Let the dreaming/crying begin!

Image from Ron at FTW. Thanks Ron!

Orks came out and I squeaked not a word. Nob Bikers ran wild for a bit, but just as quickly disappeared.

IG came out and I admit, I threw out my own rant. "The Death of 40k as we Knew It!" Well, it was partially right. It forced me to change my list. But title aside, that was more of a jealous rant about the Valkrye then IG. I admit, I was wrong. Regardless, Mech IG is on its way out and my list is stronger for it. Thank you Codex Imperial Guard.

Space Wolves... A lone howl in the wind... A big scary codex... Months of speculation, fear and OMG! Hmm... Ever play Everquest? I got one word for you. "Fizzle." It will be at least a year before we see any thing worth getting upset about on the tables from the Wolves, if ever.

Tyranids? Yes, they are coming. Yes I hear nightmare stories. Yes, I am a little afraid. But not so much of Tyranids... I more fear a return to the state of the game during my first tournament, at Gamesday 2008, where almost all of the top 12 or so armies were the same damn list played by dudes with as much personality and creativity as their genestealers. Nothing like getting your penis kicked in by a humorless, unshowered 40k robot.

But the trend is undeniable. Since Codex: Chaos Space Marines, GW has upped the ante with every new release. Blood Angels will be no different. This bodes well for me indeed!

Here is a copy of what was posted every where today:

Originally Posted by Duke
So I saw this on a German site (linked into from Warseer)...
plastic boxes:
Blood Angel Assault Squad
Honour Guard
Land Raider Tantalus

army wide special rule: Furious Charge
9 Unique Characters, 7 Blood Angels, 3 variants of Tycho
Mephiston over 300 points!
cybots: cheaper
Furioso AV 13, normal: fast attack, venerable: elites
Scouts: fleet of foot, without sergeant: rage
Assault Squad: troops
Tactical Squad sergeant: Devastor weapons twin-linked if fired at targets in proximity to auspex
Honour Guard and veterans one entry, lots of options, may assault after deepstrike
new fast attack with wings, S5 weapons, stormbolters an fall back
death company fully optional, not bound by number of squads
Devastor: lascannon cheaper than space wolves
new Land Raider with lots of assault cannons

"With an almost legendary reputation for the speed and ferocity of their assaults, expect brutal Deep Strike attacks, super-charged Rhinos and a whole host of exciting new options." (www.games-workshop.com, retrieved Jan 12 2010)

Does exciting new options mean things like a new Land Raider Variant with perhaps 3x TL assault Cannons? Or other goodies we may have dismissed earlier?
Source:www.gw-fanworld.net page 20, post #197
1) It turned out that most of the Tyranid stuff from Germany was true. I think We can think of this as preview, some of it wrong, most of it right.Either someone is very good at taking snippets and piecing them together without making mistakes, or has learned how to pick through GW's garbage exceptionally well.

2) I'm going to take this data and conjecture what we can about the likely army list unless there's an FOC modulation as there was with SWolf HQ's.

I'm doing this to project what we know, what we have from the rumors, and what we are sure to be pushed to buy into a coherent whole. I'm trying to leverage the unique points of BA as I recall them...in the SW dex everything that was special about the wolves got its amps turned up to eleven. We have no reason to think otherwise.

Call this a wishlist if you like. I call it an intelligence assessment.
(from BunBun @ warseer
Dante- As is now but axe will be +1S. Can take an honor guard assault squad.
Lemartes- Can restrain the Death company.
Corbulo- Will allow unit he joins to be Fearless and Feel no Pain. Grail counts as a holy relic.
Moriar- Death Company Venerable Furioso Dreadnought. Nearly duble the number of attacks of a normal dreadnought.
Tycho- Gives preferred enemy against Orks.
Sergeant special character- No details as yet.
(end BunBun)
Captain (unlocks and honor guard (conjecture); unlocks troop bikers per SM dex (conjecture).
SC's etc. (Conjecture, some kind of character that enhances flamers; makes dreads scoring, etc.)

Veterans/Honor Guard
(rumored elsewhere from biglou) SC dread w/1-3 bodyguard of other dreads (deathco), takes up a heavy slot too.
Terminators that are esp. good at teleports (noted in press release text)
Venerable (Venerable Furioso)
Scouts? (might end up in Troops or FA; they're fleet, which is interesting.
Techpriest (incl. special one ordered. Conjecture: the SC will Bless vehicles to move as fast, or else move fast with him in them.)

