Battle Report: Conflict GT game 3 BA vs Orks

This is not much of a battle report. Not because I lost, but because Anthony and I both agreed that the game out right sucked.

Kill Points

When I saw Anthony at the start of the day I was excited for the possible epic battle between my dreads and his ork mechs. He had 3 squads of 3 Kans, and 2 ork dreadnoughts. His army was rounded out by 3 squads of boys and 2 mech orks with shields. Pretty damn tough. I was excited at the thought of a slugfest in the middle of the table with our dreads going at each other.

Instead we had table corners and kill points.

Here is how the game went.

He deploys in his corner. I deploy in my corner.

Turn One: He does not move for fear of getting close to my stuff and giving up a KP. On my turn, I do not move for fear of getting close to his stuff and giving up a KP. See the trend?

Turn Two:
He does not move for fear of cloes to my stuff and giving up a KP.

One of my pods comes down. Out of boredom, I drop it on his back table edge to stir things up. It scatters off the table. Back into reserves.

Turn Three:
He brings on commandos at my base. They outflank but cannot assault. Nothing else moves for him.

On my turn, I had to make a decision. Slaughter the commandos then sit on that KP the rest of the game like Fritz would do, or have some fun and drop a pod into his boys. I decide to play. I drop a pod into his boys, lay down some flame, kill some boys. Game on. I dropped another pod near his dreads to get them into combat.

Turn Four:
He moves and kills a dread with a lucky nob and assaults another with a dread and kans. Arms are torn off, combat ties. Etc. etc.

Without typing out the rest of this snore fest, I go down 5 to 3 KP in his favor. Dropping dreadnoughts into the thick of it is cool, but Drop Pods being instant kill points sucks bad. But thems the breaks. Anthony knew it and so did I. We agreed that Kill Points robbed us of what would have otherwise been a great game. We should have just played objectives instead. :)

What should I have done for victory? Sit on that one commando squad KP. I should have just dropped my pods safely into my own zone. It was obvious. He would have had to march his kans into my fire power, during which time I would have had a few rounds to open up with preds then charge with dreads.

Hopefully next time I will get to face his orks again in a real game!

More to come...



eriochrome said...

I think a lot of the initial disgust for kill points has worn off but the problem still lingers that to stop people from having to do real math you end up with these situations.

My last game of 40K my scouts army was vs a drop pod marine army. I spent a good effort killing his pods since they amounted to more than half the kill point total for my army. They are also pretty low hanging fruit as immobile open topped vehicles. He was in such a hole then he need to essentially wipe me out to win.

Old Shatter Hands said...

I think a lot of people go to tournaments and end up not having as much fun because the missions end up like this. In recent tournaments around here, the total number of kill points you score adjusts your rankings so winning a game by simply one kill point doesn't help you much. You have to rack up a lot of kills to be a contender for first place.

Bodacious said...

Jawaballs, when you get around to it could you please post some details about the event?

I found the results online. It seems a lot of people played Chaos Daemons and no one played Chaos Space Marines; any idea why that is? I am curious 'cause that is what I play.

What was the first place finisher's IG list?

Why didn't you get first in presentation? Or, what was better about that salamanders army?

I am new and don't understand comp score, why was yours lower than others?

Thanks in advance

Jwolf said...

Play the mission. Play the mission. Play the mission.

Doesn't matter if you hate kill points; if the mission is kill points, you play for kill points.

I forgive you this time, what with you being a new dad and all. If you post more baby pics.

jawaballs said...

Hey Bob, after reading my reply I realize that I am a fool and how stupid I sound. I removed both comments and apologize because you are right of course. Very sorry. JB.

Bob said...

At Bodacious:

I played Orks in the event, and was as surprised as you(and quite pleased) to not see any CSM out there...lash eats me.

Not to discredite Chris's Angels, but he Salamander Army was truly remarkable. They literally looked like they were glowing, the highlighting was incredible. The freehand scales on the armour looked like real scales, not painted on. It was really incredible. Damn me for not bringing a camera!

The IG list was interesting too, but I think the latest SW FAQ change invalidates his army. He used all foot guys. I think the count was something like 183 models, including 9 Lascannon teams, Straken, the Al-Raheim guy for some flanking goodness. He had them in giant stubborn platoons, and just plowed over everything.

The comp score was a 0-20 ranking of how "hard" or "mean" the armies were, with 0 being mean and 20 being easy. The scoring was done by a group of people, some of which participated in the event...a sore spot with some...then I believe their average score was used. That Comp score was used to determine pairings for the first two of five games, and affected your total score.

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