"Enter the Mephiston" - Blood Angels 1850 List

Hey guys, this was sent in from Rob Baer and I thought you would enjoy reading it if you have not seen it already! Jawaballs

This was the third rewrite of my Blood Angels list. I kinda did it on the fly too, and made some mistakes, BUT I knew I wanted to play around with Mephiston.

As previously pointed out Mephiston is a Death Star, able to kill with realitive ease most unit in the game.  However he is not invulnerable, i.e. no INV save, but as long as you can minimize the hits he's taking he can endure for most games.

The list I wrote below was going to be my greatest list ever. However as with most master plans I forgot one little thing; he's not an Independent Character.  So he wasn't going to go into a drop pod with the honor guard, DOH! It's quite possible that the combination of him in a pod would be broken, but hey in tourney play I'm all for broken.

Anyways so I started looking for a "Mephiston Delivery System", and came up with two 15 point rhinos that belonged to some 5 man Assault squads.  Now while he couldn't start in the rhino, he could embark into it and scream 18 inches up on his first turn!  Conversely he could just start 12" or whatever up and (hopefully) wings up 12 more and fleet on his turn as well, BUT I prefer the screaming rhino tactic.

So I played this a few times and pretty much ran the flank he was on, leaving devastation in his wake.  It made me giggle on the inside, but reality set in and I realized I didn't have enough troops to do missions etc, so I scrapped the list.  BUT here it is version 2.0 of my Blood Angels Playtest List.

Now on a side note this list is the same one I ran for my playtest video 3 hopefully coming soon this week.
  • Mephiston
  • Honor Guard 4x Meltas, Pod 
  • Priest, Jump Pack, Combi Melta 
  • Furioso LIbrarian Dreadnought, Blood Talons, Pod w/ Loc 
  • Furioso LIbrarian Dreadnought, BL, Flight, Pod w/ Locator
  • Assault Squad 10 Man- Melta x2, P Fist 
  • Assault Squad 10 Man- Melta x2, Sgt w/Melta Bombs 
  • Assault Squad 10 Man- Melta x2, Sgt w/Melta Bombs
  • Assault Squad 5 Man- Melta, Rhino Searchlight 
  • Assault Squad 5 Man- Melta, Rhino Searchlight

So what would you fix in this list?


Mike and Jeanine said...

Furioso Librarian Dreads cannot take Blood Talons (plural). They may only take one blood talon (singular)--their other close combat weapon is the Force Weapon. This means you do not get the 'whirly blades of death' special blood talons ability, as it requires you have 2 blood talons.

You can of course take 1 blood talon, but as far as I can tell all this does is reduce your strength from 10 to 6.

Rob Baer (MBG) said...

Yeah I was a victim of cut and paste, it isn't a librarian. From what I understand you also cant embark and move flat out as well. :(

Yhcrana said...

Unfortunately you can't embark and go flat out, you can still embark and go 12" which isn't bad if your opponent has a old school psychic hood and stops your wings going off.

FoxPhoenix135 said...

Pretty fun looking list, Rob. I gotta say, Mephiston surely is fun. Going toe-to-toe with carnifexes and trygons makes him one bad mother in my book. I like your delivery system for him as well. Kinda hard to beat a 15 point rhino, although that assault squad is going to be kinda screwed. Might as well make it a half squad and make the rhino a razorback if that is all you intend on using it for, unless you intend on mephiston being in the rhino until it dies.

commanderduskstorm said...

I would suggest just having him follow the Rhino into combat, at the last second he can jump over it and assault. Until then he's small enough it's not hard to make it near impossible for the enemy to see him behind a Rhino or two.

Otherwise nice list.

Nagamo said...

To run Mephiston behind a Rhino is very risky, as the Rhino is to soft to provide real protection against shooty armies. I´m still facing the same problem with my BA hybrid list as you need a stable core as spearhead to applay presure to the center and force your opponents units to spread out. Mephiston is a real thread if played correctly, but he can´t be thrown in any list. Until he gets into range he must be hidden behind something harder than a Rhino and cheaper than a Landraider in games under 2000 points. A Predator or Vindicator will work fine I hope supported by a Furioso Librarian with Shield of Sanguinius, as you won´t get cover saves storming the front. As a consequence of this synergy the Dred wouldn´t need a Drop Pod, which doesn´t fit into army composition if you ask me. Units with Jump Packs will arrive on turn 2 most of the times and having maybe 2 Pods comming down turn 1 will result in dead Dreds by concentrated fire. It may buy your core units some time, but the cost is to high I fear...

Morph said...

I'd skip one troop choice for a StormRaven delivery for Meph. And he can drag along one of those dreads in it as well.

I just love the idea of Flat Out skimmer that can still fire thanks to PotMS. Bonus for Meph is that the raven is an assault vehicle.

ShadowDisco said...

Ok for you two pods use death comp dreds if you plan on dropping them first turn. 125 pts ignors crew shaken and stunned resaults and for such low points cost and they dont even count as a kill point and being the huge targets that they are, means everything you have can run to catch up while they shred your opponents infantry to bits.

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