Assault Squad, some # of free p'pistols and two Assault weapons. conjecture: Storm shield option for sgt.
Tacsquad with Auspex sgt, supercharged rhinos. (conjecture: one Tac can take an LR dedicated; would allow LR's on field given crowding in HS. They want us to buy the special LR pretty bad, right?)
Conjecture: Cheaper upgrade on Razorback to Heavy flamers/assault cannon.
Scouts? (with a box set on release this is going to have some push to it, don't know if it will be an abundance or a quality push).

Squad with wings (exalted assault sqad) (likely vampire angel aesthetic) will DS, Storm Bolters, S5 sword (frost axe analogue). (conjecture: likely to have an invulnerable save).
Land Speeder Storm with (at least) fluff on scouts riding to hackzone in it. Possible rule allowing scouts to disembark/assault on turn of landing (I believe that Codex marines can't?). Conjecture: Possible ability to squad up LSS's. Possible rule allowing cerebus launcher to affect other nearby squads.
Furioso Dread, has fleet, maybe hellhound template projection ability (or upgrade to it).
(possibility of Baal pred here when unlocked by a character)
Scout bikers with a (conjectural) heavy flamer option.
Bikers with a Heavy flamer option, maybe an attack bike with some kind of large template weapon.
The rumored flying vehicle. I'm very incredulous that this will show up personally, but if it does I call a 'baby thawk' that'll transport tac squads (perhaps only 5/6 models) and have weaponry along the lines of 2 MLs and TLAC. Will definitely have the iconic D-Day landing craft meme-ramp if it does.

Fancy Land Raider (with assault cannons?)
Fancy Devastators with cheap LC, (CONJECTURE) maybe ability to shoot from moving rhino.
Ironclad Dread (with the push for dreads this will land here, perhaps with an option for a hellhound weapon)
Baal Pred, possibly with new sponson options or POMS. Possibility of swapping turret w/Assault cannons for a hellhound weapon.

EDIT: added stuff from this thread to the cognate:

I got it off BOLS Lounge, got no clue who to credit, it seems to have been pieced together from every where.

YEAH we are getting to the huge "I saw the codex" rumor stage! I love it.

Time to dream!

First of all, it was rumored and dismissed. I even spoke about it in my BOLS post about Blood Angels dreams. Guys jeered me. But I have faith that the Land Raider jutting with Assault Cannons is a reality. This will cause a definite change to my list and tactics as I will take at least two of them.

Vampiric Assault squads with wing? Awesome. I will be all over them. Maybe it will be time to bring my all assault army back out of retirement and the 30 or so marines sitting in a pile on my shelf will get some life again.

Dreads as FA and Elite? Ironclad Furioso? Can I say holy crap? I have found my all drop pod army!

Scouts? Screw them.

A 300 point Mephiston? He is already over priced... Is he going to come with an instant win button? That is what it will take to make him worth that price increase.

A STR 5 Dante is exactlly what he was needing. He will be back in my army and leading the charge.

Corbulo getting the upgrade to Generic Apothecary status? Pretty good. He will be back in my list as well.

As far as other speculated special characters... I would love Telion type upgrades. And if I ahve to take a SC to unlock dreads... no prob. A dread that gets a dread bodyguard? My mouth is salivating.

Here are a few list ideas:

List One:

Land Raider assault.

1 or 2 Assault Cannon LRs filled with Death Company and Assault Termies or vets. Corbulo along for the ride and a Captain.

Supporting will be Baal predators, tactical squads and drop pod ven dreads.

The bubble of death is back.

List Two:

Drop Pod Frenzy.

6+ dreads coming down in pods with troops in pods as well. Moriar for sure. Corbulo or a chaplain to help. A total Jwolf "Brick in the Face" army.

List Three:

Assault Squad Horde

At one point, my old BA army had about 40 assault marines. Lots of guys, pretty scary to look at, a complete fail on the table. I got gunned down remorselessly.

With the new models I will definitely give this army another go. Dante and Lemarte leading and a butt load of assault marines supported by Baal Preds or Drop Pods Dreads. It all depends on the rules!

So there you have it! As you can see I gots big plans for my beloved Angels. Looks like I will definitely be amping up my model count!



Lost Commander said...

This sounds to good to be true, but we are in the romour stage and some of it will not make it.

But this is one Codexi look forward to as when i started in 40k some 18 months ago i did not want to start up from a PDF codex out of WD.

