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Just been looking at some of your recent GT stuff, i love those death company dreadnoughts. Really nice army. Im entering a local gt in Belfast at 2000 pts. Would you mind commenting on what you think i should keep/drop. If you don't get back to me i understand your very busy. Well here goes anyway.

Dante 200pts
Lemartes 125pts
Honour guard with 2 p/w + jump packs 180pts
Dread with Auto/cannon + heavy flamer + drop pod 180.
assault marines x 10 with p/w and melta bombs 270pts
assault marines x 10 with p/fist 275pts
assault marines x 10 with p/fist 275pts
Tactical marines 115pts
Devastator squad with 4 x M/launcher and razorback with lascannon 275pts
whirlwind 85pts
6 free DC with jump packs 30 pts

Well thats all of it, i know i am up against horde orks and necrons with NO monoliths, the rest don't know. I hope you can help.


I suppose the best way to get answers from me is to flatter me! No seriously, the best way to get list help from me is to do some of your own legwork. Joel here came up with his own list, gave me a goal on how he wants to use it, and possible opponents so I know how to help him. That makes it a pleasure for me to give input. Here we go!

Dante and Lemarte are great. You are going for an assault army and they excel. It is not crucial, but instead of Lemarte, consider Corbulo. Drop the jump packs off your DC, throw them in a rhino with corbs and run that up in front of Dante and the HG. It will give a killer squad mobile cover, and give all of your assaulters Furious Charge. Lemartes litanies is redundant if Dante is used properly. Keep at least one model from each squad within 12" of Corbs rhino. Dropping lemarte and the jump packs will save you 55 points... just enough for a rhino! Make sure you put extra armor on it.

Honor Guard: Get the Chapter Banner in there. It is worth it. This squad with Dante will be your scalpel while your other assault squads are the hammers. The 5 of them plus Dante will hit with 32 attacks, over half of them power. To compare, a 10 man assault squad only gets 31 attacks with 4 power shots. Keep them behind the rhino! They will get cut down for sure once your opponent realizes the threat. Throw your HG up against TH/SS terminators, and other hard hitting elites.

Dread with autocannon? Hell no. Go furioso or go home. A furioso dread with haevy flamer will cost 105. Make him venerable and give him the pod. That will save you 10 points and give you a better weapon, absolutely. The couple of extra auto cannon shots do not compare to the venerable upgrade, meltagun and assault power. Your autocannon dread will land and get popped. The ven furioso has a chance to live, will destroy tanks with its meltagun, and with two CCW will last longer in close combat and whack tanks on the charge... He gets 4 attacks on the charge! If you are feeling froggy, make him Death Company. Up to 7 attacks on the charge. Get him in range of Dante and Corbs, and that is 7 attacks on the charge, reroll misses, initiative 5. Death.

Tactical Marine squad? 5 men no upgrades? It wont do you much good. It will sit on an objective in the back, but you can do that by combat squading one of your 10 man RAS. Get that squad to 10 men and give it a lascannon at least. Then you can CS it and at least shoot the Las.

Whirlwind? Put those points into your tactical squad. Or buy a melta attack bike and put the rest into your Tactical. If you are worried about torrent of fire, Heavy Bolter bikes.

If you want a tank, get a Baal Pred, give it heavy bolters, storm bolter and extra rmor.

At 275, your 4 missle launchers and razor back are a huge point sink. I do not believe in razorback Lascannons. It is a threat, and easy to silence. But I suppose the anti horde trade off, and tank killing punch could help. Consider a heavy bolter in there or two. Shoot all those missle launchers into squads using the small blast marker... I think they can still do that right? If you find a good cluster, you will do a lot of damage from far. I never use missles so i dont know.

Consider another Baal Predator or Venerable Furioso dread in pod. In other words, stick with the strengths of the Blood Angels. Autocannon dreads (Can a BA dread even take one?), razorbacks and dev squads are Codex: Space Marine units. They can buy them cheaper with better options. Blood Angels have other options that make them unique. Two Furioso in pods will be a great support to your 4 assault squads and give more synergy to your army. Them coming down after, or as your assault squads slam home will be the one two punch you need. A couple of Baal Preds will give you the torrent of fire you need for fire support. Attack Bikes will give you tank killing punch.

So it goes like this.
Take first turn.

Deploy your rhino far up.
Turn One:
Move the rhino 12", pop smoke and turn it sideways.

Move dante and HG up behind the rhino, blocking LoS.

Move the other squads up giving them cover wherever you can.

Turn Two:
Hopefully your pods come down as Dante and HG jump out and assault. Plan your pods so that they come out they pop transports for your assaulters. Or pop big tanks that will slaughter your boys with AP weapons. If you are lucky, you can disembark your DC from the rhino and assaul them as well. Necrons and Orks should fold. If you are going to assault orks, make sure you can break them on his turn. You have to kill half of them on the charge. So hit ork mobs with two squads. Jump to the back side of the mob to keep his claw out of range of your boys, and out of B2B with Dante.

Assaulting Crons will instant win.

Hope that helps!



Coolhand said...

That's really good info there Jawaballs. I'm a little concerned that the rhino would just get obliterated straight away. but I think I may give this ago in a game.

But to Joel, Dude! you're playing blood angels! you gotta use the stuff that makes them unique from the other chapters, that's what gives them an edge. I will only play baal preds over the other types. even though they stall all the time and I never seem to kill anything with them!! it makes it more interesting. But hey, that's why I choose blood angels over the others. have faith in sanguinius!


Ashley said...

that is some great advice. i was thinking about going blood angels and your tips work great for me.

jawaballs said...

The Rhino will absolutely be destroyed. But it should take several shots to do it, and those are shots NOT being fired at your squads. Hopefully it will be just wrecked, and create a nice wall for you to jump behind. Two rhinos is better at this. Paint your rhino nice and black and put a big skull on it. Guys will cringe away from it like the plague. Remember, you only need one good turn of cover. So it only has to last long enough to get it into the middle of the table and within 18" of his stuff!

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