Battle Report: Jawaballs NEW BA vs IG

Jawaballs is back in the saddle! Finally I am able to get back into the club and get some game on. I played a game last night vs a guy named Rob at Battle for Salvation in White Plains, NY.

Jawaballs 1850 tournament list vs Middle range IG list. His list was not optimized for competition, but this was just testing for both of us any way.

RAZ squads x3, TL Ass Can x2, TL Las Can x1, Meltas, PW in two of them.
2 priests with PWs
3 Baal Preds 2x Heavy Bolters/Ass Can, 1x Flame storm/Heavy Flamers
2 Auto can/las can preds
1 vindicator
1 scout squad, combi melta and power fist

Psyker squad, master of fleet, etc.
Yarrik in chimera with ogryns
vendetta with 3 las and bolter sponsons with 10 vets inside, plasma and las cannon
vet squad on foot with las cannon
3x las cannon heavy weapon team
3 tanks, the long range demolisher cannon, the 20 shot cannon, and one more, cant remember the gun.
2 small vet squads deep striking with melta and plasma

capture the flag bases


I won the die roll and took first turn. Sorry for lack of pictures due to dead cam! The board was heavily terrained with roman type ruins, lots of columns and ruined walls, an a huge colliseum style wall in the middle of the table. Very few lanes of fire that did not provide a cover save.

I deployed Mephiston right in the middle of the table behind the huge piece of colliseum impassible terrain. Next to him, blocking the only lane of fire from the other side of the table, I placed an Ass can RAZ with melta, pw and priest.

He deployed his Lascan team in cover on the right, with line of fire at my RAZ. 12" away, he deployed his command squad with the psykers behind terrain. LOS was blocked completely to Mephiston. He put the remainder of the troop squad in a ruined temple on the left board edge.

Turn One:
My stuff started coming on. I flank marched the 3 baals and the scouts. The scouts sole purpose is to come on behind those pesky tanks that hide in the corners and pop them. Failing that, they will assault squishy units, or take objectives. They are my Jwolf throw away squad. Cheap, but strong enough to have an effect on my opponent's planning.

Right of the bat, Mephiston used Wings of Sanguinius and jumped over the ruin. He landed just a few inches away from the psyker battle squad, and ran to assure assault range with fleet. The RAZ moved up 12" towards the entrenched Heavy weapon team. Coming from the table edge, the TL Las RAZ moved onto my objective and set up its gun on my right corner. The Asscan RAZ moved in on the left, going 18" from my edge and using terrain to block LOS. Next turn he would be in attack range. My vindicator moved 18" and took up position near where Mephiston was behind the ruin. My Las preds also moved 18" to take up shooting position for turn two. At this point I had great lines of fire, giving up very little targets for return fire. My fast tanks would be able to leave their cover and shoot up isolated units.

Poor Rob would not know what hit him! :)

So the RAZ shoots up his Heavy weapons team, dealing two wounds. Question, when shooting heavy weapon teams do you take off whole bases first? Or split the wounds up. It was not very important so we played it that he gave a wound to two different bases and didnt have to take one off.

Being DoW and BA tanks lacking Search Lights, none of my other tanks could fire. But this was good in a way, since none of his could target my RAZ.

On my assault phase, things got bloody fast. Mephiston activated his Preferred Enemy power, and waded into the IG Command. 5 of the models died instantly, leaving a commander with a fist and a psyker. The commander managed to hit back and actually wounded Mephiston! He would be purged for his insolence. They made their LD test to stay in combat.

On his turn, he knew he had to be decisive with his fire power. He brought on his heavy tanks, one on each corner and one in the middle. He reserved his deep striking vets and flank marched his Vendetta. Yarrik with his mutant body guard came on in the right corner, trying to save his heavy weapon team. But this was a VERY dark night. Three times he targeted my razor back, and three times failed to destroy it. But on his fourth time, he nailed it and exploded it. But the occupants made their LD test and saves.

In the asault, Mephiston finished off the command squad then consolidated back towards the middle of the table on his edge. He walked right past a group of ratlings who were huddled around a camp fire cooking sausages. His only reply to their "ey govna, want some breakfast?" was a derisive snort. His force weapon would not be wasted on children and cooks.

