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Bigred over at Bell of Lost Souls shared this little tidbit with me last night. He posted it up there but I wanted to share it here as well. I think I timed it right to go up after BOLS so I don't scoop him with his own info! If you have any other reliable info out there, please let me know! Come on all you guys in the know... give it up! Jawaballs wants YOU!

Force Organization Chart

Blood Angel FOC is divergant from the Ultramarine one:

-Dreadnoughts are heavy support.

-Furioso Dreads with droppods are fast attack.

-Twin scout entries are both elites, but one is scoring.

-Only dedicated ground transport is the Rhino (Razorbacks are out)

-Assault Squad and Tactical Squad are troops.

-Honour Guard can be troops if fielded with Dante.

-Jump pack units are in every FOC category except heavy support and HQ:

--Assault Squad - troops

--Honour Guard - elites

--Exalted - fast attack

Death Company is 0-1 and doesn't need a slot in the FOC

Units Rules

Tantalus Lander is a dedicated transport for everything in the army except tanks, Land Speeders and Exalted. Its weaponry is: 2 twin-linked assault cannons, 1 twin-linked special weapon.

Land Raider: Redeemer, Crusader and Standard

Terminator sergeants can get close combat wargear. There is a Terminator upgrade to allow shooting in an enemy phase.

Exalted: 4/4/4(5)/4/1/5/1+1/10/3+, jump troops, hit & run, furious charge, no red fury/combat tactics, power armor, stormbolter, power weapon, bolt pistol, no options, no transports.

Quite angelic: masterfully crafted slim armor, jump packs, mechanical wings, masks, long hair.

Named Characters
Erasmus: Furious charge, digital weapons (rending), master crafted combi melta: 18" S:8 AP:1 Assault 1, melta, reroll to hit, 4+ ward save, can chose one set of special rules:

-squad ignores red fury

-red fury and preferred enemy

-rage and feel no pain

Mephiston: 7/7/5/5/3/7/4/10/2+, FnP, Fearless, Eternal Warrior, Fleet, 2 psychic powers per turn.

More potent versions of Might of heroes, Transfixing Gaze and Blood Stasis powers:

The gun of Victor's servitor is 36" S:6 AP:6 Assault6

Psychic Powers

Quickening: Infantry moves as beasts, jump troops and walkers gain fleet.

Blood Stasis: 5" vortex of blood in base contact. Enemy models count as being in difficult terrain, and suffer one wound if they try to move and any of the distance dice shows a 1, Mephiston: can cast it in close combat centered on himself, and enemies attacking with a 1 suffer a wound.

Might of Heroes: one model in squad gets +D3 attacks, Mephiston: can cast it on himself.

Primarchs Grace: Squad may reroll dangerous terrain tests.

Transfixing Gaze: Target model must take a leadership roll off or not able to attack librarian, Mephiston: not able to attack any model.

Living Darkness: A template which blocks line of sight.


Background: mainly Blood Angels and 4 successor chapters with one page each:

-Blood Consuls

-Angels Sanguine

-Flesh Tearers

-Angels Vermillion

It seems that we were just dreaming about the assault cannon land raider! Thats ok though, I suspected enough. The lander sounds just as good though.

There is some interesting bits here. First of all, Tycho is good now! Really all I wanted on him was a power weapon and he would have been a steal.

Dropping razorbacks. Fine with me. I don't think they had much room in the dex any way. They lacked OCE and were over priced.

Mephiston sounds truly insane. Bring on Abbadon!

One of the true gems here are the psychic powers. The PDF powers are a joke. "Quickening". Jump troops and walkers gain Fleet??? "Living Darkness" blocks line of sight. It seems they have included powers that actually help your assault boys get into combat. Genius. If GW wanted to make the Blood Angels an aassault pack army, this is the way. You want to bet that I will absolutely add a Librarian to my army. Very nice.

Actually, looking at this info screams for me to return to my original BA army. Hopefully they reduced the cost of assault troops. Now that I can include my HG as troops, that makes them worth the high price tag and i can finally use that pretty squad I painted for golden daemon.

This news seems pretty promising. The only drawback I forsee is price, but BA are already way over priced, so I cant imagine it getting any worse... however, I bet those exhaulted troops will cost a pretty penny... probably pricing them right out of most armies and off the tables like Vanguard Vets. Hopefully, knowing GW, they will pull a Valkrye and put them in the dex for half what they should really cost just to encourage us to buy them. And buy I will.

