Ork question?

When an ork truk moves over 12", may they disembark and still assault?

When you take a warboss on a bike, you are allowed to take biker boys as troops. Biker boys normally are Fast Attack. Does this allow you to take biker boys to fill the two troop requirements in the force org chart? Or do you have to take them as FA that score objectives. Can you also take them as FA? Can any ork experts please shed some light on this? Feel free to expand on this. I have a buddy who is getting into 40k and likes orks, so he was asking me these questions... and having not looked at the dex, I just don't know the answers.



Velk said...
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Karitas said...

(standard disclaimer)
It's always possible that I'm wrong

BUT.. I play Orks, and -

Yes they can disembark and assault, but not move further. (unless you waagh, then run)

AFAIK a normal waboss only allows Nobs to be taken as troops, and thereby Biker nobs. if you want normal biker boyz as troops then its wazdakka or nothing.

bikers taken as troops can thereafter take up troops FO slots.

and yes you can still take them as FA

so it is possible, with wazzy and a normal warboss on a bnike to take 3x FA bikers, 5x troops bikers and 1x troop nob bikers :)

thats hells orks on wheels right there.

Velk said...

Correction to my last post::

Regarding the Trukk - to my knowledge: Yes. Vehicles can move at cruising speed, and passengers can still disembark - so in the case of Open topped vehicles and Land Raiders - the troops inside can assault. I thik the only difference this makes is they cannot make a movement beyond disembarking when leaving the vehicle as it moved, its simply disembark + assault (giving a good 18" assault though!)

jawaballs said...

What is the farthest an Ork Truk can move, and still allow the orks to assault?

CJ said...

12"more then that counts as going flat out which doesn't allow anything to embark or disembark that turn

(look under fast vehicles in the BrB)

Dodge said...

A trukk can move 12" (13" with red paint job). Orks disembark within 2" of hull then assault 6" unless a waagh has been called in what case they can fleet then assault....maximum threat range is 13" (red paint job) + 2" (disembark) + 6" (waagh fleet) + 6" (assault) for a grand total of 27" :)...the phrase you are looking for is "eeek"

Doc Railgun said...

I have to agree, they can Assault (being open-topped). And I've used Biker Nobz as Troops in the past as the Codex says a biker Warboss makes them Troops in the same way that a biker SM Captain makes biker marines into Troops.

sonsoftaurus said...

Dodge's example is spot on for the Trukks. Move 12 or 13 with RPJ and still disembark/assault. It's still moving at Cruising Speed, not Flat Out.

A Warboss allows one unit of Nobz - foot/mega/biker doesn't matter, and it doesn't matter how Warboss is equipped - to be troops. Wazdakka allows regular bikers as troops.

woroxon said...

Ork Warbosses allow one nobz troop and since they can be mounted on bikes and are way better than normal bikers since they can have better weapons for CC.

about disembarking the rule book states that if the transport moves in the movement phase then the troops can only shoot and are prohibited from assaulting.
if the transport hasn't moved the troops can shoot instead of moving and assault as normal.

since there are not restrictions on how fast the vehicle moved anywhere I can find in the rules. then if it moved then they can only assault.

another point that must be taking into account is that ork trucks are usually open-topped and that allows some benefits for the troops.

at least those are my 2 cents. I hope that helps you.

Steve said...

not exactly sure but the way the codex reads for red paint it says that extra inch is free (that would be nice, haha). so you move 13 and treat is exactly as if you 12. but to be honest so many people have their little ways of "cheating" who isn't moving 13 anyway?

Michael Hogan said...
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Michael Hogan said...

Troops can only not disembark if the vehicle goes flat out, nor can any embark after/before that.

Darren White said...

Yeah, I play orks and I agree with Karitas and Dodge, except only Ghazghkull Thraka will give you a guarenteed 6" fleet, anyone else is 1-6" fleet on a waargh.

I got a question for the other ork players commenting. Whats the rule for shooting out of a fast, open topped vehicle that has move at cruising speed? if it can shoot one gun and any defensive weapons, would the strenght 4 shootas and slugga's be classed as defensive?

I have heard differing views on this problem, the rules don't clearly address how being fast affect the troops within's shooting phase.

Oblivion_Necroninja said...

If a trukk has a Red Paint Job, the Orks inside can disembark and assault (thanks to open-topped) as long as it moves 13" or less.

Warbosses on bikes do NOT allow Biker Boyz as troops, Wazdakka Gutsmek (who's a MEK on a bike) does.

With Wazdakka, Biker Boyz can be taken as Troops AND as Fast Attacks units (including the mandatory troop choices). Only the ones taken as Troops are scoring.

Chris said...

@ Darren White: It says somewhere in the BRB that you can only fire a weapon out of a vehicle if it moved as fast as the troops inside can.

For example: If you have a squad of Shoota Boyz in a Trukk, you can only shoot out of it if you move 6" (7 with RPJ)

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