UGH! I just tried to publish the batrep and it failed to process, I lost every thing after this! I spent 45 minutes typing it... :( Bah.

Ok, time to get back to work.

Turn Two:
Mephiston activated his wings again and flew over a tank to land between the tank and his chimera. My RAZ who had their transport exploded moved up with their melta gun to get in range for a shot and assault. The only reserves to come on was my flamer tank. My RAZ moved up 12" on the left and disembarked the melta to try to pop his 20 shot tanke that came onto the board behind the temple. The flamer tank lined up the squad in the temple for maximum carnage... they thought they were safe! My shooting opened up and things started dieing. Except for the chimera. The melta failed to penetrate and Mephiston's plasma gun backfired. My lascannons destroyed his tank in the center and also, with a lucky shot and a failed cover save, the one in the left corner. The flame tank put the squad in the temple to the torch. 16 wounds later, they were all crispy critters and climbing out of the holes in the walls on fire. Mephiston ordered his marines to let them burn. The Emperor offers no mercy to heretics. The vindicator moved out from behind its cover to shoot at his tank in the right corner, but missed.

In my assault, Mephiston charged and hit the chimera with 4 Str 10 shots... but failed to do more then a stun. I dual assaulted it with my RAZ, who also dragged the heavy weapon team into assault. They failed to do more then stun the chimera as well, and only killed a couple of heavy weapon guardsmen.

On his turn, he realized that things were going VERY badly. He brought on his two deep striking vet squads and his Vendetta. The vets came down. one landed too far away from one of my preds to really hurt it, and only immobilized it. The other scattered off the table while trying to get close enough to my base and pop my TL Las Razor holding it. He scattered to safety first, but was not close enough to pop the tank so rerolled. The next roll sent him off the table. Bad luck. The Vendetta blew both las cans off the other pred. That would be just about all the damage he would deal.

On his assault, Yarrik and the ogryns disembarked. Their shooting failed to hurt Meph, so they assaulted. Mephiston, the wise one he is, showed his contempt for the IG commisar and focused on the mutants instead. 2 of them died instantly. This was enough to force LD tests, which yarrik failed. He ran from the battle leaving Meph with the two ogryns that dumbly stumbled and evaded mephistons blade from blind luck.
The assault squad was having trouble dealing with the heavy weapons team. They only managed to kill two, and they made their test the brave bastards! His ratlings started using their sniper guns to cook hotdogs over the burning tank.

Turn Three:
It would all end soon.

So one of my Ass can preds came on into range to shoot the vendetta. My RAZ on the left got back into their transport and it moved 12" to fire on the vendetta as well. The Vindicator turned around and vaporized the vets who deep striked to immobilize my pred. They turned into red mist in a nanosecond. My ass cans opened up on the vendetta, exploding it! 4 of the vets inside perished. Oh, my scouts came on too. They came in behind his last tank. The melta shot missed though.

In the assault, mephiston and the RAZ finished off their handi work. The scouts assaulted the tank and stunned it.

On his turn we threw in the towel. His ratlings finally decided to attack and shot at Mephiston, but failed to hurt him. Turn four would see me wipe the table clean so we did not bother.

After the game we discussed tactics and his list. First of all, it was daunting for him to face wave after wave of my stuff coming on. All of it hurt and was very good at what I used it for. I did not even get my 3rd Baal onto the table! The las preds were superb offering me the luxury of range that I have never had. I can finally reach out and touch my opponent.

I suggested that he drop the ogryns and buy another vendetta instead. Place all those vets who deep striked into the Vendetta. And place his psyker squad into the chimera. Also I suggested he replace the 20 shot tank with one of the other two he fielded. And he should drop Yarrik. A couple of quick and easy changes would make his list way more powerful.

The key to victory was him deploying his psyker squad too close to Mephiston. On turn one I was in his ranks and slaughtering guardsmen. With nothing to slow down my reserves, they came precisely when I needed them and worked to maximum effect.

All in all it was a good test for my new Blood Angels, especially since I have very little experience using a psyker and I will need to master Mephiston if I plan on winning in Vegas!



Ronnie said...
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Ronnie said...

"So the RAZ shoots up his Heavy weapons team, dealing two wounds. Question, when shooting heavy weapon teams do you take off whole bases first? Or split the wounds up."

