrator unit and he assaulted a combat squad with his command squad, relying on my toughness to protect me from his power weapons and poisons I stood strong. The men would hold. Dirty elves.

Turn Three.

The last of my dreads would arrive in the middle of the table on his edge. Time to deal with the warriors holding his objective. A quick heavy flame shot, and assault from another dread would leave them all crispy and squished. My other dread moved into assault with some warriors cowering in the burning wreckage of their raider, and stompy stomped them. My bike moved out to pop yet more ships, this time a ravager.

Assault would go poorly for the evil elves. My captain charged into combat with the squad holding up my other bike, and killed them, but took a wound in the process. He was angered! My combat squad sergeant took down the dark eldar commander and finished up the command squad.

On his turn he was just trying to hide and survive the furious onslaught. He tried to get his poor warriors away from the dreadnoughts running wild on the table, hiding them in every nook and cranny he could find... but there would be no respite, no mercy. All would die... die... die... Purged by the holy flame of the emperor and the might of sanguinius.

Turn Four:

The carnage continued. At this point it was just mop up duties. My predators started finishing off any stragling dark ones who managed to evade detection by the dreadnoughts. The dreadnoughts chased down any others who had broken and were running. He had a lone ravager on the other side of the table that had annoyed me all game with it's three disintigrators. It was looking on at the slaughter and hoping it had not been seen. It was. A quick las cannon shot solved that. My marines assaulted and destroyed immobilized skimmers and peed in their gas tanks for good measure.

The game was over and the raping, pillaging elves in spiky armor were sent back to the shadows from whence they came with lance weapons shoved up their nether regions and their funny looking paper ships turned into origami art and modern sculpture, folded up in the shapes of angel wings and blood drops.

To be fair, I was just about the worst draw this guy could have had. I had way too much fire power that could easily dice his ships and he could do nothing against my dreads except spray and pray. His charge at the beginning, while spirited, was ill advised. I knew he would do it, and am a good estimate of distance. I placed my boys just close enough to tempt him in, but far enough to keep them safe from assault. If I did get into assault with Dark Eldar, it was on my terms. I assaulted his infiltrating squad with my bike for example. That was exactlly what I wanted. He needed 6s to hurt it, and could not shoot it up on his turn. Next turn, they were finished off and I was free.

He was not ready for the fury of my 2nd company. But also, he was not ready for an Indy GT qualifier tournament. In this situation, if none other, you need to bring your A game. He was hurt badly by the tournaments questionable comp score judges. I'm not sure what they were thinking, but that army did not deserve to be judged so poorly on army composition. But, since the guy was actually involved with organizing the event in some way, I don't feel to badly. Maybe they will reconsider their system, which every participant of the tournament had problems with.

Oh well! Round one was a total massacre for me.

Round Two? Guh. Wait til you read that one.

More to come...



Xzandrate said...

Dark Eldar take a hit on comp scores because even though you end up with lots of troops, you end up with troops that seem identical.
You basically have 3 troop loadouts you can take because of the limited upgrade selection, so they look very cookie cutter often.

The heavy upgrade is determined on if you are moving or not. moving squads take the cannon because it's assault 4, static squads take lances. The special weapon is almost always the blaster, think of it as a 12" lance, the other option is a 12" str 6 ap- blast weapon for 5 points more, would you pay 10 points for a flamer when you can get a meltagun for 5?

I have to admit, mandrakes are an odd choice to see, and should have made him back some comp score.

Kevinmcd28 said...

wow under raping of the space wenches. lol ive heard of DEbeing massacred and have seen it but not on that level, it was like some Navy seals punking some 3rd graders. lol gg jawa

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