Does any of this info further illuminate what you may have already known? Does it spark any more army concepts? I would like to hear the ideas!

More to come...


Parcival said...

The best piece of rumors clearly is this:

-Furioso Dreads with droppods are fast attack.

It will break the neck of the emperor's enemies as no Land Speeder or Attack Bike can match a dropped Furioso.

Big Jim said...

Wow, once this codex hits there will be no reason to run a Chaos army, unless you are in love with Daemon Princes, Plague Marines and Oblits. Because it seems the BA do bad arse better than Chaos.

I repeat what I said on my own blog when the rumors hit. "If they have good Psycher, and Dread options this may solve my 'Counts As' dilemma for the Soul Reapers Chaos Marines on the competitive scene. I would love to have a horde of Forge World Chaos Dreads!"

Looks like it is the case, so my CSM's will become counts as BA's.

Coolhand said...

looking pretty good. I'm sure the new stuff will cost me a fair bit more money, but I this does seem to be the plan with the new codexes. take the nids, everyone had lots of carnifexes already, so if they weren't massively uped in points no one would bother with the newer stuff, which are outragously cheap for what they do.. thinking mawlock with the ap2 large template popping up anywhere then being able to do it every other turn for 140pts. death leaper too.. hide him then put where ever you like.. objectives nightmare!!

I'm annoyed about the razorbacks because I do use them quite effectively, but hey ho

HuronBH said...

I am excited for the BAs. It seems to me that GW is moving to more dynamic and power army options as a standard part of 40K. I will admit I have been a big opponent of codex creep and was disgusted with the Space Marines, IG, and Space Wolf books when they hit.

However after looking through the Tyranid book and reading the rumors about BAs I think the power and dynamics of the armies is what is getting a big shot in the arm and it is not necessarily codex creep. Power units, the return of Pyschic Powers as a force to be used/feared and/or dealt with, and super characters are all things that have not been a big thing in 40K since Second edition.

I think I like the way things are going and I am really looking forward to BAs and an all new rendition of them (probably as Angels Sanguine) for me.

jawaballs said...

Im pretty excited about all of this stuff. The PDF gives some flavor, but it is like coke from McDonalds that has had all the ice melt. Almost tasty, but no fizz and very watered down.

This new dex looks like it will be done right. I'm already dreaming about Furioso dreadnoughts coming out of pods, and being granted Furious Charge by Mephiston from a Land Raider Crusader.

Joe said...

"Terminator sergeants can get close combat wargear. There is a Terminator upgrade to allow shooting in an enemy phase."

Sounds like they might be trying to make them more like Space Hulk. Which is all sorts of awesome.

Teeef said...

I am missing the info on Tycho. Is it something BigRed said?

Ben said...

i herd that scouts get fleet of foot

jawaballs said...

Erasamus is tycho no?

Danny said...

Went through the 3rd and 4th edition codexes and didn't find anything tying in Erasamus to Brother Captain Tycho. Could be wrong though (when reading these rumors I thought they were introducing a new character perhaps from a successor chapter?)

-New player (although I have had my models for years now) looking to finally get in the game as a blood angels players as I had originally wanted. Found your blog a few days ago and am already hooked. Good luck in nationals! Represent the chapter well!

AutarchAndrew said...

Makes me want to check it out and i always admired the flesh tears or whatever there called hmmmmmm...........nect army bloood angels maybe :) more to come(TM jawaballs)

Kevinmcd28 said...

blocking line of sight and fleeting dreads? That would just make your present army dangerously cheesey. In general sounds way too cheezy

Teeef said...

I am not on a first name basis with Captain Tycho. But I love the combi melta (at 18" w/mastercrafted) so I will need to get better acquainted.

Teeef said...

Oh. Just went back in time to the Angel's of Death Codex, and there on page 97, "Brother-Captain Erasmus Tycho took charge of the 3rd Company of the Blood Angels when his predecessor was slain during the battle for Armageddon."

He didn't have Preferred Enemy back is instead listed as, Hates Orks: ...subject to hatred when fighting Orks."

Danny said...

Ooops should have went back one more edition (need to find me a copy of that codex!) Thanks for the clarification.

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