I am guessing that you shot him with bolt pistols or something as an assault cannon would double their toughness anyways and instant death. You were correct to take whole bases off first, as all models in the HW Team are the same, wounds don't get to be allocated, bases are simply removed. Now if he had at least two different weapon types in the squad he would be able to split up those wounds. Don't forget they are only toughness 3 though.

Concerning your deployment, I don't think you are allowed to place your RAZ squad WITH the Sang Priest attached as he is considered an elite choice and DOW calls for only 2 troops and 1 HQ.

Good to see Mephiston worked out though, HUGE chunk of points though.

I would consider changing the RAZs from Ass cannons to Flamers or Heavy bolters. Personally, I wouldn't pay that many points for an armor 11 vehicle, esp if you have assault squads in them. Must Revive the Camera!


Bushido Red Panda said...

I'm not convinced that Meph will ever be able to make up his points against an experienced player... especially if Vegas is really going to be 1500 points.

jawaballs said...

Camera is charged! Too many pics of the baby. Vegas is 1500 points? Crap.

It was the assault cannon that shot at the heavy weapons team. What I did not know and did not feel like looking up was whether or not the squad consists of 6 one wound models, or 3 two wound models. If the latter was the case, I shot the squad and dealt two wounds, and he would have had to place them each on two of the three bases, instant killing them. But if they are 6 models in the squad, he can spread them out. Place a wound on one gunner from each of two bases, thus saving both guns.

So how are the models set up?

Mephiston making up his points? The psychological factor alone already makes back a ton of his points. Your opponent knowing that he has to contend with him is going to change his plan much more so then a lesser commander. Any time you are forcing your opponent out of his comfort zone before you even start deploying models is a big bonus. But yes you have a point. He will be tougher to use against experienced players.

Here is a question, can I attach independent characters to Mephiston? If I wanted to make sure he got into combat, I could attach 3 Sanguinary Priests, a Librarian and a chaplain right? I could also throw them into a hijacked Razorback! That would make a serious death squad!

Michael said...

Welcome to the fun that is Mephiston, lol. I love to play with him in my army. He really is a monster, and makes people think twice about what they are doing.

Good question about attaching IC's to Mephiston. There is no reason why you should not be able to do that. Interesting tactic to boot.

I look forward to the evolution of this list.

Darkwynn said...

You can not attach IC to single solo models Jawaballs so no Mephiston with FNP. But you could run a honor guard around him to give him a 4+ save and FNP from the Chalice :)

Sounds like you had fun killing a poor IG player :P

I am telling you drop at least two of the razorbacks to twin linked lasercannon so you have the range on the board and you can hit other targets. You don't need 4 raz's :P

jawaballs said...

Are you sure on that Darkwyn? Why not? What in the rules say that you cannot attach an IC to a unit of one. You can attach an IC to another IC! The book even refers to tactics where several ICs join each other making a single death squad or some such. Not saying you are wrong, just looking for rules clarification.

I think you are right about the TL Laz Razors.

Bushido Red Panda said...

Jawa, it's at the top of page 48 in the little rule book (ICs cannot join units that consist of a single model ie. Meph).

Bushido Red Panda said...

ICs can join ICs, but not single model units that are not ICs, I mean...

Alexander said...

Commisar Yarric is fearless.

Ronnie said...

As for the heavy weapons teams,they are considered two wound models so you should have instant killed two bases.

jawaballs said...

Ahh thanks Bushido!

I figured Yarrik was fearless, and even suggested that he was. Rob said he was not. My conscience is clean on that one! Not gonna argue against something that helps me! Same goes for the two wound bases. I said I thought they were like two wound models, so the Asscan would instant kill them. He said the opposite. The opposite allowed me to get my squad into assault against them and not slaughter them on the charge and become free when I wanted them to so I could then move on to the nearby tank. :) I choose option two!

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

It is 3 2 wound models, so each of those wounds would have dropped a full base as they are only toughness 6.

So he should have lost 2 heavy weapon teams due to the ass cannon being str 6 versus his T of 3.

Michael Hogan said...

