Battle Report: Reader submitted. BA vs Chaos

Here is a batrep submitted by a reader! Please feel free to send me your Blood Angels batreps. This reader based his 1500 list on my "rhino rush" mechanized blood angels list from last year. Nice job man!

Battle Report

Battle for Languinus.

Languinus is a small planet in the Ineptus Prime Sector of Space, there have been reports of Xenos incursion and also that some of the planets are revolting against Imperial control and wish to called Free Humanity. Imperial forces have been dispatched amongst them the Blood Angels led by Commander Dante(who has been place in overall command of the sector Imperial Forces)

It was a 1500 pt battle, 6 turn meeting enagagement with 2 objectives and Kill points.



Assault squad 1
PF Melta bomb

Assault sqaud 2
Rhino Xarmor
PW Melta Bomb

Tactical squad
X 5 marines
Melta gun
Melta bomb

Death Company x5

Baal Pred
Hvy Bolters

Baal Pred
Hvy Bolters

Death Company Dread

Not sure what he had, not to familiar with the Chaos forces, from what I could see he had 3 troop choices one led by a Chaos Lord on beast and a Sorceror led Terminator squad and Vindicator with a Havoc launcher. All his infantry was on foot.(Have to say in his defence this was the first time he had played with his Chaos army)

I won the die roll let him go first and reserved all my units.

Turn 1:

Nothing much happened except that he mover all his units toward the objective in my deployment zone and left the one in his zone totally unprotected.

Turn 2:

He did much the same thing moving up towards the objective. On my turn only the pred came on, one of them failing OE and couldn’t move) the other was ok. I didn’t want to take any shots from his Vindicator so they used cover to obscure his LOS and waited for support to arrive. Fired at one of his squads with one the preds and caused a couple of casulties.

Turn 3:

His Vindicator made it to the objective and waited for his infantry to catch up no firing as nothing was in range for him.

Reserve roll was better this time on came Dante, both Assault squads and Corbulo with the Death Company. On my OE rolls again on the preds failed the other was ok so I moved the other Pred up and took some shots at his Vindicator immobilizing it. I also moved a Rhino up in front of it blocking it los(popped smoke of course) and unloaded the squad inside. Corb’s Rhino failed OE and was stuck at the edge of the board the other rhino passed OE and made for the objective with Dante in behind ready to pop out from behind.

Turn 4

Only targets for him where the rhino and the pred. He chose to fire on the pred with his havoc and didn’t do anything his termines fired at another rhino and missed with his Auto cannon shots. He continued to move his infantry squads up rather slowly.

On my turn again the pred failed its OE, Corb’s rhino was ok and I moved him up in range so Dante would get the Furious Charge. Unloaded the other Baal at his Vindicator hitting but not doing anything. So I assaulted it with the assault squad and the sergeant killed it with his melta bomb. Dante assault a infantry squad and killed 4 after missing his shooting and took a wound(I just can’t seem make those armor saves). They failed morale Dante caught them and they took another 2 casualties. On my reserves roll the Dread came on and moved towards the Chaos lord and his boys. On the assault Dante only got killed and took another wound.

Turn 5:

He moved up his chaos lord towards the objective ignoring the dread, he did take a couple of pot shots from his other squad with a lascannon and melt gun didn’t do anything. His termines and Sorcerer unloaded on the assault squad and cause only one casualty. On my turn the tactical squad came on and made for his objective OE went off and they would easily make it by turn 6. Unloaded the other assault squad and moved them up to assist Dante just in case he didn’t kill of the squad. Dread fired his flamer and melta into the Lords unit killing 5 and then assaulted. Both preds moved up to the left flank using OE but were not needed. In the assault phase Dread killed of 3 more and because the squad was fearless the took another 2 leaving the lord Unfortunately he did manage to immobilize the dread. Dante killed of the remaining troops in the other squad so now I had 3 kill points to his none things where looking very good.

Turn 6:

Last Turn Basically came down to me staying out of range of his termies and the tactical squad taking the other objective. He assaulted the dread with his other squad his termies and sorcerer could not see anything thanks to me moving up 2 rhinos to block his Los so he destroyed one of the rhinos. In the assault he automatically hit the dread but did nothing the dread killed the Chaos lord squishing him into a pulp after he failed in invul save. In my turn I had moved up the death company previous turn and the assaulted his remaining squad and believe it or not wiped them out.

So there you have it a total victory for the Blood Angels and another planet claimed for the Imperium. As I said before it was his first time using this army in previous games he had used an Ork army against me and slaughtered me(I was using Blood Ravens at the time).

Hope this is not too long mate, feel free to edit stuff as you see fit.

All the best

A couple of quick notes for you. First of all, you do not roll for OCE when in reserves. Vehicles that have abilities that may stop them from moving do not use them when not on the table. You should have just moved them up to 12". When Dante charged a squad of Chaos Space Marines and won the combat, they failed morale and ran right? If so, and Dante caught them in an initiative check, they were destroyed. Space Marines have "they shall know no fear" which allows them to not be destroyed in a sweeping advance. Any one else is killed unless they have some special rule that stops it. So Dante would have been free after the charge. Finally, you said that the assaulters hit your dread automaticly. I dont know if you had any weird circumstances, but in assaults, dreads use weapon skill, even if immobilized. There is no auto hit.

Great job and please keep em coming, with pictures next time!



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good battle, it is always nice when things go according to plan!

Looks like a pretty good list.

Thanks for the post.

Coolhand said...

a Lascanon in a 5 man tac squad?

jawaballs said...

I believe it was +5 not x5

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