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Good Ole Doc Railgun chimed in with some emailed questions...

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O Brother-Captain Jawaballs,

I know that you're busy, and now get bazillions of emails per day, most of which are from the leading lights of the 40K blogosphere. But I though I'd write anyway and see where your thoughts stand today on what direction the Blood Angels will go assuming the rumors are even half-correct. I'd like to see how our predictions will stand up once we get a peek at the book.

Of course the rumors and so on change every day, so I won't go over specific rumored units and their possible impact, but assuming most of what we've read are true, what will be the strategy and tactics most BA players will settle on? I am certtain that we will see tons of all-jump pack armies and maxed-out Dreadnought lists, just because they seem so cool. That may be GW's intention: sell lots of assault squad boxes (which come in 5s rather than 10-model tactical squads). But I think the core of the BA army's strength won't be drop-podding Dreadnoughts (though you've shown that they are very strong), but more what you and Fritz have been suggesting: finding the right time to spring a decisive assault that captures objectives with no response from the enemy. This edition is about objectives, not killing things. How many models are or are not on the table at any given time is only important as far as what objectives they are controlling or contesting.

So, would you agree that the core BA's strength will remain lurking about gunning down anything that shows its head and manuevering for a decisive charge, or do you think the rules move the army in a different direction. The army-wide Furious Chage will certainly encourage people to want to close and assault as much as possible, but I wonder if that's really the best idea all the time. I see the BAs as a complement to the Space Wolves... Counterattack combind with their extra close-combat weapon make SWs really good at holding objectives or repelling outflanking foes. Furious Charge and the (rumored) extra close-combat weapon makes BAs really good at taking objectives. Seems like they would make a good team.

Actually, I do have a few questions for you about what the implications of changes to certain units might be.

Venerable Furioso Dreadnoughts brought into line with SM/SW Codex statlines. WS5 BS 5 with Furious Charge (so I5) and 3 A? Though it seems clear that these would be good MC and character killers, wouldn't these also be a nightmare for S3 infantry, even if they have power fist-type weapons? Are drop-pods a no-brainer, or will they be more useful for counter-charges?

Venerable (BS5) Dreadnoughts with dual-autocannons. Is the Baal enough firepower, or is something that reliably kills 4 models or one light tank a turn worth giving up 200 points for? This platform is really mobile, too, able to move and fire (and go through terrain without throwing a track).

The rumored twin-linked Devastator shooting (and cheap lascannons) - will this interest you in Devastators again (though I'd rather have the SW ability to split fire), or are Dreadnoughts the way to kill high AV models?

Assault squads as troops - we have this already, but will Tactical squads be seen very much unless they have some special options (like very cheap heavy weapons)? Of course, if Tacticals each have a bolter, a bolt pistol and a ccw, then they're basically Assault marines anyway. So possibly the book should take away the option to put Assault squads in a Rhino?

Overwatch Terminators: finally a reason to not put assault weapons on a Terminator. Is this a test bed for "reactions" in the next edition? Having two rounds of shooting (in the enemy shooting phase, then another in the BA shooting phase) then an I5 Assault (admittedly, just the Sgt) ought to be pretty good at killing hordes of Genestealers.

I know I'm coming late to the proverbial game and you're not likely to reveal the JB-and-Fritz master planning, but what do you think we'll see turn out to be the list that most BA players will turn to again and again?
Is there anything else rumored that you think will see play outside of an Apocalypse game?

+++ Transmission Ends +++

As far as the Fritz and Jawaballs master plan... time will only tell. Planning is impossible with no clue about any thing real... but lets just say that the rumors are supporting the assumptions we already came to some time ago. My dreadnought list is a divergence from the norm, that is why I win games with it. Soon it will become norm and people will adapt. Perhaps part of the plan is to force that adaptation so we can spring our true intentions? Cue shocking revelation music.

Seriously, I believe the hoped for all dread armies will be a flash in the pan because they just cost too much. My expectations for the new dex are low. We will see lots of great things, lots of great hype, and lots of great point totals. Much like the SW dex and the SM dex. Sure, play those Vanguard Vets that can deep strike and assault. That will only be 500 points!

It is obvious that GW is gearing up BA to be the permiere assault army, as they have already printed. FC, assault troops, HG as troops, new assault vets, an assault landing craft, dreads as FA, HS and Elite? The list goes on and on. This is further supported by giving BA librarians something to actually do. Powers that block LoS, grant Fleet to Dreads, grant extra attacks, and hinder the enemy assault all go into supporting their intention.

Is this going to be the dawn of a new age of assault armies? I doubt it. An IG gunline can still lay waste to an army of Blood Angels in seconds. The new changes sound like it will make a jump pack army a little more survivable, but at what cost? Will a Librarian with a Jump Pack cost over 200 points? Mephiston is 300? By the time you get done souping up those rumored uber squads, what will you have left? I forsee a lot of standard Jump Pack armies that will either win big, or lose big. Just like I had before. Victory will become situational and the all assault army will remain on the fringe of tournament success. As well as the dread army... etc.

To tell the truth, I don't see my army changing much. If what I expect to happen comes true, we will see a reduced cost in the army I am already running, which does well. That will allow me to throw in a librarian who will help it do even better.

Give me my three Ven dreads in pods. Let them come down, get FC and Fleet from a librarian, and do even better.

We will settle on that for now.

More to come!



Coolhand said...

You know, I was going to ask you if you thought your list would actually change. I was looking at the romours the other day and thought to myself that there's not too much that would probably tempt you away from your current or even previous lists. THe librarian stuff sounds better, I did run with a librarian for a while in my list, but I guess you would say I play tested him out of it (2k friendly games, opting for dante instead).

I tend to go fluffy than a winning list... I take the things that only BA's can take... like the baal pred although they never actually do anything for me other than stall or get grounded on terrain!!!

will be interesting to see what comes out in the end.

erod193 said...

I might have a possible BA cover image for the new codex but i dont know how to send it to you. It look very cool and very real to be fake but dont know if it is the official codex cover.

Here is the site address
its a blog and it is the 25 enter comment.

jawaballs said...

That is a well done fake that I saw a while ago.

Fugitive said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fugitive said...

It is indeed a fake, here is the original:

BTW. In your las post I noticed this rumour:
-Furioso Dreads with droppods are fast attack.

Wouldn't that mean you have to drop your atack bikes from the list?

jawaballs said...

If F Dreads could only be fielded as FA if using pods, yes I would lose my bikes. However, based on what I am hearing, Dreads in Pods will not be the scariest thing in my army...

My jump pack army will return.

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