Not only is Yarrick Fearless, he conveys this special rule to the squad he joins. Normally, if a fearless unit joins a non-fearless squad, he loses fearless. Chaplains and characters with special rules such as Yarrick convey this bonus to his squad. Yarrick also makes all friendly units in 12" stubborn.

Marshall Wilhelm said...

Fast Combi preds are great. For full effect, they still trundle around the field ~ hard to hit in cc and you can slowly flank/change attack angles against enemy Armour.
Send the Combis to the right whilst Baals and Baalites go left ~ one group will be firing against side armour ^^

What do you of this for a 1500 point army?

Baal Pred 145
Heavy bolter sponsons

Baal Pred 145
Heavy bolter sponsons

Combi Pred 135
Las cannon sponsons

Combi Pred 135
Las cannon sponsons

Assault squad 120
Melta gun, Hand flamer
Razorback 55
Assault cannon

Assault squad 120
Melta gun, Hand flamer
Razorback 55
Assault cannon

Assault squad 120
Melta gun, Hand flamer
Razorback 55
Assault cannon

Death company ~ 9 225
Infernus pistol, 2 power weapons
Rhino 75
Extra armour, Storm bolter

Chaplain 115
Infernus pistol

2 Auto cannons
5 tl Assault cannons
4 Heavy bolters
4 Lascannons
3 Melta guns
3 Hand flamers
2 Infernus pistols
3 Power weapons

Coolhand said...

Personnally, I just don't think the death company are worth the points. having little control over a unit is more of a head-ache than my skill level can deal with!!! they are quite expensive now I think. But that's just me maybe.

Jawa, you're the experienced one here with the great BA, what do you think of the new death company?

alex said...

Just so you know jawa, your deployment was ilegal as far as I can tell.

You deployed 1 Hq (meph) 2 troops units (razorback and the ass squad) and a priest (elites). You cannot do that, even though he is attatched, he still cunts as a seperate choice for the purpose of DoW. Not saying your cheating, just so you know for the future!


Alex Harrison

Kenny said...

"he still CUNTS as a seperate choice for the purpose of DoW." (caps added for emphasis)

lol. He cunts as seperate.

On a serious note i too am curious about your thoughts on the new DC, jawaballs.
Is it true having a priest or chaplain attached or at least in 6" of the DC no longer alows you to overcome their rage rule?

jawaballs said...

DC can no longer be controlled and are not worth taking since they consume a troops spot and dont count as troops.

Kenny said...

well that sucks hardcore. But still if you aren't filling out a list entirely with troops i would treat them as an elites choice. After all if you drop them in a rhino and unleash them with their chaplain/reclusiarch escort right next to someone i can see them tearing them apart. I know the rage rule doesn't effect them while in transport so you can at least point them in the right direction.

Man... now I'm really gonna have to work to figure out a way to make these guys work. I may not need them to work considering how awesome the rest of the codex is but i sure WANT them to work.

Fern said...

hi jawaballs i'm new to blood angels all though i have made mincemeat out of belial and his puny deathwing terminators already thanks to a furioso with two blood talons who didn't get chipped in the process. i was just looking for some advice and my friend told me to ask you so here i am.

My 500pt list

HQ-Captain, terminator armour, Melta Bomb

Troops-10 man tactical squad, rockets and flamer

Troops-3 man death company without jump packs (no upgrades)

Elites-Furioso dreadnaught with Blood talons, storm bolter and meltagun

Basically the Furioso runs at the enemy and shoots before killing while Tactical squad splits into combat squads, rocket laying down covering fire while seargent and flamer get up close and burn a hole in the enemy (litterally). My commander accompanies my death company squad and moves up in-between the dreadnaught and the combat squad and assaults (although he normally ends up dieing).

For a 750pt expansion would it be good to drop the captain and death company for a 10-man tactical squad with melta-gun and heavy bolter and equipping the seargent with a boltgun and powerfist (great assaulting power!)? to fill up the Hq slot and to use the 250 points comes Mephiston, time to sanguine sword some turkeys!

For a 1000pt list i would just throw in a stormraven gunchip with a twin-linked assault cannon a typhoon missile launcher and two hurricane bolters for massed infantry butchering!

Sorry if this in the wrong blog i was just realy eager to ask you, please respond.

Fern said...


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