Saab's Mission Highlight of the Week - Mission #2

First off, sorry for skipping a week. I was working on my progress report for my thesis committee, and it took more of my time than expected. However, now that it’s over, I have some extra free time to concentrate on “important things” like 40K.

I’m lucky enough that my local game store runs 10-week-long 40K leagues that are pretty much set list so you can’t “list tailor” when you find out who your opponent is. Best of all, the missions that the league organizer, Scott Wilson, writes are never the boring snooze-fests from the back of the book. Some of my favorite and most memorable games of 40K have been while using his missions, so expect to see them on the site from time to time. Also, if anyone travels to one of our Brs Grim Tournaments, this is the type of stuff to expect, since our Tournament Organizer also writes missions in a similar style.

Enough Talk

Let’s Play!

Download the Mission HERE

The second mission I’m posting up is an exciting twist on deployment that is not played very often. In this mission you’ll be deploying from the short sides of the table, you know, the one that’s only 48 inches wide. To compensate for the length of the playing field, there are Special Rules for incorporating “Gate of Infinity-like” teleportation each turn. It all depends on how jawa-ballsy you want to get (wow, that was an awful pun). We’ve all done 5 objective games, so there’s nothing foreign there, but don’t forget that it must go to Turn 6 and Turn 7 is a 4+. There’s a great deal of tricks you can pull off with the Warp Field; things that Eldar would be proud of. So give it a shot and let me know how the games turned out!



RPiazza said...

Great job on the mission good luck on the thesis I'm starting my dissertation so I know that juggle of time.

Dhinanta Aloke said...

That is an awesome twist on a standard mission...

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