Capitano said...

haha...so close to the d-day...and then my Assault Marines will run the fields again...

I actually had some pretty good luck with 20 assault marines and 2 tact sqauds in rhinos so I could have a Death Company to ride with the Chaplain...

I have even been using my Assault Marines in my 2k list of Space Marines to get back to using them again...it is hard to remember the 12inch movement...haha...usually it was just the Crusader with Assault Terminators in there...

But this new LR I might have to rethink my movements to get as many shots in as possible...haha

Kevinmcd28 said...

Now to further speculate on what GW said, since they said beefed up rhinos could that possibly mean an assault cannon rhino? The vampire squads sound about as fluffy as clowns with the stats of a swooping hawk. Dread/death company spams seem possible. Also seems like they might make a Dread HQ unit. so make that a 7 dread list.

Also did you see the beasts of war video on the new codex which they have? complete wiff on nidzilla. Carnies got nerfed and are twice as expensive with Initiative 1.


Kevinmcd28 said...

also id love to see a BA new codex army vs a non-exsistant evil twin codex in the form o a world eaters codex, complete assault war

Turbo said...

i just want to see jump pack troops cheap enough to be a serious alternative to rhino rush!

otherwise im not hearing any bad news :)

Flekkzo said...

It sounds like it can become a fun codex for sure! What makes it appealing is that it really is a different way of playing space marines. I really want a BA army as well when I read stuff like this:)

Soon GW will run out of Marines to give codexes to. Maybe I could get an Imperial Fists codex as well?:)

Speaking of codexes. Checked our Privateer press? Two new rulebooks and 10(!) new armybooks. In one year! The eleventh "force" book is already released and it is top of the line quality through and through. And some of the factions is starting to have a heap of models as well. Very awesome!

Dazza said...


Justinian said...

Well, it's good to see what I put together holds a bit of water as rumor mashup of what to expect.

Revisions/Theories from further reading at bolter&chainsword and warseer:

* possibility the LSStorm will be instead be a dedicated transport for Scouts
* Moriar (the dread/retinue combo) may be an HQ, unlocking dread squads in HS, with some kind of IC rule allowing him to join dread squads. Fits with the current honor guard rules and GW moving away from retinues.

Anyway, thanks for picking this up, makes me feel like I've graduated a bit into BOLShood. I may not be able to keep up with maintaining its currency, so feel free to revise/delete stuff as it comes out.

jawaballs said...

Thanks Justinian, I suppose I could have given you direct credit, but by the time I got to your post, I had already seen it copied like 30 times. :) If you are interested you can find his actual post on BOLS Lounge.

Frankly, any news at this point is good. So long as every one keeps it in their head that this is unconfirmed rumor! But every thing Justin said was something I was speculating about any way.

I am most excited about Moriar. The Dreadnought is by far my most favorite model in 40k, just edging out the IG Sentinal. The posibility of landing an entire army of them makes me giddy! :)

Puma said...

Why in the Emperor's Name have GW NOT sent you a prerelease or even playtest copy?

Justinian said...

I didn't know this stuff is snatched up with such ardor! I've been thinking about joining the 40k blogosphere of late, having noticed how ravenous I myself was for information/ideas/visuals. Perhaps this is a founding moment...

Check back on the thread, I did some more muckraking at Bolter & Chainsword, and it looks like it may not be a Land Raider tantalus, but instead a Tantalus Lander. Little bit of linguistic garbling in play there, I was, for one, incredulous, but the story (leaked from box art at the printer) checks out, and meshes with what we've been hearing about a "plastic THawk this year." Looks like we might get our baby Thawk after all...


Saab(Greg) said...

I'm going on record that my Raven Guard will be running as BA if they get Furious Charge across the board(like RG pretty much had in 4th ed). In addition, I already have a giant hard-on for assault cannons.

Please don't hate me


Your word verification made me type HORNI Yes, it's quite right: I'm too excited about this codex

jawaballs said...

Dont worry Greg, I wouldn't begrudge you. Your army was looking for an identity any way. What is going to be funny is to see all these flavor of the month vulkan melta spam generic sally lists turning into Blood Angels.

Michael said...

wow . . . just wow.

I'm so pumped about my blood angels now. I personally love Mephiston, and can't wait to see what they do with him.

And I need to buy more dreads. Ebay is about to be devoid of AoBR dreads.

thanks for throwing this out there Jawa, I've been waiting for you to get all the stuff out there and put it together.

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