Saab's Mission Highlight of the Week: Mission #3

Greg here, I hope people are finding the missions I've put up enjoyable, and thank you for the feedback so far.

So what I have today for you all is a mission from the last Brs Grim Tournament that was a nice change from the normal Kill Points mission. I never really liked Kill Points much since I always felt the concept was intended for gade-school kids who fell asleep in math class and didn't own a calculator. I can add up Victory Points just fine, as can most 10 year olds(probably the recommended age for 40K). On a side note, I got slaughtered by an 8 yr old in my FLGS back when I witnessed 4th ed. Genestealers for the first time, so who knows what the recommended age REALLY is.

Anyways, the internet has debated VP Vs. KP over and over with good points on both sides. However, I don't know anyone locally that likes Kill Points, so we usually avoid playing it if we can. Granted, I can't tell the TO in a tournament I don't want to play a mission. . . so Kill Points it is!

The day I played this mission is a little hazy, but I DO know that I played against my good friend Sean from Ordo Ineptus out of Danbury, CT who drove a couple hours with his buddies to Long Island. The game was extremely close, many laughs were had, high fives shared, dice were thrown, drinks were consumed, and we both walked away from the game liking this version of Kill Points.

So instead of getting wrapped up in 40K debates on the forums, grab a friend and PLAY the mission I posted HERE

or at /fileview?id=0B3ESh4I4VF2aMzQ4NmEzMGYtMzczNS00OTkyLWE0YjItZWFhZDM3NGYyYjBl&hl=en

Happy Gaming!


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kill points? bah humbug!

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