The spores are falling!

So GW figured it was time for nids to share the love when it comes to big nasty thumpy things coming out of pods. They gave the world Drop Pod Spores... or some such. I personally know nothing about nids except for that I like to kill them. So I don't know what they are called. But I have to say, that carnifexs coming out of pods scares me! Can't you give them wings if you want them to deep strike? I liked safe deep striking being a Space Marine thing. At Mechanicon a guy deep striked his Tyrant with wings, and of course it scattered onto my model and died. Now we are looking at nidzilla coming down all around us.

It is a daunting thought indeed.

Well, my good friend Black Matt has come out with something to help you on the way to getting your big bugs falling from the sky. He came up with a great looking version of this pod, of which GW has no model for and probably will not for a year... If you are looking to get your pod on, go check out his blog! I personally hope you don't because I don't want to face these 10 at a time. (Kidding Matt!)

I actually think they are cool and will add a new, if horrifying element to the tyranids. Maybe if we are lucky every one will buy Matt's pods and create a huge point sink, reducing the number of nids we will be facing on the table! In that case, both Matt and I will be happy. At any rate, another great product from a great guy.



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