Battle Report: Blood Angels vs Ultramarines

Wow, I have a lot of batreps to write! I got in two games on Friday and one on Sunday. Here is game one from Friday.

My 1850 list vs Ultramarines

Casius in Land Raider with 3 ss/th and 2 lc termies
10 scouts
20 tacticals and a captain via drop pod
5 deep striking termies
marines in a rhino

Kill points

I forget, I think 12" edge

Turn 1:
I win the die roll and elect to go first. I deploy every thing except for my 3 baals and the scouts.

Not a lot happens for me this turn. I fire some shots, damage a rhino and thats about it. Mephiston nestles in behind my Vindicator and I wait for him to come down in pods.

On his turn, as expected, he drops his pod right in front of my Vindi and pops it. He combat squaded the troops inside. He moved up his Land Raider.

Turn 2:
Not much shooting occurs yet. I snipe some ineffective shots at his Land Raider and none of my other shooting does much at all. But in assault, mephiston and an assault squad cut down his tactical squad. I should have killed the pod some how too though. It enabled terminators and another pod to drop right in my midst next turn.

On his turn he brought the pain. The land raider unloaded, and another pod came down. His scouts came onto the left side of the table.

Turn 3:
Game is moving fast. Mephiston and company destroy the second tactical squad. But that is it for squishy scrubs. A baal Pred comes on and cuts down 8 of the scouts.

On his turn, he assaults Mephiston and wins the fight! Mephiston is broken and falls back. Guh. He also brought in a squad of terminators... It was getting messy.

Turn 4:
A flame tank came on for me and I ran it towards his squad in the back who was pinned down from a destroyed rhino. My baal finished off his scouts. Mephiston continued to fall back and ran off the table. :( I started shooting all I could at his termies but failed to do much damage.

On his turn he tried assaulting my tanks, but I moved them 12" and he missed mostly.

The game was coming down to tied kill points and I had to wipe out 2 terminator squads.

To cut this one short, since I do not remember a lot of the details, It came down to me finally cutting down one of his terminator squads with torrent of fire, and immobilizing his Land Raider. I had the lead in Kill Points, and his only unit able to move any thing was at least 2 moves away from my fast vehicles that could just run away. He would not be able to score any more kill points. Game over.

Sorry for the abrupt batrep. I got in a lot of 40k this week and the details are foggy. I need to start writing these right away.

This victory showed again that the Blood Angels are capable of handling quite a lot assault power with very little. No, I did not manage to kill his termies in assault, but I did have enough fast moving Torrent of Fire to finish the job. This game proves that in a KP mission, blood angels can score them fast if needed. I had a lot of killy punch and was really just waiting for when I had to, to knock out his pods. This game did expose a chink in Mephiston though. He is NOT fearless! And Thunder Hammer termies are his bane, especially if he gets charged by them. How do I deal with them? I have to set them up and assault them with Mephiston and at least one other assault squad with a priest. I need two other power weapons in there to help.

More to come!



Gabriele said...

You did not wrote down you current list (or the one you used in this batrep... :-(
Really enjoy your blog!

Michael said...

I'm not quite sold on Mephiston yet. I love that guy, but he lost some of his appeal in the new edition. He just feels too "noobslayer"ish for me. Experienced players will deal with him, while new players will call "op" everytime they face him.

Keep using him Jawa, so I can learn from your mistakes!

jawaballs said...

Well, rule number one, avoid Thunder hammer termies. At least if they are charging you...

Somewhatdamaged said...

i assume you outflanked your baals.
im not sure why people think that its a better idea than putting them on the board if you get first turn.
if you're going first, you can gun them 18" with the pre-game scout move, and then first turn either stick them straight down the enemies throat with a 12" move and flame via flamestorm, or just move 6" and hose them with the full dakka loadout.
it really gives the enemy something to think about straight off the bat and means the rest of the army gets left mainly unmolested meaning you can get more charges off in turn 2. and if the baals do survive, then you've got another turn shooting out of them as apposed to missing turn 1 through being off-board, plus any other turns if they don't show up on turn 2
i guess with the army you faced there wasn't much on the board except the raider to start with though

jawaballs said...

I'm not sure why you think that people think that. I don't recall saying one way was better then another. But how about trying a new tactical option that was not available before?

FluffyPanda said...

Meph ran off the table? He's got And They Shall Know No Fear... which for my money is better than Fearless.

How come you didn't regroup him and march him right back into the fight?

As far as I can see the only real weakness Meph has is the lack of an invulnerable save to help with perils of the warp. Even that's hardly critical since on average you'll tend to get one perils roll coming up every 6 turns if you use all 3 powers every turn.

jawaballs said...

If enemy models are within 6" you cannot regroup.

FluffyPanda said...

Ah, I forgot that "and they shall know no fear" didn't overcome that condition. Something to watch out for.

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