My Conflict GT list!

Some one from Bolter and Chainsword asked me to give the list I used to qualify for the GW National Championships. So I thought I would share it here and elaborate a bit.

Company Captain
Combi Melta

2x 10 man tacticals
extra armor

2x Baal Pred
heavy bolters
storm bolter
extra armor

3x Furioso Dread
Drop pod
extra armor
heavy flamer

2 melta attack bikes

2 death co models

What do I do? I play conservatively. I am not an assaulty army. I rely on precision strikes where I need them most from my commander and combat squads from rhinos that take advantage of the chaos caused by 3 Furioso Dreads coming out of the sky. I get into position and hang out waiting for the pods to come down. I prep the landing zone with melta fire from my bikes and dakka from my preds. Hopefully shaking or stunning any killy tanks before they land. At any rate, before I move any thing I decide where I will strike hard, and prep the drop zone.

And that is about it! The dreads get out, hopefully the pods provide cover, they pop what they can and hope for the best. Venerable and cover does what it can to keep them mobile and equiped with at least one arm. Next turn, if they can, they assault. Any thing after that is gravy. I wrote a couple of more extensive tactical posts not too long ago. I will write a couple of batreps this week. :)

More to come...


Old Shatter Hands said...

What bikes? I don't see any bikes in that list. Attack bikes maybe?

Looks like a fun army.

jawaballs said...

Woops, melta attack bikes.

Kevinmcd28 said...

Besides the fact this is your cheesiest list by far jawa its viable and obviously deadly, what happens when/if u lose all 3 furiosos in the turn they come in on? Lazerus is all like "**#@$*@$@#!!!!"

jawaballs said...

It's duck and cover time. That did happen actually, well, two of them, the third one came down turn 5 and wiped out the last squad that was contesting my objective and gave me the win!

Teeef said...

I did the noob thing and entered your list in Army Builder but came up short of the 1750.

I am not sure I'd call this list cheese because it seems a perfect example of the Space Marine concept. A few badass guys bringing it.

I think it is a very smart tactical plan. Clear the drop zone with firepower and then drop in hell. And it almost requires the three dreads because the 6-sided monster almost always gives you 1-of-3 but often holds back just two.

Would Corbs have counted against the comp score? Or were you just prefering the PW and the combi?

jawaballs said...

Short on points? how many? Did you get extra armor on every thing? I wonder if I shorted myself! Yes, corbs with no PW is lacking, but more importantly, I needed LD 10 on every model. Combat squads and bikes testign on 8 hurts.

Teeef said...

HQ: Company Captain in Power Armour (Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Bolt Pistol; Power Weapon; Combi-Meltagun)

Troops: Tactical Squad x 2
9 Tactical Squad (Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Bolt Pistol x9; Bolter x7; Meltagun; Lascannon;
1 Sergeant (Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Bolt Pistol x1; Power Weapon)
1 Blood Angels Rhino (Over-charged Engines; Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Extra Armor; Storm Bolter)

Heavy Support: Baal Predator x 2
Extra Armor; Pintle-mounted Storm Bolter; Twin Linked Assault Cannon; Heavy Bolter sponsons)

Fast Attack: Attack Bike Squadron x2
Multi-Melta x2)

Elite: Venerable Dreadnought x 3
Extra Armor; Upgrade to Venerable; Meltagun; Heavy Flamer; Drop Pod) and Drop Pod (Storm Bolter)

Death Company
2 figures Death Company are Free

HQ and troops (705 pts)
Fast Attack (100 pts)
Elite (570 pts)
Heavy (300 pts)

Total Roster Cost: 1675

jawaballs said...

I see it, I forgot to put in the Death Co. upgrade for my three dreads. 25 points a piece, for 1750 total.

Teeef said...

Venerable Death Company Furioso FTW.

So you DO find the +1 to +3 super killing attacks worth 25 points. I have only one of these.

It will be interesting when the new dex comes out because I have a good balance of everything and other than the tantalus lander (which I might get just to build the model) I don't need new models to field most any combo.

But I am going to buy the new Venerable Plastic kits because I want to have the option of the three VDCFD.

Eventually I'll get the some of the other new figs but other than the dreads I am not in a hurry...and if the rumors are true, the dreads will come out in the Battle Missions release. So I will ready for April.

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