Jawaballs Approved new Blood Angels 1850 list

Here you go guys, my new list:

Points need to be tweaked a bit, but it is about 1850.


Assault Squad
Power weapon
melta gun
assault cannons

Assault Squad
power weaon
melta gun
razor back
assault cannons

Assault squad
power weapon
razor back
TL las can

combi melta

Sanguinary priest with PW

Sanguinary priest with claw

Baal predator
heavy bolters

baal predator
heavy bolters

baal predator with flame storm
heavy flamers

las sponsons

las sponsons



Scandalous Rogue said...

Wow Jawaballs- very tank heavy, with the vehicles being fast I can see why, but I wonder if there could be more troops and less razorback?? (What do I know I am new to the Blood Angels though...) I have 1750 points to build for a game this sunday and I am still struggling with my list. I took Mephiston as well, and a Baal with Hvy Bltrs, and 2 assault squads to start. I have a regular pred and a vindy in the list also. I do not have the razorbacks, but lots of other troops- what would you suggest as alternatives to the armor? (http://scandalousroguescreations.blogspot.com/)

Doc Railgun said...

While I'll agree that a lot of jump-packing Assault squads with Sanguinary Priests will be nasty, I still think people are going to load up on all the Inquisitorial Mystics they can get their hands on. Combine that with Guard firepower, and Deepstriking RAS might not make it to the table.

So, why not use the fast armor until someone has a good counter. What IS a good counter to 5 TL lascannons on Razorbacks (I realize that's not what JB's list has), TL lascannons and lascannon sponsons on one Predator, an autocannon and lascannon sponsons on another and 2 dakka-Baals? Meltas? Fast vehicles will stay out of range. Footsloggers? BA lists will move to Assault cannons as JB has done here. Let's not forget the lascannon-TL plasma Razorback turret too. I might have to model some of those.

jawaballs said...

I will be experimenting with the las/plas razor soon. Asscan razors are just too effective though! Being able to stay out of reach of assaulting mofos, and still fire those 4 shots is huge. Or the moving wall is good too. Got big bugs or stealers coming at you? Move up a couple asscan razors 12" and make a wall, AND still shoot that asscan. The nids will need a 6 to hit in assault.

So far my list has worked well. Any poor results have been to my mistakes with the new dex like forgetting Red Thirst... or my incredible poor luck, like rolling a 1 to immobilize 3 of my tanks.

I think I spoke about this before, but BA can now afford to go light. They get a lot more done with less. 5 assault marines with a priest are easily the equal of a 10 man non BA squad. But that does not mean you don't have to be smart when you use them! Luckily for me, I have been using troops sparingly since the PDF came out. It is a graceful dance to know how and when to use them. I am well practiced at keeping 5 man squads alive. FNP makes it easy.

blang86 said...

I play a similar list at I believe 1750 (or maybe it's 1500):


10x Assault w/ Razor las + Priest in Combat Squads (half to take objectives / half to hold)

10x Assault w/ Razor las + Priest in Combat Squads (half to take objectives / half to hold)

2x Lib Dreads w/ blood lance and either pod / 5+ cover or wings

2x Baal w/ assault and flamers

2x Predators w/ las sponsons

I'm amazed with how well the new BA codex is at catching your opponent offguard.

Michael said...

I like the list.

I think I would tend to use a regular Librarian, and the remaining points for another Razorback assault squad.

I realize Mephiston is a monster to deal with, but only 3 5-man squads seems light on troops.

Second, how do you like the Vindicator? Does it work well? Or is it more of a psychological tool to scare the other guy? I'm very curious.

Messanger of Death said...

Since I can't seem to find a contact Jawaballs I'm going to resort to using your commenting system lol.

Timmah from YTTH has posted up an article proposing for players to donate batreps to be crituqued by Stelek and the ZombYs.


I was wondering if you and the guys from Battle for Salvation would be interested.

It will most likely be brutal exposing your gaming experience but it will be helpful for people to learn from. Obviously it will be looked at from a competitive point of view so may not be appropriate for all of your gaming experiences.

But thought you may be interested.


Nagamo said...

A solid mech list, not much to tweek. 3 raz should be enought to win objective based missions with so many tanks to contest them. Beeing 15 over 1850 I really don´t know what to drop, the claw on the the priest maybe.
I really like scouts in the new dex, but 5 guys with cc-equip won´t do much I fear. I playtested a 10 man squad with fist, missle launcher and some sniper rifles and they made me happy! Killing a battlewagon after outflanking and binding 2 units for 2 turns gave me the time to advance my core units into position, mephiston doing the dirty job.
The vindi is suppossed to draw fire and cover mephiston as a spearhead, right? AV 13 is nice, but after watching your battlereport vs sm I wonder if it will work against heavy fire armies (leafblower, etc). To combine a mech core with a lot of outflankers is really hard considering army construction, because the spearhead has to be quite stable and points are rare, especially with mephiston beeing part of the army...
After spending 2 weeks at working on this problem, I dropped it. At the moment I´m back on deployment and single unit tactics, because I want to run something different than a mech marine army. A lot of homework to do getting the new approach running, but I´m sure it will be worth the fun. Playing eldar as my first army has effected my playstyle so much that an all reserve army will be most likely...

jawaballs said...

Me at hotmail! So, I would write up a batrep, and email it to YTTH to be picked apart? Sounds tempting... but I will pass. Besides, I have an open comment system here and post up batreps for just about all the games I play. They are welcome to come post whatever they want, so long as they are not offensive. I delete snide remarks that don't really lend any support to peoples points. But it would be interesting to see what Stelek has to say.

jawaballs said...

And crap Nagamo. I gotta drop 15 points. I guess I would have to lose the heavy flamer sponsons. I rarely get to use them any way. That will let me throw a missile in with the scouts!

Nagamo said...

Not a bad idea: to get in range of the flamestorm cannon you usually have to move 12´´ and can´t shoot the heavy flamers anyway. If a s6 AP3 template on a fast moving AV 13 tank is worth the points is another question, but you can still do the usual trick like tankshocking...

jawaballs said...

I think that absolutely decided it. I have only been able to use the heavy flamers once or twice in 8 games.

Is the flamestorm worth it? it makes marines cry. That is worth it to me! Looking at it from a psychological point of view, it is worth the 115 points. Unless I use those 115 point to buy a razor assault squad with heavy flamer turret and power weapon instead... Stuff to consider!

Doc Railgun said...

It will make Kroot and Chaos Marines cry too. Maybe even Fire Warriors if another Baal pops their 'fish.

Michael said...

It makes just about any infantry cry, and they are valuable tools.

It doesn't mean that you spam them all over the place, but a few of them being well placed will make another player rethink what he is going to do on his turn.

And if that 115 point tank is a fire magnet because someone is afraid of it then great, waste all your shots at it. The rest of my army is advancing on you in relative safety.

ihatesamsonites said...

Are you running this list at the brothers grim tourney this weekend?

jawaballs said...

Planning on it!

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